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RHOBH S10 E10 (Until We Leave Again)

The ladies are back! Lets see, going back we left off with the women still arguing with Denise at Kyles BBQ. Denise and her hubby storm off because they "are on camera" so lets see what we are up to this week.

The women (including Garcelle) are annoyed with what happened especially with the way Aaron was speaking to the women. It was beyond rude, petty and just nasty for him to do that, Denise should not put up with that. Now that the party poopers are gone, poor Edwin (Teddi's husband) is in-charge of the kids playing while the women go and sit in the tent to talk. Turns out Denise and Aaron are going to a strip club, which really just confuses me. She doesn't want to bring her kids to a kids party or have threesome talk but she's going to a strip club to have steak... Denise is being passive aggressive and Aaron overstepped his bounds. To Dorit's point, they should've stayed and talked it through instead of running away, it's just going to get worse. Im glad the women had fun with it, Kyle has a pole in the tent so you know what, they have their own strip show.

Time for another party! Lisa and Sutton go to try on dresses. Lisa is her typical fun self where she's strutting down. Dorit is going through new plans for a closet. She's right, this is a big endeavor. I feel like she needs to plan for more than what she currently has, and yes feel free to get rid of some of the hubby's clothes to make room for yours. Kyle and Kim are driving along to a plastic surgeon office to talk about Kim's implants. Apparently they are deflating, well, thats a problem I never want to have. Part of thats because she has a benign tumor 10 years ago and several pairs of implants. The secondary doctor is CUTE, hello please call me.

Back to Denise, why would you take the entire family while teaching the eldest how to drive... Aaron is very patient and understanding I'm sure he's a fine teacher, Charlie may be more entertaining to drive with. I still don't understand why the entire family is in the car with them...

Erika and Lisa (aka my two faves) are off to the plastic surgeons office! Erika needs to get tight and lifted pre her Chicago debut (granted she looks amazing already). Lisa is getting her booty lifted a bit. I like listening to them bonding over playing Roxy Heart in Chicago, warms my little black heart. Kim and Kyle are back at the doctor for her boobs to be updated. I do understand why Kyle is nervous, their mom passed away from Breast Cancer. It's time for her to get the girls take out, and again, hot doctor please call me. I don't like seeing Kyle cry, I don't like people crying ever, It is heartbreaking to see her relive the moments without her mom. Kim looks, way out of it (as she should) post surgery, I wonder if that impacts her sobriety...

Garcelle is in her new home!!! Im so excited for her, she deserves every bit of it! Not only is she in a new beautiful home that she built and is stunning but she's going on a date soon!!! Seems like Garcelle knows she picks unavailable men, starting with her father, she should know that he loved her even if he wasn't by her all the time. Oh, Garcelle, I am feeling the short hair in your new interviews with the silver dress.

Dorit, who knew, lived in Italy for 10 years... with a broken engagement she went back to NYC where she and PK met. At Suttons party, Sutton is not so nice and she wants to help Teddi with style choices. Now, Sutton is not the RHOBH I would want to help me with style choices... The part looks fb but slightly disjointed between the food and things for sale at her store. Aaron and Denise show up, and the women are still upset about the way Aaron spoke to them, rightfully so! I know Denise wants to put it to bed, but its unresolved and because she keeps walking away, its uncomfortable... Denise, no one is buying the fact that you guys are going to dinner later so Aaron had to come, you brought him to protect you. Denise goes to the bathroom and leaves Aaron to the sharks.

Hush Aaron, you spoke down to them, its time to step back and just either let it be or apologize. Fighting back is going to keep making it worse. He is so belittling and he's not even budging with it, you need them to mansplain things to you, Aaron if you are going to be the moral compass then you should check yourself. And Aaron, you don't just get to be "done" finish a conversation, you aren't intimidating, Erika will f^ck you up. I think Aaron and Denise are in some alternate universe with what they are seeing play-out. Sutton is just quietly so visibly so uncomfortable that this is happening. Denis is upset about something, they need to deal with this and without the d^ckhole Aaron. Suttons boyfriend is just ignoring all of this just like he did atKyles house, good for him. Denise is still in some alternate universe with why they are leaving... They want to leave and be done so fine.

Hmmm what is going to happen next week... Looks like we still have a lot of impact for the rest of the season.

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