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RHONY S12 E06 (Just the Sip)

Last week we left off with Leah having issues with her mom, Sonja's fashion show was um interesting for sure so lets see what the ladies get into this week!

We see lu and Jacques rocking at some restaurant catching up. Of course you shouldn’t drink now Lu, Jacques you seem like a troublemaker encouraging one glass of red wine... she’s a strong woman but you know just support her sobriety now. I guess because he’s new to standup she’s going to have him as a comedian on her event Dorinda is f^cking chic as ever goes to see her old townhouse, really reminiscing about her old life... think of how different that is to what she has with Jon.

Ramona looks amazing, goes to see her old stomping ground and the same Marta d is still there. It’s dorinda, Sonja, Ramona and one of their friends. Three of them looks so chic but I don’t know what the friend is wearing. Sonja is doing an all liquid diet and is on day 3, Sonja the time to do this was pure fashion show, not after you broke the zipper. I don’t know how Sonja isn’t eating that amazing looking food. the women like how Leah has made Tinsley open up a bit. I gotta be honest, if tinsley doesn’t let us in more, we’re all going to shut out against her.

Dale! Dale is back in the show with us. I love both Tinsley and Dales dresses. Dale comes to the city to well prob benon the show but to also see the dogs. Tinsley broke up with Bruce, thank f^cking god that faux storyline is over. We know she loves Scott so let’s get to it! I think its hysterical Tinsley thought she was a prize for bruce and her mother dale is questioning why Bruce would want to be with her!!!

Sonja is off to Jersey to see her CEO of Sonja Brands... she wants to see the mulah after the show and you know I think she’s out of luck. I think she needs to change the target market audience and zone in on a few pieces... not shove everything at a wide market. Of course you have losses upfront but it’s been many years of losses at this point. I give Leah a lot of credit for being so okay with her ex and baby daddy. Seems like she wants to be wifed up and that it’s good for both of them to be in a relationship as they are still friends. F^ck they can’t die old like this! I do feel bad Leah’s mom still isn’t speaking to her, life’s too short to stop talking to parents...

Off to the comedy show, if you can call it that at Slate NY to raise money for anti-bullying awareness. I do love Lu’s jacket minus the name of her don’t on the back of it, but to her point... If there can be a Skinny Girl car, skinny girl snowboard and such she can have her branded jacket. How are we back to talking about Lu not f^cking the pirate, Jaques clearly doesn’t find it funny because she did...

I don’t understand why they had Leah who lives downtown, to go “uptown” to get Ramona to go back downtown to Slate. It is cute I guess that Ramona is giving Leah relationship advice to reconcile with her mom. Ramona is already going on with a bad attitude where she doesn’t have time to watch a poscast.... she doesn’t even know what they are I cant. Jacque asks the women if they’ve ever bullied anyone, of course they’ve all bullied each other...

right after we’ve finished probation with Lu and she’s so okay not drinking. She goes and takes some vodka!! I really don’t think she’s an alcoholic but wow, the shock on the women’s faces. She had a sip of vodka, is she going to be woke after this and let loose or is she going to be over drinking now that it’s weighting on her... only time will tell.

onto the “comedy” of the night Chanel in the City podcast introduces to Lu, she calls the housewives out then admits she doesn’t f^muck the pirate And we are onto Jaques. Unfortunately, I agree with Dorinda I can’t understand a word he’s saying, maybe it’s funnier in French... but you know oh well. I don’t blame the women for starting to chat but props to sonja for blaming the other women. The comedy that Bravo has edited in is not funny, ir would’ve been better if Sonja stood and danced but he bathroom door. of course we end on a Lu song and I am obsessed with Leah comparing Ramonas dancing to Elane From Seinfeld. They all take turns filming each other going down the slide. But Leah is right, Tinsley needs to go to the boxing trainer to go ahead and be a legend for once and not hope for a fairytale. The biggest drama this week was debating if Leah should go to lunch with Tinsley and Dorinda to mediate...

guys, what is going on with these women, they are normally so entertaining so why was I so bored again this episode? Am I just let down after the torch throwing? Let’s hope next week is better...

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