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RHONY S12 E21 (Viva La Dysfunction)

Its the season finale for the RHONY women! Last week we had the MTTM party & Dorindas birthday party. We also have all the built up drama from the season including (but not limited to) Lu's new show, Tinsley leaving, Sonja's line launch, Ramona being repulsive & so much more.

Gosh, Ramona is still living in the past talking about Christmas cards with Mario, let it go and let your poor old dog chill. Dorinda got something removed from her hand, Sonja is being Sonja and Leah is at the boxing gym. This is all leading up to a wonderful evening of DragQueen Bingoooo. Lu is off at the studio, working with a songwriter who legit has "livin" at in the title of every song... Viva La Diva, works wonderfully for Luann. I still want Lu's workout routine and diet, she looks absolutely amazing.

I love that Dorinda is redoing her apartment and we get a peek into it! She wants it to be all hers and you know what, Im so happy for her and I cant wait to see what she's going to do, I'm sure she's going to make it nice. She needs this in her life but Dorinda, 2020 isn't the year for anyone. Lets jump to Sonja's renovations on the townhouse. I am disapointed that she has Ramona walk through with her, no one cares what Ramonas opionon is. Sonja needs to sell this house, let go of that old life and move on! It is cute seeing Leah and her fam making gingerbread houses... her daughters reactions are hysterical.

Time to check out Lu's new cabaret "Marry, F, Kill", I guess this is a bit of a test for her to try out the new content. THe materilal is a bit stale thoughand unless its a dark room, and drunk and watch RHONY. I do like the little addition of Sonja to the show but I guess to depends on how many drinks she has... It wasn't very nice with Sonja saying "Tinsely is un-f^ckable" and "after her next divorce", palm to face on that. Overall, they did fine and its nice that Ramona isn't there. To Lu's point, Ramona "loves to support women" but Ramona doesn't like supporting her friends... Time to say BYE to Ramona. Watching Leah tell Sonja about the Mind Body app and Class Pass is actually HYSTERICAL. I hope we get to see that...

The ladies are getting all ready for drag queen bingo. Dorinda is in her element, wearing what she would anyway with a wonderful turban. Sonja can throw a party so this will be great, plus she's supporting GLAAD! Leah has a barbie dress on and looks amazing. Ramona shows up, brings a straight guy who's just a friend in one of her drapey tops (come on Ramona time for a new trend) complaining there are no men at the party, straight men. At least Ramona didn't bring Missy again... Of course Ramonas business advice to Luann is to have it be more obvious and she's too busy to open attachments. Ramona's gross guy friend tries to hit on Leah, Ramona is skeezed with the mention of friends with Benefits. I love love love how Leah dismisses this guy.

Ramona is again gross, Sonja is giving a speech to everyone to thank them for coming and Ramona makes a stink about the invite. Sonja is continuously hysterical in the speech and shuts Ramona down. Ramona just, ugh. I think I'm going to take Dorindas advice and have a continuous smile on my face from now on. Now Ramona is screaming how she loves 69 but cant listen to Leah say "friends with benefits". Sonja's top is coming off, Ramona is trying to get all the attention, the room is awkwardly bright and Lu sings her song that Desmond Child wrote for her "Viva la Diva".

As Lu sings... Honestly its catchy, it'll get stuck in your head. Ramona is pretending like she knows all the words and her annoying dancing (Sorry she just puts me off). But the song I think is perfect for Lu and her outfit for this is on point.

Saying the goodbyes, Leah says "Tinsley introduced..." and that was it. Dorinda FREAKED off with Tinsley breaching contract and leaving the show and all of the other things. Well, we know Dorinda doesn't like Tinsley, Leah was just trying to say that she loves the women. Wow that little freakout was, um, wow. DUring all of that Ramona just got up and left, hopefully she's gone.

Now that the seasons over, I can NOT wait for the reunion this season!

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