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RHONY S12 Reunion Part 1

Well first before we can dive into any of the drama. Lets talk about the outfits... All of the women had their glam, get their temp checks before going in and are sitting over 6 feet apart.

Ramona, first off... Ramona, do you know that your "mask" isn't doing anything. I know you were down in Florida and have the antibodies, but the fact that your mask is open on the sides and bottom, isn't helping anyone. She has extensions in that are too long for a woman of her age and a simple too deep plunging (for a woman of her age) LBD on. Honestly if it wasn't on Ramona I would love the dress and TBH with a slit would be super chic for someone in their 20's. I think from the front the dress looks nice but you know once you turn to the side, as we age the bellys just aren't flat anymore. I just cant with her, her earrings or her mask...

Tinsley, looks like she stepped out of her horse drawn carriage which is her vibe so I am 100% here for it. The Jewelry is a bit much for me and I think the top of the dress could have been better fitted. It is very Tinsley and I appreciate that, even the eye makeup and hair is very Tinsley. You know what, good for you girl and good for you for following your heart and going to Chicago with Scott and that giant ass rock. Im sort of surprised she had on a standard mask and not something more fashionable and on brand for her.

Dorinda, has on a typical Dorinda outfit on. I don't have strong feelings about it but the silver sequins are very LOUD on the waist belt thing and the bib. Thank god she's got the money to make sure it is fitted to her properly because it would look horrific on me! It hits her nicely and totally works for her! Thank you for wearing a normal mask, the hair also looks FAB.

Sonja, oh Sonja... The facelift looks AMAZING and please who is your doctor. The dress minus the gigantic (I mean GIGANTIC) collar is cute. Honestly again, as we age as women, our bellies just aren't flat anymore so tight normally isn't flattering. She pulls this off well, the collar is just a lot for me to take in.I also think I would like the dress a lot more if the slit was on the side and not the front. The mask is way over the top, and its gotta be heavy.

Luann, per usual, Lu has no bra on and something low cut, but she can pull it off... The girl knows what cuts work for her. The dress is so LBD perfection with a hit of dazzle on it. She again, please tell me who your doctors are... Lu of course shows up in a mask of her face because why the f^ck not.

Leah is perfection in this. She is the youngest of the women so can totally get away with this. Plus she has a rocking hot bod so why not show it off, it's her MO. It is perfectly fitted to her and everything about this outfit is just very Leah. Its perfection for her and thats all I could ask for. The hair, perfect, everything (almost everything) is perfect. Personally I would never wear those gloves but its very her. The mask, we al know thats not effective... just a piece of fashion.

The order I would wear the dresses:

1. Leah, if I had the body and a place to wear it.

2. Ramona, as long as my tits wouldn't pop out.

3. Luann, super classic

4. Dorinda, come on how fun would that be to a party.

6. Sonja and Tinsley are tied for last...

Now onto the juicy drama...

Seson 12 reunion and wow I love they have the RHONY relics of reunions past decorating the warehouse they are in. The room honestly looks great. Even Andy knows how amazing Leah's dress is, I find it hysterical he asks if she wore it to piss Ramona off. Lu of course is "Lu and improved", Lady Morgan got a nice hair cut and full on owns the facelift!

Lets talk quarantine... Leah has mostly been in the city. Ramona was in Florida with her daughter and ex, Ramona, we all know you wanted to get back to him. Sonja was trapped at a spa in palm springs for a while which is hysterical. Lu is working on her shows and you know, very busy.

We dive right into Leah'/s commentary about Ramona frolicking in Florida like a pandemic isnt going on then back to NYC like nothing happened. Ramona of course, cant let Leah answer the question and jumps in with her house of lies on how they "took all the precautions". Um, no this isn't a delusional world, there are people dying and its the total lack of awareness! I like that Leah is making it about how Ramona had such a lack of empathy. Ramona, no one cares that you wake up at 4AM to read the news, you were not aware and you weren't acknowledging the situation, you were living in a la la world. Ramona is already off the rails trying to defend herself... sinus infection, off to Aspen in March where she got better then quarantined in Florida. She's you know, so damn strong since she had Lyme and Corona all at the same time. Ramona, there is NO NEEd to start calling her a Bitch, thats off the rails and calling Leah low brow. Ontop of that, Dorinda was mad about Ramona going to a party with Trump JR when the girlfriend had covid. According to Ramona, she stayed 6 feet away and wore a mask but we know she's not telling the truth. Does Ramona just think the rules don't apply to her, she's just totally missing the point of all of this. BLESS Sonja for saying "you can get it with spit and we know you are swapping spit with Dubin". Ramona just misses the point. To Leah's point, Ramona doesn't give a shit and doesn't get it. Ramona, don't tell Andy "no, over, next" girl, you just shut up.

First up, Leah, new girl on the block and her core storyline of the drinking and the drama that circulates around it. Leah came into this season and hit the ground running, she was what the franchise needed. Even John Oliver loved her tiki torch throwing, Ramona, did not. All of the women had a few nice things to say about Leah, I did notice Ramona did not comment. Leah is super confident and cool and just took ownership of herself and I love that and think everyone needs to see women like that. I know that Bethenny recommended Leah to the show, I don't know if they would've gotten along or not. I love that she owns herself and how she looks up to the women.

Let's talk about the tattoo situation. Leah has a lot, the rest of the women don't, I want to dive into the wings on her downstairs area. In the Hamptons she told Dorinda its because her pu$$y flies... She got them when she was 17 and was taking hallucinogenics, she had purple wings in her universe so she got them put where she did. Apparently the men love it... Her dad of course loves Sonja, Rob is supportive of her, Her mom is embarrassed at parts and her daughter has not seen all of the episodes.

Leah was sober for almost a decade... Spring before the show she started drinking again and now she's not drinking again. She spent her 9 months of drinking on TV and with some wacky women. They had um, some wild moments across the board with everyone. The grossest drink they consumed, was by far Sonja and her Rosé and coke. I love little Tinsley for thinking Leah was in a safe group to drink around... little did she know. Overall, the amount of drinking was a lot to take in. Most of the women have altered their behavior and Leah has apologized for what she's done. Ramona is out every night drinking still, we know Leah has stopped drinking, Lu moderates, Sonja went on a cleanse and Dorinda doesn't love her behavior. I do think its hysterical that Leah owns what she does and how the other women are also always wasted but she's the only one who gets hit for it, wtf is that. She owns it and the other women get to brush it away... Everyone has a bad night...

LOL OMG Ramona says "you are disgusting, go to Church" to Dorinda after Dorinda just opens up about all the nasty things Ramona has said about Leah... Um, Ramona, they came from you, they aren't lies...

Anyway back to the booze talk. Lu knows she needs to watch herself when she's drinking. Leah has stopped drinking again, she needs to be there for her daughter. Dorinda does get mean when she's drinking. She sort of deflected it, she just doesn't like being told what she is. Ramona constantly interrupts saying that she "has a great relationship with booze and doesn't need to reflect". As Sonja saw herself show up to the halloween party, and did not like what she was showing up as. Why is she taking water pills???

Time for Tinsley town! I think that she really got what she wanted, thats to be in love and with Scott. She is now legit living as a housewife. She's cooking, cleaning, and working with pet adoption. It must be hard for her to watch the season back and see everything that the women all said and we're not so supportive of it. Even if they were doubtful of the relationship, you support your girlfriends. It does make sense that Scott did not like Tinsley on the show, I can understand him not liking the behaviors that come from her on the show... The women also all agree that they also would leave the show for a man they loved. Of course they would they are all freaking single! As this is happening, Sonja is applying sanitizer to her legs for some shine...

Dorinda never liked Tinsley. she didn't like the relationship she was in and she picked at everything. Why would Tinsley lean on Dorinda when all she does is pick at Tinsley... I wonder if she was jealous or what the real deal was with how nasty she was towards Tinsley. Honestly, maybe one of the worst statements is from Dorinda about using a Turkey Baster... It was so not nice for her to say at all, it was tasteless, mean, nasty all of the above from her. Just overall not cool. ohhhh here it comes out, Scott gave John money and Tinsley let it slip to Droinda. There was a fight so big not on camera that the producers wanted Tinsley to stay in another house... That would make so much sense, Dorinda needs to move on, I think she's super jealous of what Tinsley has...

Overall, I cant wait for the next episode to come out on the reunion! I do love that they pretty much go person by person to address topics!

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