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RHONY S12 E13 (Not Feeling Jovani)

Well, the women are back thank god, and they are still delivering. We are following up Elise not living Ramona, Ramona planning her all about me party, Ramona bringing Missy to Luann's party and so much more. Let's see what they are up to this week.

This week, Dorinda is having the women back up at the Berkshires at the newly renovated Bluestone Manor. I think its hysterical that Dorinda calls all the women and gets all of their voicemails, but contrary to what Ramona said, she's not a loser. Elise and Sonja hangout at Sonjas place, to chat about the Halloween party especially about Ramonas behavior and she brings up some past instances where (in a shock to no one) Ramona has been wildly inappropriate.

Luann and Leah head out shopping with Ramona... This is the day after the Halloween party and they are rehashing the party. Ramona, is wrong and so delusional its jaw dropping. Ramona, they don't care about your other world. Side note, what is Leah's second confessional outfit? Should I get my mom gloves like that?

I love that Dorinda is coaching her housekeeper telling her she is NOT to bring tea or wine or anything to the women if they ask for it. Rightfully so, thats not her job... Sonja and Leah are the first to arrive, it is Leah's first time here, I wonder if she knows what she's in for... The front door is locked so they head around back. Leah is so polite and immediately says it looks beautiful in the house! I'm Really happy for Dorinda that this is now HER house and she feels a different energy in there. She gives Leah a tour of the home just like any good hostess would. The home is very HER and its great. Hannah's room is so glam and pink and I love it, Sonja is staying in there. That back stairwell is so dark, I'm surprised she didn't put some bright and cheery wallpaper in there.

Ramona is in a delusional world thinking her faking being nice and bringing her flowers will fix it. Ramona is still totally missing the point of why Dorinda was annoyed. When she and Lu finally arrive, Lu has nice commentary and Ramona says "its so rich looking"... By the way Ramona, it's appropriate to bring flowers or some type of hostess gift regardless of if someone is annoyed with you or not. Lu is in the fish room, which is no longer the fish room but she puts the shark in a bed which is HYSTERICAL. Its fab and such a great little joke, Ramonas fake surprise shriek was such a joke. She didn't think the fish in her bed was funny...

Oh goody, Lu is drinking wine, this'll be good between that and the fact that we know Ramona blocked her on social media. "with a friend like Ramona, who needs enemies" - Leah, someone needs to put that on a pillow. Ramona, why are you opening hour suitcase in the entryway, why cant you take it to your room? Its hugs all around when Elyse arrives but Ramona just smirks. Here we go, probably 90 minutes into the women being there and the drama is rolling. Ramona disinvited Elyse from going to a club, Ramona is a bully and disinvited Elyse and made her seem insignificant. Ramona as we know is very good at making people feel badly, I'm glad Leah and the women want to stand up for Elyse. Ramona is soooo fully of shit she's a blabbermouth, and I'm glad Elyse is calling her out on her shit. How does Ramona not see what the issue is... Ramona runs away, she knows she's wrong and has selective memory. She doesn't want to talk about this in front of the women because she knows they too will call her out on her shit.

Why now is Ramona softly speaking and trying to be the victim here? Anyway, as Ramona is having that altercation. LOL at the fact that Ramona thinks she has 50 close friends, she's delusional. The women are talking about the Ramona x Dorinda altercation at the Halloween party. I don't think Dorinda should have done the toast she did at Lu's party, but she was heated so... Also, how does Ramona not know what she said, oh I know, a boozy selective memory.

Apparently that fight is over, or Elyse is just over having the fight with Ramona. Ramona goes to Dorinda "men are intimidated by us" by being so good on their own. to an extent I think she's right... I do think Ramona is nuts and maybe not the right person to be giving dating advice unless its straight up how to go meet a ton of men. My wonderful Sonja is trashed again, she's talking about big dicks, how she got her ass and so on. Sonja is clearly drunk and tossing fun at the fact that Lu isn't paying her for the show. Lu gets oddly defensive and sort of savage towards her. Lu quickly went from saying "oh shut the duck up" to "go f^ck yourself" what a countess. She's giving Sonja $225 and her justification is that well, she doesn't need her and she has broadway people in the show. These women, I have no words. They've all been drinking, Im sure Lu wants her in the show, plus. Sonja is super sensitive in general now and in a not great place. There is no need for Lu to make her feel so shitty based off of what started out as a funny comment.

I do think it's funny that Ramona is trying to calm down Lu. Lu, let's remember you have been drinking and maybe you should tone it down. Stop just saying all Sonja will do is take off her clothes on stage, we know thats not true. Dorinda stands up for Sonja, she's also a little drunky, I actually think Leah is the most sober out of all of them.

Next time the women are still in the Berkshires and its going to continue to go down...

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