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RHOBH S10 E12 (Roman Rumors)

Last week, Brandi spilled the tea about her and Denise f^cking... This week, the women are in Rome and all the rumors are going to fly. I have not been this excited for a show in a while, the women are going to all let loose so lets goooo.

So lets start with the fact that last week, Brandi spilled the tea about her and Denise to Teddi & Kyle. Kyle, Teddi & Lisa are all on the way to Rome together (with Erika and Dorit but those two are in another car)... Lisa is just finding out about this and is mind blown (she is Denise's friend), I don't know if its about the open marriage, or the Aaron aspect or if she she's telling the truth or not.

For the record, Rome is one of my favorite places, i've stayed at amazing places but never the Gran Melia Roma... It looks fab (normally I stay at the Bernini Bristol and it is amazing) they are so close to the Vatican, I normally stay by the Spanish Steps. All of their rooms are beautiful, and the all brought too much luggage.

Dorit's chill look is a fab Chanel situation with her glam squad (did I mention how much I love the glam squad features... Dorit is so glam, she looks like Chanel threw up on her, the other women look fab and very Roman Chic with the fur jackets and all. Can I just say, Dorit looks a million times different from when she lived in Italy, damn, If she looked like that and met PK then I can do anything... the Colosseum at night is amazing, I did a few tours of it and one was at night, that was my fave.

Kyle, Dorit is right, don't order a margarita, order Prosecco or something associated with the culture. I love these situations "lets talk about the most embarrassing childhood moment"... As Kyle is telling embarrassing Sex stories, Garcelle and Denise show up. Teddi looks wildly uncomfortable. But it looks like they have fun, we mock sex lives & all.

The morning after, Lisa is on the roof, Teddi is working out, Garcelle orders breakfast and the rest of the women are chilling getting ready. The women all look fab, especially Erika with the sweater and hat. My only issue with Hat's is that part of your face is shaded in the photos. Why are they all so jilted with the Egyptian guy moving, of course they are going to move and scare the shit out of you.

Sutton finally arrives, she needed a new passport and to charter a plane. Off to shop right by the Spanish Steps. Now I love the big brands, but I love the little things you can get there and not anywhere else in the world, especially the Roman brands like Fendi, Erika is all over it. Denis is a party pooper, nothing is in her size, bit me... Teddi is the only one with an excuse not to shop for clothes. Most of the women spend about 3K but Kyle spends a solid 9K, now if i Had producers to hold bags for me... and the money... so would I. Oh Kyle, lets not mock Dorit's want of a photoshoot, its her thing.

I love that now that Dorit has the big expensive things, she owns it and rocks it. Honestly, I don't know why but Sutton just rubs me the wrong way... I have a feeling dinner is going to be lit tonight. I love Lisas wig, Dorit's over the top energy & everyone just having fun with the outfits. Plus you know things are going to hit the fan with Denise...

LOL to Garcelles comment " Denise and Erika are having a fashion show and we are having dinner at the hotel"... Kyle is annoyed with people all having Glam, Denise is already irritating. Also LOL to Kyle mocking the Dorit accent changes... Oh Sutton, NOW is not the time to bring up the fact you are offended oh how you have your money. Especially since enow all the women are curious. There are other issues... Yes Teddi, confront Denise about the horrid things she's aid about everyone.

Let' s be real, those are some harsh things to throw around, how is Denise just denying this. OMG OMG OMG...Stop denying it, this is so wildly uncomfortable. Now Lisa piles on, brings up Erika... Kyle admits that apparently Denise thinks Erika is a cold b^tch, now, Dorit, asks if Brandi is making it up... Its is wildly uncomfortable, Denise is not open like she used to, Aaron has some spell over her. I love that Lisa is holding out because of the precious munchausen's situation and why she wont do it. So I do find it interesting that Denise says it's not something to talk about on camera. Everyones faces are in SHOCK when Teddi finally blurts out that Denise and Brandi had sex, on, Denise is not happy, Bravo Bravo Brave not happy. Typically in the past saying Bravo would get something cut from the show, oh, this season the fourth wall is down baby, it is on the show. It is intersting because Denise is acting like she already knows the situation.

Denise just talks over the entire open marriage understanding situation, now why would she be so defensive if its not true. I do agree, it is only between whoever it happened between, but I LOVE Dorit for calling Denise out on having her stop saying BRAVO. I do feel bad Denise doesn't want it aired, news flash, production caught on and they are going to air it. It is not fair to yell at the crew., Erika is right, straighten it out with Brandi. I am sorry she is upset and sad and whatever she is going through, but saying Bravo isn't going to fix it, no one is asking for an explanation on that. They are looking for an explanation on what she maybe said about them. PLUS, Sutton has herd this rumor from another source...

Again, it's not about her sleeping with anyone, it's about what she said about the women. Wow, what an evening, I do feel bad for Denise, but this would blow up on or off the show...

I can not wait to see what happens next week in Rome!

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