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RHONY S12 E14 (Remember Your Blue Stone Manners)

Thats right from what I understand this episode just really takes the cake. We left off last week with the women up at Blue Stone Manner, Lu was annoyed at Sonja for wanting to be paid more. Sonja was piss drunk, Ramona and Elise got into it. Ramona doesn't realize she's a bad person and Leah was the sober voice of reason...

This poor delivery man arrives and Ramona just keeps telling him to carry it into the kitchen, doesn't walk him out and how she killed it with the ordering and how she looks thing but loves to eat. At this point, it seems like all of the women are a little toasty and filled with booze. Lu is still all angry with the Cabaret situation, she gets even madder when she hears Ramona saying how Sonja did Cabaret before anyone else in the group did. They aren't asking Lu to step down they are just asking Lu to stop being super nasty and give Sonja a bit of credit. Honestly, they are too drunk to be having these conversations right now and it's just getting super ugly.

Finally Dorinda gets heated enough to really defend Sonja, oddly Ramona is the voice of reason here. She even knows that the "mug shot" comment was wildly out of line and wants her to calm down. What a shift from last episode when Ramona couldn't even see what was going on. I don't blame Lu for wanting to pack up and leave. If one of my friends said that to me in their homes I would be devastated and leave. I guess the ladies drinking is to the point where they want to just keep drinking, Dorinda isn't wrong in saying Lu uses the women, she should be paying Sonja more. In addition to that, as Lu is leaving Dorinda brings up the Jovani conversation again... ugh, I guess they wont learn. I do know Andy Cohen recently made a statement on how the women's drinking this season is out of hand. I wonder if and how that will be addressed.

Looks like Lu and Leah are going to go to a pub. Hopefully Lu calms down a bit. As Leah is getting her Jacket, it looks like Dorindas zebra rug has a stain and Sonja falls over. As unacceptable as it is the way that Dorinda is behaving, Lu should also know it's coming because she drank too much and talk to her in the morning about it. I still cant believe Ramona is being the voice or reason reminding Lu that Dorinda is in a bad place and how sober Leah is! Oh, my, god... its only 8pm and this is the level the women are at.

Dorinda's poor housekeeper is still at the house. Dorinda knows she shouldn't have gotten involved last night... I do dig her pole dancing sweater. Lu left and went to the hotel, in the morning, Sonja is still annoyed abut the payment situation with the cabaret. Seems like Lu, Leah & Ramona had fun at the bar! I think she needed a a fun night out, I guess Ramona is a wet blanket when there are no rich men around to flirt with. I don't really know why Dorinda called Lu, Im shocked she picked up. Im glad that Dorinda tried to make it a bit of a joke and does confirm how she knows she was out of line on what she said. I personally don't love the "I love when you can blame it on alcohol" comment, thats a bit problematic. Does she think thats a valid excuse, does she really believe what she said to her? To also be fair, Dorinda visited Richards grave yesterday, I'm guessing that triggered a lot of emotions.

Looks like its a shopping day and a cute chic town close by. Leah and Ramona are in the car that picks up Lu... Where they continue to talk about Dorindas behavior. I know all the women have had work done to their faces but Lu's looks great. Well, we all knew Lu wouldn't really kick Sonja out of the show, looks like she's open to paying her more money if its in a bigger venue. Thats a step in the right direction. I do wonder if Sonja cries about these things behind closed doors and just puts up this lax front especially since I think she can use the money. Oh, I guess Lu and Leah made out at the bar last night, 1 -the cameras should've gotten that on camera 2- why is Ramona pretending to be shocked by that 3- what triggered that happening, so many questions.

The women are having fun going in and out of the cute boutique shops. I guess the guy making dinner for the women Colin is friends with both Sonja and Dorinda. Turns out Sonja had sex on his sink in France with his roommate... Frenchie is also still in the picture for Sonja, but she wont move to France with her daughter right now. I wonder if she were to move if Frenchie would still be around. Leah apparently has peed on a prince, you know what, people are into whatever they are into...

Back at Blue Stone, the table is set beautifully and Ramona is plunging her toilet. She always has poop and bathroom issues. Im glad to see I think she knows how to use a plunger... Sonja is in some massive bubble bath and I don't know how she's going to get those bubbles down. Ramona calls Leah to help with the toilet, which is hysterical since she's normally not nice to Leah but she knows Leah will get her hands dirty. Leah just gets Dorinda, and to make it better Ramona gets slightly sensual.

Lu and Ramona bond over using a breathalyzer. Lu shows her how it's done because she's a pro and blowing, Ramona wants to have this to tell the women when they should calm it down on the drinking.... ugh Ramona. Melinda (Dorindas sister) shows up, Leah is honest about wanting to just hook up with the hot bartender from last night and good for her. Some of Dorindas friends are showing up, Leah wants Elyse'/s alter ego Erica to come out to play (side note I didn't know she was on Wall Street, I guess thats why she's lax now). Oh yay! Heather shows up (the RhONY Alum), I miss her on the show! Sonja finds the most attractive single old man in the room (aka Colin the chef for the night) and immediately tells him to watch out because he's hot and the women are horny.

At the dinner table, Lu is trying to work it with Colin, Elyse is wasted and Ramona is flirting with the cute young guy next to her. Ramona is very picky with who she wants to date, must have more money than her because you know, she has two homes, is all that and a bag of chips. Yet, shell essentially fawn over anyone that will pay attention to her that she thinks may be rich.

Dorinda stands up and compliments Leah. She lets her know she loves that she's strong, owns her shit and is a great mom as well as businesswoman. Leah says she's very happy and humbled and thrilled to be the only woman who still gets her period in the room. Dorindas poor housekeeper is stuck following these women around.

Oh goodness, well, next weekend we are introducing Avery into the mix, let's see how that goes.

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