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The ladies are back! Last we left off a few weeks ago and the Tinsley was leaving, Ramona was planning her birthday party and who knows what else was going on. I do know the women are giving it their all this season.

It's Halloween time in the city! Leah is bringing Rob to a party with the women so everyone can judge each other. At the halloween store, Leah meets up with Lu & Dorinda. Did they film these interviews during quarantine? It looks and sounds like it. Anyway, Dorinda is telling the women about the weird interaction with Ramona when she was party planning, from Ramona rejecting all ideas to it being her coming out party. The entire situation was so weird but to be fair, Dorinda should know thats how Ramona is.

Uptown, Ramona is meeting up with Rori a matchmaker. Rori was the matchmaker a few seasons ago that brought the infamous red scarfed man into the mix. Ramona is looking for a best friend, but she wants it all, she's very focused on trying to keep her lifestyle. Im sorry, but Ramona needs to take a beat and realize how she comes off, I know its great for TV but come on...

Sonja and Elyse meet up to catch up and talk about the upcoming party. Sonja lets Elyse know that Ramona needs to "control" of her, and Elyse knows Ramona is superficial and full of BS. Plus Ramona has to be better than everyone all the time... It's really not a good look.

I love seeing Dorinda and her daughter talk. Her daughter gave her a good pep talk and wants to throw her a little bday gig to celebrate her and what she's grown into. I do feel bad that Dorinda feels the way she does now. But Dorinda is an amazing human so love all around for her. Leah and her little family are out to dinner, she sort of gets the third degree from her daughter but she knows she needs to treat her mom more nicely.

Its the day of Lu's halloween party. Leah doesnt love halloween but shes going to be a VooDoo Slut, rock on girl. I love how different Leah is from all the other women. This year Lu is making sure she spends time with the women instead of preforming like she did last year. So her Voodoo themed party will be interesting to see how it all comes to life. Ramona gets an outfit for Sonja as well as herself. I feel like Ramona looks more like a witch from Disney or Malificient than voodoo theme but who am I to judge. Ramona does show up an hour early on her own time because she wanted to have dinner at 7:30 so she can go to a male friends event downtown later in the night.

Sonja, Elyse & Dorinda get in a car to head down to the party together. Sonja is already wasted, her lipstick is all over the place, the poor driver is subjected to her screaming and antics. Dorinda looks amazing by the way as she thinks the party is a Dorinda level decor. I am so pumped that Jill is there! I love and miss Jill! Sonja is in her wasted form using her little voodoo dolls to show Ramona how she behaves, and Ramona still tries to one-up her. God that must be exhausting, I am glad Elyse is standing up for herself but maybe this isn't the setting. Ramona wants people to do well, but never better than her. Ramona, let me tell you, Dorinda isn't jealous of you... Dorinda is just calling you out on your shit.

Leah looks great, the women and Rob (Leah's baby daddy) all meet each other. I think its hysterical that Ramona thinks she's taking the high road by avoiding everything and then leaving early... Sonja and Leah have a weird moment and having a fresh start, I do think Sonja is way wasted and wants to kiss Leah. Leah knows drunk Sonja language now. I think its a bit ballsy of Ramona to accuse Dorinda of being drunk, she's not at all, I cant with Ramona, she always misses the main point. PLUS Ramona brought Missy and you know Missy had issues with Lu when she was married to Tom. It's always about Ramona and what she wants and no one else.

I love Dorinda for calling Ramona out on her shit, granted, it wasn't the right time to do so but I appreciate Dorinda for throwing down. As this is happening, Sonja is stuffing her face, Sonja automatically calls out that Dorinda is talking about Ramona. Everyone knows Ramona has been boozed up, Jills not surprised at and of this and Romona wont look anyone in the eyes. I love in the interviews you hear Avery (Ramonas daughter) tell her to stop wasting her energy on Elyse and walk by, quarantine life. Although Im sad that Avery subscribed to her mothers BS but hey apple, meet tree. Leah f^cks with the seafood tower then down as what is that and then encourages Rob and Sonja to hook up. Bye Ramona no one will miss you at this party.

After Ramona leaves the women go dance it out. Elyse was gross grinding with some guy half her age aggressively but it looked like fun other than that!

Anyway, I cant wait to see what the women gift to us next week, especially since the fish room is involved.

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