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RHONY S12 E20 (Ain't No Party Like A Mob Party)

The women are all back from Mexico, Sonja is in Century 21 and Leah is celebrating the 15th anniversary of MTTM. We see all of the women in their own homes doing their own thing. We know Leah's MTTM party is coming up and so is Dorindas Birthday Party.

I do love Dorinda but sometimes her decorations are questionable. Sonja is always in a bit of a mess. She did an amazing job at her Century 21 launch but why does her old assistant have the sample of her staircase for the townhouse, she really needs to sell that. I feel like once she lets go of the townhouse it will be a break of her old life and onto a new one. My biggest question is why Sonja is putting down pee-pee and doodie pads for her dog. Its not like he's so old he cant hold it, maybe she needs to take him out more...

Ramona is comical thinking she's coming off as supporting Leah, going to Zumies and buying one thing retail and going to the party isn't overall supporting Leah, it is a step in the right direction. Lu and Ramona have lunch at Ramonas place, they spend the time talking about Dorindas behavior. At this point we know Dorinda is not coming back next season but also know she's going on with A LOT right now. When Lu tells Ramona that Elyse is going to Ramonas party, her reaction is typical Ramona... She wont even talk about whats going on with her and Elyse. Let's not pretend its because she's not a girls girl, we know theres something going on down there. For Ramona to say that Elyse disgusts her, is just WOW (IYKYK).

Leah looks amazing in her outfit for her MTTM party. The space is great I just wish she decorated it a bit more but oh well girl you do you. Of course Leah is nervous about the RHONY women, I think they expect way more than what the reality is for a cool fashion event. Dorinda is not used to the attire of this but has she seen what MTTM sells? I like this little clash of the RHONY and MTTM world. I think it's comical that Ramona tried to tell Leah not to invite Elyse to the party, its not Ramonas freaking party. The RHONY women are so wildly offended at the dress code and the lack of a coat check. Sonja is nice and toasty settling in already with all the "hot guys". Ramona shows up and Ramona makes it all about her immediately. After a quick hello Ramona looks at Elyse and says "I don't know who you are", boy, did that start something and turned into Ramona immediately turning around and walking out. She probably had her driver wait for her to take her to one of her bars to pick up shitty men. Needless to say, Ramona is not someone I would want in any aspect of my life.

The MTTM party keeps going without Ramona, as it should. Seems like the RHONY women are actually enjoying themselves at the party and just enjoying themselves. Leah has worked hard for the last 15 years and the brand has really has helped her in so so so many ways. Sonja is toasted and I love it, I think she's trying to make out with Leah's sister. It is really special to see Leah's mom get up and say how proud of Leah she is, especially after the ups and downs we've seen this season. Leah must just feel so freaking amazing. LOL to the fact that the women get a bottle of vodka and a bottle of tequila to themselves.

The next day, Luann is at a restaurant and FaceTimes Ramona. Of course this is for the show, and Lu seems mostly disinterested in why Ramona actually left... What I'm interested in is this book that Lu is using a ghost writer to write. And you know what, I respect Lu for just not even pretending that she's writing it on her own. Wed do see a glimpse into Lu's life pre the count, the main reason she is able to live the way she does is because of the count. Somehow Lu didn't hangup with Ramona and she wants Ramona to hang up, why cant Lu hang up the phone... It is really special for Lu to open up on camera like that with us.

Back at Dorindas with her pink Christmas tree... I'm confused as to why Dorinda is doing her makeup on her white bedspread, no way would I be doing that. Dorinda is having a great big ol party for her bday at Russian Samovar (they've said it a million times I';m sure they have some deal)... apparently John is coming. Off to the party, Lu and Sonja head off together and are both decked out in Sonja Morgan. The women are still pumped about how "real" the MTTM party was. As folks start trickling in for Dorinda's festivities, the vodka is pouring and and I'm sure it'll be a good time. Ramona shows up and well, is late and looks like a hooker with her tits out, she's too old for that. Dorinda makes a beautiful speech for her 55th bday and it starts with everyone doing well, getting along and having fun

Who is it to Lu to tell Dorinda to not help Sonja with her phone... Its Dorindas party, let her do what she wants. Then for Ramona to chime in, well Ramona cant miss the action, what a useless fight. Its Dorindas party, let her do what she wants. Lu of course finds a microphone... Her toast went on for about 500 years, it was so Long even Ramona wanted her to shut up. Lu's rendition of Happy Birthday was so comical I'm so glad Dorinda jumped in and half mocked it.

Next time we have the SEASON FINALE...

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