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RHONY S12 E08 (If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of the Russian Bath House)

Last week we left off with the official announcement of Dorinda and John being over and the women getting a little sloppy at the apple orchard last week.

Lets see what the ladies are up to this week, its the day after the orchard tour, Sonja vom'd in the van on the way home and there was a lot of drama and BS happening... Lu, Leah and Tinsley meet for lunch while Ramona, Dorinda & Sonja head to a workout class. I'm sorry, Sonja needs to get rid of the pig tails.

I like how Leah stands up for Tinsely, seems like all of the women are realizing everyone did a bit of wrong yesterday. I do feel horribly that Dorinda never really gave herself time to be sad about Richard. She does need time to feel better and move on.

Leah sets up the spa day for the ladies, I think it's a bit different than what the women are used to. I don't blame Tinsley for not wanting to give her jewelry to them in a random box, hold onto the Cartier girl. Dorinda and Lu don't go downtown often so their car ride consisted of how the weather is different past Canal street and how Dorinda was the topic of lunch the other day. Anyway, As the women are arriving, they are sort of just confused by everything thats going on since its not a typical uptown spa. I do love seeing the women in their hats, i think its hysterical. Done with the sauna and onto their massages aka where they essentially get beaten by leaves and sticks. Leah is right, Lu and Ramona are horn dogs with this, I think its hysterical to watch this. Too bad Tinsley is a party pooper and doesn't participate in the leaf beating.

Off to another lunch, you know this is where things turn up for the women. I love that Leah starts off with her hat still on, it honestly is great that she brought the women downtown, it's about time they spread their wings and maybe new behavior will arise. LOVE Leah for calling out the fact they need to resolve old issues before planning a long weekend trip with all of them. To be fair, just saying "I acknowledge it" doesn't wipe away all the poor behavior, it was a total shit show. Bless, we have a great Ramona speech where it all relates back to her while she takes a side swipe at everyone else. To be fair to Dorinda, Ramona does the same thing all the time, she goes to the jugular then tries to run away. A lot of the women do it to each other, gotta keep the drama alive but someone needs to stop the cycle. I guess if they stopped the cycle the show wouldn't exist. They all just want to deflect, maybe the cheers with the Russian vodka is a new beginning for everyone, probably not.

The sap day is over, we all start a new. Finally, we meet Leah's sister and they seem like the same person. Leah lets us know she's seeing a new guy! He owns a pita place and even though he may be convenient he seems fun, and she sends him nudes with a peta over her lady bits. I guess. Leah finally realizes she needs to stop telling her mom everything, maybe let's filter out the bad behavior when talking to mom. Regardless, Leah & her sister are stunningly beautiful, great jeans and maybe great cosmetic docs...

Off to Ramonas apartment we go. She's having a different group of ladies together at her place for whatever. Is this Ramona trying to "class up" RHONY, is she trying to get a new cast in? I think yes. It's not too classy if we are talking about condoms and vibrators in Ramonas nightstand and talking about Ramona getting some guy off three times in one night. I feel like shed be wild and selfish in bed but I don't need to find out. Sonja shows up, she's wearing her see through shirt but with a tank under it, like she should. Sonja brings Ramona a size bigger of a dress she likes and she's telling all the women its a size Large in rebuttal to Ramona telling her she needs to drop 10 pounds. Dorinda also shows up and and immediately asks how "cocktails and conversations" are going, what is she going to do just not show up to Ramonas after the bath house? Immediately the women get into it where Ramona and Dorinda clearly will never see eye to eye on the situation and they throw inappropriate shit at each other all the time. I do agree with Dorinda that Ramona likes putting people down and having other people suffer. Post Ramona saying "sorry Ricard died tomorrow", which is a super low blow ontop of fat shaming Sonja. So they go ahead and leave, honestly, Dorinda is going through a hard time, if Ramona was a good friend, shed support her and not break her down like she is.

Next week we'll get to see the ladies in Newport Rhode Island. Looks like Leah has a few drinks and I hope it embarrasses Ramona. Next weeks going tp be a goodie!

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