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RHONY S12 E17 (Back on the Hump)

Its a freaking miracle... I have Bravo back!!!! Thank god, so I honestly don't really remember where we left off but I know we have a lot of ground to cover here... Im sure Sonja was wasted, Ramona was delusional and Dorinda got mad.

Thats right, the women are still in Mexico, Sonja was wasted before Dinner, Ramona was pouting about her birthday party still. Ramona is so gross, she takes every opportunity to trash everyone else but never admits the behavior that she puts out there... Ramona saying "go to AA" to someone is so wildly inappropriate, thats such a dig and not constructive at all. How about you act like the wonderful girlfriend you claim to be. Now that Sonja is in bed, the women are done being nice to Ramona for the evening I think its time for everyone to go to bed... or GO TO SLEEP as someone used to say.

The next morning, Dorinda and Leah are chatting in Leahs room, I honestly don't know how these women let their hotel rooms get so messy. Ramona (is finally in a one piece swim suit) talking with Sonja. Apparently Sonja was so wasted because one of her pills... I don't think thats the reason and i don't think you need that pill but okay... Lu and Leah are at the gym, Lu is very upset about last night...

Ramona is just never wrong, and keeps pushing towards the Dorinda is an angry drunk narrative. The women seem fine at breakfast but it's all so fake. Time for a camel ride, hopefully this round goes better for Lu than the last time she was on a camel. Honestly, riding on a camel isn't something Id want to do, especially on a hot beach in Mexico, maybe in Morocco though. What the eff is Ramona thinking with her short short mesh shorts.... Anyway, I think if I were in morocco Id ride a camel but I feel like in Mexico its maybe not necessary.

There are some issues riding the camels but now they are at a beautiful table setting, Lu and Leah are in fantastic shape. Ladies please send me your routines. I do like that Lu calls Dorinda out for her sharp turn from wanting to empower each other to saying "well you went to jail". So, watching this, the audience is already aware Dorinda isn't coming back next year. I sorta get it but why wouldn't you ditch Ramona...

After lunch Leah jumps in the water, Ramona and Lu go for a walk on the beach. Luann tries to play volleyball and Im thinking maybe that wasn't the best call. Lu cant play well and Ramona looks like an ass watching.

Later that night, Im happy that the girls made a big deal for Sonja's birthday, girl needs that in her life. Speaking of things a girl needs in her life, I'd like to know: 1 what Lu eats/work out routine is 2. Sonja you look fab. The man that serves the women the Margs on his head, hysterical, LU, get off your rocker with talking about your cabaret and man hunting. I do think the highlight of the evening is Lu in a sombreo, and a light up outfit singing Happy Birthday on a traveling mic. It only gets better when Dorinda comes out with a cake and her tits hanging out. But come on Sonja, no need to motorboat that at a family restaurant...

I really do hate how Ramona pretends to be a delicate little flower. Leah is totally correct, she cant say anything but then Ramona and Sonja can say whatever they want. Leah is held to a different standard, Ramona looks like she came out of the 70's with that outfit on. Of course Ramona wants to "talk tomorrow" to Leah... I freaking love that Leah pushes Ramonas buttons, its hysterical.

Lets see how that convo goes next week...

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