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RHONY S12 E11 (Love Him and Leave Them)

I know I know I know I'm WEEKS late with this one! In Honor of the ladies coming back this week I needed to get it done!

We left off with the women back from Rhode Island after some special behavior across the board from everyone, Ramona being uber judgemental. We saw Sonja go through her brand finances with her manager, Luann trying to build out her cabaret including Sonja and Dorinda calling out Tinsley for not being truthful about her relationship with Scott. Whew, that was one long sentence of a recap. Im sure the ladies will continue to stun and amaze us.

I love how shameless Sonja is pushing to get paid for appearing in Lu's show, I think she should be getting some money from it, we know Lu is making out like a bandit for it. Anyway, the two of them are watching some comedians to be Lu's opener and you know it has to be specific about sex for Lu's "Marry F Kill". Ramona is buying chicken for her dog. Dorinda is gettin ready for Halloween. Tinsley and Leah catch up a bit, Tinsley finally got on a plane when Scott told her to. We know she wants to be with him, he can give her everything she wants and needs. Leah tells Tinsley to go to Dornidas fave haunted haunted house with her... Hopefully theres no knockout fights with Tinsley on her last episode with a golden apple.

Since I work in NYC and live in Hoboken, I always am curious on where they are in the city to know if I've been there or not. For the haunted house seems like they are in my old stomping grounds of Tribeca at Blood Manor Haunted House. Watching the zombie scare Ramona, what a money shot bravo Bravo. Lu, Im sorry she's too old to wear a cougar leotard. I must say, I love Leah's interview commentary. If I were the women in this haunted house, I would NOT want to be in the front or back of the group, I'd feel partly protected. I havent been in Blood Manor but after seeing this, I think I'd be too anxious to go... Dorinda does look terrified at parts, Tinsley doesn't want anyone to f^ck with her hair. Seems like a good exhausting terrifying experience, off to get some Tequila.

I don't know why the women are acting like Tinsley should have told the women she was going to see Scott. They aren't really good friends, just because Scott took the pic doesn't mean they are actually back together. Oh heavy sigh heavy sigh. Tinsley does toast to Tinsley and Scott, I guess they talked about her moving to Chicago and getting married. Some girls do get a fairytale ending, what a b^tch of a lead up to get there. I love how quickly Dorinda is way over it quickly and just invites the women to the Berkshires. I don't know why Tinsley is so upset that the women aren't asking more questions, they probably don't believe it'll happen and she hasn't been totally open with them about everything. Dorinda is a bit overkill right now with Tinsley, just say you are happy for her and move on. Give her one little moment. Instead, the women not only cant give her that but are also sorta being embarrassing.

Side note: I don't think they'll give Tinsley a spin off or Real Housewives of Chicago, I don't think she has a large enough following., I do think if she had a following like Bethany it would happen.

Back to the show, Sonja is off to meet with Century 21 for a meeting, what a big meeting for her! She's so giddy and excited its so cute at how excited she is with getting into a retail space! Fingers crossed it sells well so it can roll into all of their stores.

It's that time of the year for Ramonas birthday again. She's repulsive wiping her nose, on the phone with a beau she calls boat man. Plus she duped her friends to going to a warehouse... in Long Island, not Manhattan, WTF is that. Ahhhh I see, Ramona is showing the girls this space because she didn't invite them last year, she tries to throw her friend under the bus but no it was Ramona who said no to inviting the housewives. Im confused at why she is so selfish with everything. Ramona, this isn't about a guy or all your money or that you have 60 girlfriends. By the way Ramona a "coming out party" is not to announce you are single. Dorinda and Sonja are right to mock her, there was no point of them being there other than to watch Ramona. Its always the Ramona show... excuse me while I go vomit. Poor Dorinda and Sonja are now ignoring them kidnapped. Oh just kidding, they have to take a photo so the planner can post it on his social media. Again, let me go vomit.

Back in NYC at Leah's place. She's juicing, but I just need to say she is way to hot for her ex Rob. I am tired of Leah talking about how great of a couple they are not married and not sleeping together and not living together, we get it.

Ramonas at a bar, and tries to compare herself to the bartender. Tinsley meets up with Ramona, and she uses this time to apologize for previously ignoring the Tinsley and Scott conversation. Im glad Tins stands her ground on why she wasn't word vomiting this stuff to the girls because she didn't know where it was going. Well, Tinsley and Lu have hardly been there when Ramonas date (who id rather well, maybe he's really charming...) shows up. Well, it's nice that Lu wanted tinsley to go to her Halloween party, Ramona tunes into the conversation when Tins says Scott is building her a closet and glam room. They are still a bit in shock at how fast she's moving with Scott but hey, good for Tins for following what she really wants.

Dale is in NYC to help Tins pack. Even though she's in a Hotel, she's gotta send things to storage in Palm Beach in Newport & off to Chicago. It's cute how emotional Dale is, there have been so many ups and downs with Tins and Scott. I wonder if the two of them can stop wearing so much eye makeup... Tins and Dale are all dolled up, including the dogs but Leah rolls up looking super chill and casual. I love that Leah holds up the champagne bottle and goes "fairytale". To Leah's point, a bit of the fairytale optimism would be nice, but its still nice to aim to be a legend. Sonja shows up in support for Tins, plus some clothes for Leah's daughter. It is funny that the list Sonja made for Tins years ago about the man she should have is sorta close to true.

Of course Tinsely is going to miss NYC but she's got her sights on Scott and on Chicago, I hope this ends amazingly for her. She was scared moving back to NYC but she's hit her stride, happiness and it's time for her to spread her wings. She does make sure to say "Thank you" to Sonja and not f^ck you.

Bye Tinsley, its been real!

Now that the women are back this week, I'm sure we'll have some drama to go through!!!!!

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