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RHONY S12 E15 (Sheer Madness)

Alrighty I know Im late in the game posting this recap but I sweat its soooo worth the wait, this week was pure gold. We are back form Dorindas house and ready for a new adventure.

It's time for Ramonas party with her 60 or 50 or however many best girlfriends. You know god forbid Ramona doesn't stand out, she's going to have w=everyone where Black so she can wear Red and stand out... Ramona has Leah come do the walkthrough with her of the venue (which is hysterical because she hated her a few episodes ago) but she's more annoyed with Sonja and Dorinda. If she's afraid of her "best friends" being embarrassing, they must not really be good friends.

Luann wants to give back to the community since she's been in jail so she's trying to make a difference which is nice, she's at the Fortune Society. She brings Sonja with her which is nice, and people have gone through soooooo much more what she did and maybe she (and the rest of the women) need to be humbled. I do think when Lu gets up to speak, she does touch many people. It is nice that Lu is going to take some people to a spa day but I hope she doesn't think that changes things... Of course people deserve to feel amazing about themselves.

Ramona heads to dinner with Avery and Mario... I guess its nice they can all go have a dinner together, I do think Ramona still wants to get into Marios pants. I think its hysterical that Avery and Mario call Ramonas BS out for having 50 women at her party, to quote Avery "You don't talk to 50 women". The awkwardness around Marios dating and Ramona saying "and I love you" to Mario...

Leah and her sister are great. They head off to Spa 88 to people watch and relax... I think now that Tinsely is gone they need to bring in another young blood to balance out the old drunk b^tches. I adore her sisters advice of "when you listen to mom, just think of it as static noise" great advice for all of us to remember our moms words are projections of themselves. Apparently, Leah and her mom aren't going to be having a civil breaking bread conversation anytime soon.

I think its time for Sonja to sell teh townhouse... IF the overhead is 50k a month, i think its time to part ways... Apparently a few of the women went with Sonja to watch her speak at Wharton (U Penn) a week or so ago. Lu and Dorinda went back to NYC but Sonja stayed and got kicked out of a gay bar... What is Sonja going through? I don't know why she's updating the townhouse, I hope she makes a profit out of it and I'm super curious to see what she does and charges for rent. The townhouse does need a facelift, but Sonjas's real life lower facelift looks amazing!

Dorinda, Sonja and Elyse are at Dorinda's place and its so cute! I think it's so cute that Elyse took Ramona out to lunch, too bad Ramona is horrible to her. I think it's horrific that Ramona commented that Leah shouldn't wear something too revealing. Who cares what she wears, I like Dorindas suggestion of wearing black lingerie... Ramona is unaccountable and horrible, but Elyse needs to stand up for herself against Ramona more.

Time for Ramonas party. She has some weird phone booth with candy on it. Sonja and Lu are not following the black dress code which is amazing. Sonja is already on the BS that Ramona pulled last year with not inviting her to last years party. Avery arrives with her friends, who apparently Ramona thinks she's friends with... Ramona, as they count your friends, I want to let you know that you are TOO OLD to be out until 2am. Sonja strolls in with a price tag on her jacket still, apparently she and Lu aren't Ramonas real friend because well, they didn't wear black. I love love love that Sonja is so upset about last year and talking about it, probably drunk and how Bravo is counting Ramonas friends. Ramona, so much for trying to be friends with Leah, ignoring her 100% is not the way to do that.

Once she's done with her "real friends" she goes and says hello to the housewives. She immediately shames the outfits Sonja & Lu are wearing because they aren't black (but not to their faces of course). She shuns Leah;'s dress for being too revealing, but I mean come on, it's a stunning dress and she's young, who cares. Lu notices that Sonja is off the rails with her drinking again, ugh Sonja what are you going through. Dorinda comes through with the trip for the year, off to Mexico, hopefully we have some sort of falling in the bushes situation. Time to get back to drinking with a gazillion other women after Ramonas same speech she gives every year.

I'm not sure if it was the right time for Dorinda to pull Sonja aside to chat to her. It is nice that she lets her know she's there for her if she needs her. God forbid Ramona isn;'t the center of attention. She bursts into the Sonaja conversation to show off her new Gucci bag, Sonja is pissed. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to tolerate any of Ramona, at least Sonja is a kind soul. Sonja is a bit out of control with all of this, she's a bit loud, screamy, I just don't get it... well I do, she's wasted and annoyed. Im glad Leah says screw it, it looks like a milf porno, she's got a bodysuit under her dress it's not like her hooha is out to play. Ramona is so embarrassed with the dancing in front of her 100 friends. Ramona is so pissed and psychotic, she wants the cameras to shut off. But it just gets better, Sonja gets up on a glass tray, stomping around, breaking shit. Oh its great and Ramona is psychotic.

Next time, the women head to Mexico, I have such high hopes from this.

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