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RHOBH S10 E1 (The Crown Isn't So Heavy) & Taglines

First and foremost, welcome back ladies! Now let's get into the good stuff, first the tag-lines so we can properly set ourselves up for the season. For anyone who doesn't know, each housewife records about three taglines a season and the producers pick which one gets aired. Now, taglines are always released early so apologies for the delay in the review but let's be as bold as their outfits and get to it.

First and foremost our newbie of the season. LVP dipped off in the middle of last season so let's see what Garcelle Beauvais has to say. Her tagline is: "Life is an audition and, honey, I am getting that part." Garcelle is the first African American housewife on Beverly Hills. All I know about her so far is that she used to be or still is an actress. Hopefully she doesn't over-narrate everything...

Denise Richards' Tagline: "My life may not be a fairy tale, but I’ll always get a happy ending." Okay Denise we see you as one to watch this season. From what we know, there are some rumors circulating about her marriage and the other women that aren't so hot so that is whats referenced in the lack of fairy tale, it will be interesting to see her "happy ending".

Lisa Rinna's Tagline: "The secret to life? Dance like everyone is watching." Lisa has made it known she is not happy with the tagline that was chosen for her. Lisa dancing on instagram has me in stitches, I hope we have more tone deaf dancing on the show this season.

Kyle Richards' Tagline: "Around here, there’s more than just dresses in everyone’s closet." Kyle is one of my all-time favorites in the housewife franchise. Last season her feud with LVP was at the center of attention. Apparently (according to a WWHL she is the peacemaker this season). I wonder what secrets Kyle has up her sleeve this year.

Erika Girardi's (aka Erika Jane) Tagline: "Break a leg? Not in these heels, honey." I hope we see more of the Erika Jane personality performing this season along with her breaking one of the fourth walls with the glam squad.

Dorit Kemsley's Tagline: "I won’t settle for anything less than everything." Typical Dorit flex. Im sure we'll see more of her husbands $$$ flying around along with her fashion line & fashion choices...

Teddi Mellencamp's 2020 Tagline: "You never know what to expect when I’m expecting." Teddi is preggers through this season and is known for spilling the tea. I cant imagine what I'm not expecting..


Now onto the first episode...

The season starts off on their way to NY fashion week. We open with some of the ladies packing and see Erika in one of her performance outfits. Kyle, will be debuting her line at NYFW... lets see how this goes with the ladies especially since most of the ladies will be modeling. I LOVE that Erika Jane drops that she preforms during the first 5 minutes of the show. Bless Erika, she cant type, she isn't a secretary but girl used to dance at a gogo bar and 30 years later, she's still dancing. I LOVE htat she takes them to Shakers, of course they will judge but I just Love Erika.

Kyle leans on Dorit for her fashion show, but Kyle, you are part of a collaboration darling - not the designer. Regardless, where can I get myself a robe. Let Dorit swoop in and save Kyles show from Kyle... Dorit is already throwing shade on the confessionals but she's saying all the right things in the moment.

In walks Garcelle after the first commercial break, and you know, she can handle anything including the housewives. They all meet up at the Monarch in Midtown, and we learn a bit more about her. Actress, single mom, her sister & kids have found her vibrator in her purses before you know, all the things. It is really cool how she grew up in Hati and has hustled starting with learning english from Sesame Street to get to the American Dream.

We meet Lisa's new friend Sutton. that lucky bitch buys so much from them she gets to go to to their private show room and gets a tiara for her birthday... How do I get on that level? According to sutton, marry well, get divorced and get away like a bandot with PJ's, yachts, baseball teams and more! Im sorry, I love an over the top outfit, but her pink costume was not flattering... but she's got skinny legs.

The ladies who "lunch", how is Denise still dealing with Charlie and why doesn't she just lawyer the f^ck up and deal with it. Take his ass to court, he doesn't want to pay child support my ass.

Sutton is warmly welcomed by the ladies, her cameos are NOT nice. I am all for a good outfit judge but get off your high horse, if God came down and collaborated with Tom Ford, you'd be first in line. Sutton, I hope you get nicer because the women will not let that attitude fly, even if you are just a "friend" of the housewives. Teddi is pregnant, don't throw shade at her romper. Yes Erikas ass is out let her live.

Time for the highlight of the show, Teddi announces she's pregnant! Love Teddi being pregnant, she is still kicking ass, looks great and the women all reacted nicely, except Sutton. I don't care you are southern you can show some souther charm and be a tad nice, bless your heart.

Just kidding, the highlight is the fashion show! The ladies are in glam, Kyles event producer doesn't want to interact with her and Dorits shoes are two sizes too big. Lisa is being such a good sport and so flexible with what she's wearing. Teddi is confused with Dorits walking direction, fast but not too fast, just walk better than Kyles walk in Provence. Erika, you should have had a sexier outfit on, Denise absolutely KILLS it on the runway. Dorit and Lisa absolutely SLAY! Sutton, hush, I'm sure you wont have the nicest confessionals later.

Way to start off the season strong with a girls trip ladies, but whats the scoop on Denise later in the season.

Until next time,

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