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RHONY S12 E34 (Reunion Part 3)

Here we go, the conclusion of season 12 for the RHONY women. I feel like we have a lot to unpack here. Watching these women is really fascinating...

Frist lets talk about the fact we went through all the women's little nuances in their speech. Dorinda "heres the thing", Leah well sniffs everything, Lu tries to keep the women on track, Sonja wants to "catch some dick". Does anyone care when Ramona says "I'm Sorry", imma say no. I think Sonja wanted to catch a dick because this is the first year she didn't really have anyone as a side piece this season when she normally does. I LOVE that tehy all vote Ramona as getting the most dick picks. I know Leah asks for them, Sonja got one by mistake but I bet she gets more.

Ramona tries to be a social butterfly, she wants everyone to know she is in the room. I love Sonja's comment of "she's not a social-light, she's social-heavy" and you know what she's right! Ramona thinks she's soooooo above the rest of the women, rality check, shes really not. Plus, she asked the women to chip in to get her a gift for her party, who does that? At least she has a real Gucci bag now. Ramona cant even admit she's a double booker and just has a bd case of FOMO.

Ramona and her million girlfriends is insane. Ramona, are all these women really your friend? Let's go with a hard no. Maybe you see them socially but thats different than friends. Leah calls out the fact that Ramona had a fake Gucci bag and like she didn't know the women were getting her a Gucci bag.. Come on Ramona. Also Ramona, don't tell Sonja on national television that she needs a few pounds, ugh whats wrong with her.

Yas lets talk about Elyse, Ramona is a one way street and Ramona was super nasty to her. I don't really know why and to be honest, I don't have the time to sit and google it. According to Ramona, she's a black widow... Ramona wanted her to follow her with blind loyalty and she didn't, rightfully so. Honestly, Ramona doesn't really understand what friendships are.

Sonja has worked so freaking hard. She's got her townhouse to take care of, she's stressed with her fashion line and I'm sure other things going on that we are just unaware of. I'm glad she's getting to a place where she's sitting. The townhouse is back on the market, Andy and Leah want to see the townhouse before it sells! Now Sonja is lighter, face is lifted and ready to freaking go!

We know Dorinda wants to make everything nice. She went through a lot this past year, her breakup, renovating both places she lives and I'm sure other things we don't know about. She got drunk, had some massive freak-outs, it seems like she should've taken this season off... I think Dorinda had a lot going on, she needed some serious support from friends but she wasn't getting that from anyone in the group[. She does feel bad about snapping at Lu, both her and Leah think Ramona was sitting and waiting to "attack" when she was weak. Per usual, Ramona just wants the drama and the attention and the free goodies (just like how she got her free party). Ramona just loves to use people. Dorinda did have quite a few bad slip ups this season, towards a few of the ladies, especially when she drinks. Ramona tossed some texts at Dorinda, I love that Andy picks them up to see what juice is in there but he shouldn't have picked them up. Dorinda did not really apologize this season but she was very defensive...

There was a lot going on this season, hopefully we have a few new faces next season...

Until next time,

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