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RHOBH S10 E10 (Black Ties & White Lies)

I have a feeling the stomr is still brewing from a few eipsodes ago. We had Denise fired up about her kids hearing a conversation around threesomes, then Aaron got involved and was less than a gentleman.

This week, we have some fun guest appearances. We start off with Camille Grammer, who is now living in Malibu. Kyle goes to see her new place, they havent talked in months since the last reunion when she was not nice to everyone then proceeded to be not nice on Twitter. Of course Kyle wants to go meet with her to stir the pot and I'm sure Camille is working to get back on the show. Kyles issue is that Camille pretends everything is fine to your face then will go slam you behind your back. Seems like they patched things up so Camille will be at Kyles Black & White party.

Denise & Lisa meet up for some fries... Denise reached out to Lisa because they do have a long history and feels like she wants to work at that friendship. To Lisa's point, Denise doesn't really let people be open and truthful so it's strange that now she's blowing up one conversation and using her kids as the reason to be mad at the women. Lisa is actually trying to talk sense into Denise on why the women are aggravated and why Aaron is out of line. Is she delusional on trying to now pretend that she didn't talk about her husbands penis last season, is she just trying to change her image from last season...

Kyle is having her Black & White party, each year it gets more and more extravagant every year and ontop of it this year she's donating the proceeds to the children's hospital. Dorit swings by pre party to chat with Kyle, now she and Camille have some serious baggage that they wont ever get over.

Garcelle, gosh I love seeing her working. She's really hustled to get to where she is today and everything she's done. Today, we see her meeting to go over a script that she co-wrote, she's less than thrilled to see the possible director rewrote it... I do love that Garcelle has no issue now voicing her opinion. It must've been so hard to get there if you aren't typically comfortable doing anything like that.

Party time! Erika looks beyond fabulous and is carpooling to the party with Lisa and Eileen! The women get talking Eileen in the car about how Aaron is stepping in but in the wrong way. Dorit also looks amazing and I want that dress, she lets PK know how Aaron has been behaving. PK who has been in that spot learned his lesson early on to be able to stand back and support the wife not actually be there to defend her. Hopefully he listens but who knows. Im sorry, is it me or does Aaron always look like he needs to shower.

Kyle looks fab and is wearing something from her line. She's all stressed that the pool lights aren't working, Mauricio isn't dressed and guests will be arriving soon. Kyle spent 6 figures on this little party, hopefully she raises the 200K for the hospital to make up for what she spent on it. IM sorry watching Camille roll up, she could be wearing something much cute but whatever. Kyle has this EPIC neon sign in her entry that says "B^tch please you could never be me..." and I need that in my life. Kyle and Kris Jenner have the same black and white ceramic dog in the entry. Speaking of the one and only Kris Jenner, she rolls up with Kathy Hilton & her fiancee, only in RHOBH is queen Jenner titled "Kyles friend".

Camille, must be very uncomfortable and anxious knowing the other women will be arriving soon. Dorit, rightfully so gives her the cold shoulder immediately, Lisa takes a different approach. First off, let me say Lisa's hair looks amazing like that, she should make that her new norm. Lisa takes the direct approach and just straight up says "Nice to see you & I don't need beef with you, but you were an asshole on twitter." Well, if that doesn't spark up a conversation I don't know what will.

Garcelle brings a new man friend, the women are pretty welcoming. Adrianne as in RHOBH alum and ex wife of Paul, looks like she may have gotten a bit too much work done . It is nice to see that she and Paul are in a decent place now, especially since Paul is remarried and they can co-parent. Kim (another alum of the show) also looks a bit uh, haggard for lack of a better term. Brandi (wow we are full of alumni tonight) shows up and she looks pretty good, maybe also too much work done but hey. It's nice to see Brandi resurface, you know there will be some good scoop with that. Seems like Kyle reached out after she saw her crying online missing her kids and being super vulnerable about it.

It is super awkward when Denise and Aaron show up. First off, Aaron looks underdressed for the event, and they sort of look like they are trying to avoid everyone... The housewives and Jenners are all seated by each other and its time for the auction. While the women are bidding on vacations, PK tries to give Aaron advice but I don't think he takes it. Now, all of these women have so much money, why is a VIP pack at the Masters thats valued for $25K going for 17K? Whatever, I am happy to see that Kris Jenner donates 25K outright, she has enough money so she should... This is a charity event so they should be there to donate if they can. I'm so glad Kyle raised over $300,000! Now its time to hang, have some awkward conversations and enjoy life!

Teddi and Denise go aside to chat about their issues. Maybe 30 seconds into that, Camille shows up to try and talk to Denise about their issues. I guess she didn't get that it was supposed to be a private moment? Anyway, it just got more awkward from there when Teddi just straight up told Camille theres no need for pretend pleasantries.

Oh I guess we'll see more next week!

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