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RHONY S12 E16 (Not Very Merry-achi)

Last week was Ramonas B-Day party (aka the best day of the year) where some drama kicked up.... This week the women are getting ready to go off to Mexico for their annual trip!

We pick up with Lu, last week we saw her working with other women from the Fortune society and she's taking a few of them to be pampered for the day! I guess Ramona and her Birkin are along for the day as well...

Dorinda and Leah are in the car together and chatting about Ramonas party. Apparently Ramona had the women pitch in to get herself the Gucci bag, which is great because one of her other bags is fake. Ramona is pissed about Sonja and Leah's behavior, At least Lu actually cares about Sonja and Ramona is just embarrassed by her. I am embarrassed by the questions Ramona is asking these other women that are here for a spa day... I LOVE that Leah honestly tells Lu that its so fake of Ramona to be nice to these women because in reality she would not be nice to them. God I really hope Ramona is gone after this season. Leah is normally good at letting things go, but Ramona has taken shots at her kid, at Leah in general so now she's ready to go and call Ramona out for being a horrible person. Thank you Leah we need more of that, bye Ramona. Leah elevates this vibe, Ramona cheapens it.

It honestly was very sweet of Lu to treat the women to this, It is so nice to treat the women to this Time for Sonja's Century 21 reveal! Sonja loves and I love that she admits that it is a miracle they were able to get the inventory for this stuff! Dorinda is so nice and supportive to go and see what she did! Ramona on the other hand, was just a bit fake about it. Dorinda bought a piece or two of clothes to show her support. Ramona on the other hand is complaining and having issues with the entire Leah situation. Ramona don't pretend you didn't dig up the fact that Leah is bipolar, at least she owns it and its not her business to share. ALSO Ramona, its a requirement to be on housewives to have a blog...

Back to the women packing for the trip. Please god Ramona wear one pieces and not bikinis. Looks like the other women are also packing away. The women are dressed for the airport, except Ramona who is in leggings and kitten heels. Is Luann bringing a vibrator with her, good for you girl!

The women are welcomed in fashion, I cant look away from Ramonas heels and leggings... I really cant. The women have a ton of help at the house, the house is stunning, Dorinda even had them provide cute floats in the pool. Which of course Ramona already makes a fool of herself to be the center of attention. Ramona is still harping on Leah's behavior to the party. Relax Ramona, none of your 60 friends care, also Leah had a bodysuit on. I also don't understand why she's complaining about this to Sonja who behaved interestingly as well.

Lunch time, Sonja is away from the hard booze/ Sonja asks Ramona how she doesn't have a camel toe because she has a "chubby pussy" I'm sorry god forbid anyone like Leah says something like that. I LOVE Dorindas way to pick rooms. She plays a game. And all the questions are revolved around the women. Whoop whoop, Dorinda obviously gets first pick but, Lu gets first pick, Leah second (wow Ramona must be reeling), then the tweedle girls go. It's probably good that Ramona and Sonja are downstairs, they can be gross and sneak guys in all night long. It KILLS me that Ramona packs her stuff on hangers and has people unpack for her.

I am so happy that Leah is more pissed about Ramona blasting her for being bipolar disorder, because thats sooooo freaking wrong to gossip about it,. I love Leah for talking about it and being in a good place, she is bipolar 2 (they suffer low low's) and she's not on meds for it so there goes Ramona's theory of her meds messing her up. Ramona stop with the smear campaign. Don't talk about her mental health, or anyones mental health.

Ramona and her packing, why do you have a suitcase of workout clothes... Sonja looks amazing in her white suit, I have the same in black and its amazing. I think Ramona and Leah need to chat to each other with the situation... I guess they are having a nice dinner in tonight. I love Dorinda for helping Leah and even dressing her, its nice she';s trying to help her out, make sure Ramona cant say anything with it. |The poor hotel staff having to deal with these women, I wonder what Sonja drank to make her that wasted. I don't like that Ramona automatically blames it on some meds... Ramona is a horrible horrible friend to het Sonja behave like that, especially in front of the cameras and staff being naked.

I am not sure what Ramona us wearing but its for a 30 year old not her. Ramona is avoiding being outside with Leah and Lu. They need to get Sonja to bed meanwhile she's out saying she's got a great p^ssy and she's f^cking a ranger. Oh, to avoid Ramona is now a ceviche expert, no Ramona its not easy or there wouldn't be experts, you twat.

Sonja is so sloppy right now, but claims she had anything to drink. Meanwhile, drunk Sonja tries to bridge the gap with Leah and Ramona. I love that Leah says she is hurt that Ramona is talking about her Depression, and Ramona is trying to use it as an excuse.

Ummm, aside from Ramona being nuts and not being able to explain how or why she's so hurt by Leah. When Ramona says "Im not talking about your vag, I don't even like girls", Luann scoffs like she knows something, which I would bet she does. I'm so confused by what Ramona said then ran away to her room. Mostly because I'm betting she knows she's so beyond wrong.

Next week will be another one for the books...

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