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RHONY S12 E10 (Something's Brewing)

Last week we left off with Hurricane Leah. She got a little schwasted, Ramona and her brunette friend were super judgey towards her. Leah's sister is still set to show up this week so let's see what this week has in store for us.

I do like that Lu acknowledges that it is a crazy group and that Leah is new to the group so its a new crazy to get used to. Sarah (Leah's sister) arrives and the women are very welcoming to her. Seems like the women are having a great time! Back at the hotel, the women are getting ready for dinner. Dorinda shows up to Lu's room, she's a little schwasted, she's been drinking all day and Lu knows thats a red flag. Turns out, Dorinda chatted with Jon and she's upset about it. When you talk to a recent ex it always brings up emotions and can be super hard. I probably would've gotten drunk too. Last night we had emotional Leah, tonight we may have emotional Dorinda.

The table is ready for the ladies, and the ladies are all over the place not ready to be seated at the dinner table. Ramona is wandering around hitting on men & Tinsley is mortified that not everyones at the table. I think we may be getting some wasted Sonja tonight in as well. As Tinsely is trying to get Sonja, Ramona and Lu back to the table, they are just ignoring her. As Leah and Sarah try and get the women back to the table, Ramona is trying to brush them off and one of them men she was talking to is not only suer rude, but also engaged. Ramona is getting a taste of her own medicine where she's being rude towards Tinsely like Leah was towards Ramona last night. At least Leah was a fun maniac and they weren't really in public...

The women are wildly misbehaving and poor Leah's sister is just sitting there observing and Ramona has the balls to call her crazy. Leah doesn't like her family being f^cked with so she threw a ravioli at Ramona. Meanwhile, Lu, Ramona and Sonja are still at the restaurant being rude and Lu is burning the decorations like its sage.

The next morning, Sarah is upset she went that far to have a "relaxing" time and it was anything but that. I do love that Leah owns her crazy moments. I don't get why the women are being so anti-Leah, have they not watched previous seasons of this? Ramona, Im sorry, is all of your behavior acceptable, when did you become the judge and jury of the group. Sonja, are you really going to judge her for being arrested and thrown out of school when she was a teenager, gosh I hope people aren't judging me based off of what I did in my high school and college years. Lets' see if Lu and Dorinda can help facilitate bridging the gap between Leah and Ramona. Leah's sister is encouraging her to just take a step back and try to get along with the women.

Back in the city, Lu wants to start getting Sonja involved in her cabaret's which could be fun. Leah grabs lunch with her parents. That turned into a minor recap of the weekend trip and her mom worrying about her drinking.

The women are going to have a tea party, it's time they do something without alcohol being involved. Dorinda and Lu were supposed to co-host the event but I think Lu equates that to her just showing up. Ramona of course mocks them for hosting a proper party and thinks it's a good time to teach Leah some manners. Leah does start off with apologizing to Ramona, and Ramona just of course lays into her and blames the entire destruction of the weekend. Ontop of that, Ramona tells Leah exactly how shed like Leah to apologize. I like Dorinda stands up for Leah by remind Ramona they've all had their issues. Leahs apology is't what Ramona wanted to hear, next time maybe she should take her own advice on apologies. Dorinda makes everyone get up and switch seats to be by new people.

Dorinda calls out Tinsley, one on one to talk about the fact Tinsley spend the weekend with Scott in Niagra Falls... Tinsley, just f^cking own up to it, its okay that you spent time with him. I don't necessarily think she needs to word vomit all of it to the ladies especially if its all still up in the air. Of course she wants to be with him but they always breakup, so why start that circle with the ladies of them asking whats going on with Scott?

Next week its Ramonas birthday and halloween time! You know that makes for an interesting combo!

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