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RHOBH S10 E08 (Mind Your P's and BBQ's)

Last week, we know there were some unresolved issues in Santa Barbra. This week we have Garcells event and a family BBQ hosted by Kyle, we know she loves throwing a BBQ!

Garcelle is being honored for her work at the LA mission, she grew up in poverty in Haiti so she is very passionate about giving back. She invited the women to come, she wants them to show up, behave and you know she needs to be more involved with them on the show. We see all of the women getting glammed up, Teddi looks so cute with her bump! Lisa and Garcelle go to the event together. Lisa catches Garcelle up on the happenings of Santa Barbra and spills the tea on what Denise had to say about Kyle. Now, this is not something Denise would ever say to her face. She was saying how Kyle wants everything to get back to her and always be the center of attention. Everyone is at the event, including Garcelle's ex husband and Denise. The last time the women saw Denise things were not good, but this event is not the right time to discuss that.

Garcelle get up to accept her award, as she says thank you. We learn a bit more about her oldest son and how he fell in with a bad crowd. It was really nice to see her open up. Of course, she couldn't get off stage without throwing some shade at her new bff's and others not so much aka Kyle. After the event, Garcelle circulates with the guests and Denise bolts out to well, avoid all of the conversations. It's so interesting that Denise is running away from everything and trying to ignore what she said last season. Garcelle is throwing shade at the women feeling like she cant get deep with them, but she hasn't spent much time with the women. This is specifically thrown at Kyle, and Kyle doesn't think she'[s glazed over Garcelle's life at all. Sutton, actually breaks the ice and makes all the women laugh by saying if Garcelle wants a package deal she can go to Teddi and Kyle!

Denise and her hubby head out for a date night! She tells her hubby all about how the women laid into her a bit about how she seems delusional and a hypocrite on whats going on. She's not grasping the fact that Lisa doesn't have pent up anger about her, she just wants her to realize she's being a hypocrite.

Time for Kyles BBQ! Seems like the ladies are bummed its Mexican food and they wont get their once yearly hot dog... Kyles house looks amazingGarcelle and her boys are the first to arrive at Kyles. Suttons boyfriend Michale and Sutton arrive! They met on Teddi and her family arrive, Erika & Lisa arrive and lastly Denise shows up without her children... Listening to Denise in the car, she is just angry. She doesn't want to eat at the BBQ, she doesn't want to stay long, she jokes about an ice sculpture. That is not a good attitude to head into this with.

Im obsessed with Kyles setup, its so cute! Poor Teddi, it's like they don't realize she's pregnant between the wine tasting and sitting low on the ground on the poufs. Denise lets it slip her kids really aren't there because they don't want the kids in ear shot of the women. The rest of the women's kids are there, running around and having fun. She quickly tries to spin it as needing "adult time" so none of this makes sense. Wow Denise's husband tries to steamroll over all the women and put them down, what a jackass. It's so ridiculous, Erika gets up to play with the kids and Lisa starts sliding down the slide with the kids. Denise, stop mom shaming...

As the women confront Denise, she just gets angry and gets up to storm out. Denise keeps her husband to shut up because they are on camera but he's angry. Its so silly that Denise is getting ready to storm out and now her husband doesn't even want to hold her hand. She's leaving, it's so immature this is so strange.

At least we get a peak into the rest of the season which looks amazingly fun! Plus we have some old cast members and their fab trip to Rome and them being all goofy action with crowns. Finally we get to see how Denise and Brandi hooked up but she never wanted Aaron to know and we have the bravo scene...

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