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RHONY S12 E23 (Reunion Part 2)

Last time we saw the women reconvene and start immediately taking stabs at each other. Specifically with Dorinda still upset with Tinsley. There seems to be a lot of anger with Tinsely over her not sharing a lot about her relationship. Stones maybe shouldn't be thrown here because she didn't exactly tell the women where she was with her relationship. I don't think Tinsley was totally upfront what the women but I also understand her not wanting to let it all go in-front of the women. they have not been nice to her about her relationship so why would she be totally upfront about it? Tinsley does deflect a lot and she was really nasty to Tinsley, she hardly let Tinsley speak. Leah really was the only one that was openly happy for her in the group. Leah was new in the group and trying to forge relationships so I don't blame her for standing back a little bit during this situation. Dorinda can never be wrong, so even fans of the show saying that she's jealous of Tinsley because Tinsley is living the life that she used to with Richard... Dorinda got mad at the finale at the mention of Tinsley's name. Honestly... Tinsley was the connector on screen for Leah and the rest of the group. Yes, Bethenny threw out Leahs name but she's not on the show anymore so she couldn't be there to support her and loop her in.

I have a giant LOL to the fact that Ramona keeps saying "who cares about Bethenny, why are we talking about her", she is clearly so jealous of Bethenny. Yeah,. she left the day before filming started but at the same time, she did talk to the key stakeholders before doing so, she has so much going on! Dorinda needs to let it all go, Ramona so over it that she get up without a mask on to go to the bathroom... ugh.

Now let's talk about something else. We move onto who put the vibrator in the chicken... First off, this was Ramona left her house to go to another party but Sonja put the vibrator in the chicken! Leah really got Tinsley to opening up a bit, especially when she stripped down to jump in the pool! Of course, we need to discuss Ramona putting Lu in "the lower level"... After being promised the best room, she was clearly is on the bottom of the chain. Ramona, yet again gets blasted for calling the staff at the Mexican Villa "servants", her only defense to that is "well I own it"... With that, Tinsley is off to enjoy her fairytale.

We know Lu finished up with her probation and started tossing back glasses again shortly after. I never thought Lu was an alcoholic, I do think there were moments she got out of control, like all of the women... This years attitude towards Lu is much different than the attitude at this years reunion. This year, now Lu can be herself again and is super centered. For the most part, Lu got along with most of the women and made her own choices. The biggest blowup with her was between her and Dorinda after Lu was sort of treating Sonja badly. Even after Lu started drinking again, she was mostly the sober voice of reason, who knew we'd ever be saying that! I do get how people find it offensive that Lu's night in jail gets blown up in her world. In her world, it did rock it, it was not like she was on probation and locked up for months at a time but she was in jail so let the woman be. YAS, let's finally set the record straight with Sonja's payments. Sonja, if you volunteer to go to help, you shouldn't be paid unless you are actually a part of the show, now we know she's getting paid more than what she was getting paid before. I do love that we talk about Lu's ghost writer, I like seeing Lu open up, I like that Lu will let us in on the fact that she is using a ghost writer! She clearly very much cares about her family and wants to continue to not only work hard but be in control of her life. I think the best thing for her is being in control of her own life.

The poor men thee women come up with. They are all so hungry for attention and will take whatever they can get! The dog groomers, tennis instructors, men at bars, men on the beach, men minding their own business, imagine how groped the poor cameramen get... On national television they are talking about who gets more, who is sexier and who has the biggest package. Turns out, Dorinda is sort of dating, apparently Lu knows who it is and Dorinda lights up when she talks about him. Very cute and very exciting to her but famous last words "we are going to wait till covid is over"... Very much love Leah saying she's not into just one night stands, she wants more than that right now in her life. Interestingly enough, all of the "housewives" are single, but they are all betting on Dorinda to be the next one swept off her feet.

The Ramona / Leah relationship was very strange to me. Ramona wanted to treat Leah like a daughter but only when she wanted to reprimand her. Leah lashed out, Ramona criticized her, ignored her, was beyond nasty to her including letting everyone know Leah faces depression. Leah most of the time, took the higher road in letting Ramonas words go, unlike Ramona who just wanted to get her opinion across. Ramona freaked out at her party when Leah was drunk and her dress was hiked up a bit. Instead of telling her that it was time to chill, she way overreached and demanded the cameras to be put down. Sonja was dancing on the table wasted and that was fine in Ramonas eyes? Ramona holds Sonja to an entirely different standard. So Sonja is funny but Leah's words crass, I think its because Leah is young, in her prime, and gorgeous, a lot fo things that Ramona is not. Ramona claims she feels like Leah's daughter but she doesn't act that way. Somehow Ramona can jerk off a wine class and show her daughter and friends how to get a mans attention but Leah cant say she wants a rich man with a 9" ____ in front of them... Ramona picked a lot of wrong things to do at the wrong times, mostly to get a reaction.

Ramona also brought out some mental health things that Leah wrote about in 2016. Leah drinking, is not her being bipolar, Ramona was acting so wrong and so uneducated about the entire situation. She did it because she knew it would be on TV, because of that, now Leah's daughter knows about the mental health things she was dealing with, maybe Leah wanted to keep that private for now. Ramona did it with bad intent... she shouldnt have done it. It's not something Leah has to talk about on the show, she wants to ruin people, not lift them up. Im DEAD at Dorindas commentary to Ramona "just be honest... you had a facelift, you sleep with random men every night" Ramona and her 50 best friends can go anywhere else. Ramona ends it with saying she sees a lot of herself in Leah, which Leah agrees to however she lost all that respect for Ramona when she started bashing her. Bless Ramona still not realizing they have covid rules...

Next week is the last week of the reunion...

Until next time...

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