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RHONY S12 E07 (How Ya Like Them Apples?)

To be honest, RHONY is near and dear to my heart but they need to pick it up. We left of last week post a very boring comedy show for a very great cause. They teed us up for Dorinda and Tinsely to get lunch to talk things out and possibly Leah being the mediator for all of that...

Leah, Dorinda and Lu all meet on the highLine for a chat while Sonja and Ramona are meeting in the park for a walk while Tinsley is at her boxing gym. Tinsley cracks me up getting her hands wrapped to box by Martin while she has her hoops, Gucci shoes and acrylic nails on... I feel like tinsley doesn't want any conflict and she wants to live an idealistic snow globe life. BUT I do feel like Tinsley and Dorinda either do care about each other baed off of the amount of time they spend talking to each-other but they need to accept each other for who they are. Dorinda is a gift to the world and Tinsley is a quitter that has a trust fund. Tinsley has been taken care of forever and I do think Dorinda misses when Richard did that.

Lu and Leah meet up at Leahs apartment and Lu is clearly not impressed. Listen Lu, Leah is working her ass off and doesn't have alimony checks coming in plus a cabaret show... Anyway, Leah's apartment is very her and perfect for her, Lu lets not judge. I do think its hysterical that Leah has her designer bags hanging right next to the door, granted she does have a doorman. Leah calls Lu out for drinking at the comedy show, Lu tries to say she didn't know it was vodka but lets rollback the tape on that one. Regardless, their entire conversation was them trying to bond over the fact that they don't have issues with drinking and how booze is not the ned of them. It's nice to see them bond.

Another meet up comes along of Dorinda and lady Morgan. They are talking about the Page Six article about Dorinda and John breaking up (which is right where we left off with Lu and Leah). Of course Dorinda is upset about taking a break from John, but I don't think it needs to be splattered all over the news. She does need to stick to her guns (like we all do) on what you need out of a partner. I did like how they went through all the women's reactions. Sonja, first off ,why is her bra shown like that under the dress, but she was supportive. Tinsley calls out the hypocrisy of finding out about this from Page Six and not a "friend". Ramona, typical says she saw it coming. Leah calls out the telling point she knows more about Robert than John so...

Off to apple picking with the ladies we go! Fingers crossed they have some apple cider donuts! I'm sorry I really cant get over Sonja's interview shirt situation with the part see through with the black bra under it... Anyway, the women have some fun, Dorinda has a giant wine glass. As soon as they sit down, Ramonas friend immediately about John, Dorinda is just simply in a different place and they grew at different rates but he'll always have a place at her table. I assume everyone can let it go, its not like they liked him anyway... Regardless, Tinsley is making some snide comments about how Dorinda seems to have different rules than her, Dorinda shoots back with classic comments of hers. I don't hate it. Dorinda does have a bit of a tantrum and is taking it out on Tinsley, this lunch is not going well. Somehow Ramona is staying out of all of it. I do get why Tinsley is upset about everything but I mean its just out of control, Leah is trying to settle the waters and somehow Ramona is just staying quiet...

Leah and Tinsley head out to climb a tree, which you know, rock on. The women are all reunited with wine on a tractor, Sonja is trying to kiss everyone and Luann announces they are going into a corn maze... good luck! It's not going well for either team, Tinsely is screaming, Sonja is peeing in the corn with Leah. The women are drunk, Ramona somehow is the voice of reason to Dorinda as she's crying about John. Sonja is wasted and you know, I'm not sure if they should be drinking more, the poor wine man is probably getting groped. Sir wine a lot is talking to Luann about dick picks, but Leah brings up a good point, it can weed out the micro penis way faster.

Anyway, let's just get to the detox bath house next week...

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