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RHONY S12 E09 (Hurricane Leah)

Last week the ladies had some time to reconcile in the Russian Bath House. That was quickly overturned in the bath\house by some comments and a little party Ramona had the following day. This week we see the ladies head off to Newport Rhode Island for a little weekend getaway, I have a feeling they will not disappoint.

The ladies are all packing up to head out to Newport to head into the sprinter van. Tinsley is a veteran of Newport since her mom has a house there. To be honest, their ride looks lie a super nice setup! Dorinda went there from Bluestone Manner so she will at least get a bit of relaxation before the other ladies arrive. When Leah brings up having her sister show up the women essentially revolt against it. Whatever, Leah had a bad few days, why not let her bring her sister when Ramona has her friend she's pushing to be a new housewife on the trip...

Castle Hill in where they are staying is so cute and the exact vibe of Newport. Everyone says their hellos to Dorinda, Ramona openly admits she doesn't want Leah's sister to come when she has Elise or whoever that is... Who cares if Leah's sister is going to come for a bit. The rooms that the women are in are absolutely stunning I cant get over it. I also cant get over how Ramona and Sonja are still on Leah's sister not coming, plus how Ramona is going to take away the "yes" of her sister showing up!

Off to dinner on night one, in typical fashion, Sonja and Ramona are off on their own. Leah is already a little drunky-drunk and still upset about her recent breakup. Ramona's clam bake looks so cute! Ramona for whatever reason has decided to mother and monitor Leah, which isn't chill but thats Ramona for ya. I don't think Ramona is one to start judging and calling people alcoholics.For now, Leah is keeping calm and not spazzing out at Ramona, little does she know, Ramona is about to tell her that she cant have her sister show up. To be fair, Leah is a bit drunker than she prob should be, she is just coming off of being sober for a long time so her tolerance is quite low. As the shenanigans are increasing between Sonja and Leah... Dorinda and Tinsley try and have a heart to heart about their issues. And this is when Ramona finds it to be a good time to tell Leah her sister cant come. Poor Luann is just chilling trying to sit and eat her dinner.

This is a disaster, Ramona is going back on her word, Leah is wasted, Luann is the peacemaker, Tinsley is hanging on Dorinda. Leah is having a moment, clearly the other women should support her but whatever, and no one it that group can throw stones because you know, glass houses. Ramona should just let her come or have said no from the beginning, its not worth all this bs for it, thankfully Ramona lets her come.

I do like that Dorinda calls Leah to see if she's okay & how she's doing. Clearly Leah blacked-out and isn't in the best state of mind. I do think its good her sister is coming. Ramona, Sonja and whoever the other girl is are chilling getting ready to go shopping in town. The women are very judgemental to Leah, have they seen the way they act...

Downtown is so cute! I don't know why Elise thinks it's okay to be so judgemental towards Leah, then rub her to warm her up then make some snide comment about her kid. Thank god Dorinda is actually being the voice of reason in all of this and telling everyone to freaking reals and stop being so judgemental... To Dorinda and Luann's points. They should be guiding Leah not chastising her and the other women aren't afraid to embarrass themselves anywhere else. Especially since Leah apologized to Ramona, yet she still keeps chastising poor Leah. Who the f^ck does Ramona think she is making Leah feel so bad!

Next week our Newport shenanigans continue with some tears from Dorinda, drinks from Leah and insanity from Ramona...

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