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RHOBH S10 E11 (Kiss and Tell)

Last week we reintroduced some of the ladies at Kyle's charity event. Not all of the women are thrilled about who is being brought back into the gang and as one confrontation tries to take place, thats interrupted to have another confrontation. I have a feeling this is going to be juicy.

Camille wanted to chat with Denise and Teddi, Teddi rightfully so was dismissive. Teddi and Denise's conversation went no where, it was like Teddi was talking to a brick wall. SO now is Camille going to be back on the show on a more regular basis, not sure how I feel about that. Kyle throws a good party, Id want to be her friend. Inside, Brandi is behind the bar inside with Denise & Adrianne... Brandi feels the need to bring up the Adrianne Surrogate conversation again, why Brandy why. Don't apologize for that after you just screamed it again... Brandi, inside now with just Denise and Aaron, lets them know she wants to be a Thrupple which doesn't go very well, so much so that Aaron steals a bottle from Kyle. Brandi is a hot mess at this party, she's wasted, over filled and keeps falling. Personally Id be embarrassed but thats just me, and no one knows who I am.

Each of their women are doing their own thing but getting ready for Erika's Shoe Dazzle party! I love everything about this, Erika is goals she is so driven and I just love it. Her shoe house is fab, she looks fab, she likes vodka like I do, I'm obsessed. Is a Chanel Vintage if its only from the 80's, asking for a friend... It looks like everyone is having fun! Lisa in her fab wig, invites all the women to Rome!!!!! Eeeeee first off I love Rome, second you know drama goes down on these trips. I don't think it's a good idea to have the Pope invited to any event with these women. Every single one of these women (maybe except Sutton) look absolutely amazing, stunning, amazing. Not sure if Erika's event is the best place for Denise to finally want to talk to her. Denise is still shutting down everything Erika is saying because she doesn't like it. Seems like Denise may be turning into a social friend and not a real friend.

I adore the fact that Dorit speaks Italian. She can whip it out and I'm sure the women will need that in Rome. Lisa, who are we kidding, you may know how to say pizza and pasta but I don't think you are eating them. If you are what do I need to do to have a bod like that?

Sutton and Garcelle have a little bonding situation. It starts over their hair which is fab, as they talk about that as well as bringing Glam to Rome. LOL what a conversation. Neither of the women like talking about money (and nor do I) so I love that Garcelle outwardly asks Sutton how she got her money! marriage baby, her 17 year marriage! Theres not much wrong with asking about that. Oh yes garcelle, ask all the questions about Suttons V card and all of it.

At Lisas house, we have Amelia (Lisa's daughter) and Kyle's daughter shows up! I love that she's walking around with a Chanel bag and Gucci belt, at the same time, she's a kick ass real estate agent so she probably bought them on her own. Looks like Kyles daughter is going to find Amelia an apartment. Well, Amelia has a high expectation of her first place, door man, pool, closet, white marble counters, two bedroom, gym, not ground floor, lots of light. I mean Amelia, same girl same, she's got quite the list. I do adore the fact that that Lisa is not paying for this, Amelia is paying for it on her won and will be working but at least Lisa knows she created this hahaha.

In Suttons closet packing, she's legit just going through the main tourist points in Rome, come on Sutton don't you know some of the chic chill places. Instead of packing Erika throws one of her wigs on her dog which is priceless. At Kyles, Teddi heads over to hang while Kyle packs and talk about the baby shower! Teddi is so chill, she wants it to be super easy for Kyle... Kim (Kyle's sister) swings by to drop off a few dresses she borrowed, and Brandi is with her.

Now, we all know the tension between Brandi, Kim, Kyle and all the drama to go with it. On the plus side, Kyle knows that Brandi is a good friend to Kim and that puts her mind at ease. I do think its weird that they are all sitting in her bedroom, I feel like bedrooms are sacred places. The women sort of catch Brandi up on the craziness that has gone down on this. Brandi warns the women to be careful of Denise because she isn't who she pretends to be... ohhhh this is it this is where the tea comes in! (Side note, Kim hasn't aged well). Brandi, tells the women (including Teddi) that Denise cant stand Teddi, she's said a lot of nasty things and that she lives in her dads shadow. Pretty much, Denise has had nasty things to say about all the women (according to Brandi). My first thought is, well, you aren't chill, and what you really need the Bravo paycheck?? Brandi is so nervous to tell the women this which makes me think she's telling the truth, little do the women know that Brandi and Denise hooked up. I do believe, because of how broken Brandi was after being cheated on, would not purposely cheat. Apparently, Aaron and Denise have an understanding that Denise can be with girls if she wants to. Brandi and Denise have had a lot of instances and they hooked up, as in everything hooked up. So much for Aaron not finding out, its on national television so Im pretty sure he knows, who knows if he believes it or not. I thought they had an arrangement where Denise could be with girls... I guess no one knows whats up with Denise.

What are they going to do about this Denise situation? They are all going to Rome together... Teddi and Kyle spill the tea to Lisa, you know thats starting all of it. I literally CAN NOT WAIT for next week!

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