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RHONY S12 E18 (Hitting All the Wrong Cenotes)

Well, the women are still in Mexico, things are heating up & Ramona is still an ass.

Per every housewives trip, they have yoga outside and of course they have very attractive trainers. Dorinda is the only one that wants to go and workout... so she leads the trainers in Do-aerobics in her white leggings (no one should have white leggings). Seems like the men are now showing Lu and Dorinda how to workout, I think its hysterical that the men met Dorinda and said "thats a lot of energy"...

Sonja is having a launch party at Century 21 when she gets back from Mexico, it's funny to see her work. Leah and Sonja were working then the other women came over and were slightly mocking them for working. I don't blame Sonja for getting upset about feeling mocked, she actually wants this to succeed...

Lu and Leah go for a little walk, they stumble on two men from Montreal, Lu invites them back to the house because why not. To Leah's point, thee men should enter at their own risk, who knows who they'll be attacked by. I guess we'll see if the men are scared off or if they join them for a drink later at night. My bet would be on Ramona ignoring the women and finding some men...

Poor Dorinda isn't feeling well, maybe its an okay thing she passes on tonight. After all, the women Im sure will be savages and Dorinda can use a night out, that just means Leah is left to the cougars. These two poor Canadian men show up, this'll be good since Ramona is already acting like she's an animal in heat. It honestly is a show down between Lu and Ramona between these two men... Ugh. Turns out, Leah had some hot little make-out session and someone else got some action too.

Thank god the women are going to a Shaman, I feel like thats long overdue. Ramona cant even pretend to take it seriously or not react in a negative way. The women rapel down itno honestly what looks like a well, maybe the bad energy will stay down there? Down in the cave it's so so so beautiful, Im glad only Dorinda, Lu & Leah did that. Unfortunately Ramona and Sonja show up to ruin it a little bit. The place they are looks magical. Leah heads into talking about her healer in the city and Ramona is repulsed about her putting a crystal up her hooha. then Dorinda, ugh Dorinda this didn't help you. Dorinda picks up a call from her daughter (which she should) but at the table right after she bit everyones heads off earlier for working...

Im really over Ramonas fake crocodile tears. Theres never any tears, snot, anything, its all fake and gives Dorinda an excuse to go off laughing. I do love that Leah does have Dorindas back since Dorinda has always stood up for her, however Dorinda should've just taken the call away from the table...

Lets see what happens next week...

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