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RHONYC S12 E03 (Don't Mansion It)

Let's see what the ladies are up to this week Right at Ramonas house. Dorinda is crying over the contractor, luann is pushed she’s in the basement, Ramona is nuts and Leah has her stupid mesh bucket hat on.

Off we go to the vineyard, but not without some drama! Luann left to go to the chiropractor because she's throwing a fit about where Ramona is having her stay aka she's probably back at her own house relaxing. Sonja has eyelash glue all over her face and Ramona is already bragging about something.

I'm a little annoyed they think its a good idea to invite Luann to a vineyard, the woman is in AA, she doesn't need to be tempted like that at a f^cking vineyard, especially when her one possible sober buddy decides to drink. Ramona wants to play a game all moms love where you go around the table and share something. So the gem Ramona starts off the train of sharing something vulnerable about herself. She starts with how horrible her childhood was and blah blah blah (which is horrible but not an excuse to act poorly which is what she normally blames her behavior on). She continued onto say that she just feels lost in life now which I do feel bad for, and I think a lot of those women are feeling lost now. Leah lets her past fly free which I love. She admitted her parents sent her to a halfway house run by nuns after she was in rehab as a teen. That and her lovely arrest for assaulting an officer set her up to make the best of situations, of course queen Ramona of course links it back to herself because all roads lead to Ramona. Thank god Leah starts drinking in this episode, that will lead to some entertainment for sure. Tinsely chats about her new beau Bruce, I honestly don't care about the Bruce storyline. I want that to go away and get back on the Scott and proposal trail. Someone needs to get Tinsely a hot toddy and take away the wine, her voice is killing me again this episode. Poor Dorinda who is very independent actually breaks down about not having someone to lean on. Ramona in true fashion, gets up and gives Dorinda a weird from behind hug as she cries with Dorinda. Our darling national treasure Sonja, I am not sure what she's vulnerable about but she sure went down a wasted rabbit hole with the townhouse falling apart and getting dick. Get it girl. Out of sheer confusion, the ladies got up to leave.

Ramona put the women in a car to her house and Ramona left to go do an errand AKA go on a date. Ramona gets more dates than I do, maybe I need her playbook. The ladies are all ready to go to the party Ramona is hosting at Joe's house, you know the $39M mansion for sale. The party looks boring for these ladies and Sonja is already on another level that I'm sure embarrasses Ramona but the older wealthy gentlemen are primed for these ladies. Ramona is on her high ass horse where she can pretend to look down on everyone. The funniest part is the fact that Sonja is actually lived in the world that Raomona is trying to belong to. Im not surprised but Ramona was a complete and total jack ass to the women at the party. She is trying so hard to have them not embarrass her then has the balls to her comments such as: “that’s large for a single woman”, “I have to bring myself down to Sonjas level”, “it’s actually a 39 million dollar house”, “actually my house was appraised at 8.5 million” she's embarrassing herself.

When Ramona sees joe, the mansion owner it was super weird. Tinsely and Bentham have been on dates with him and Ramona is trying to throw a party to get in bed with him. Ramona, the national treasure she is, has Joe give her a tour of the house, who is actually just using Bravo to help sell his house. Down in the bowling alley (where Sonja openly admits that Joe is more attractive because of his house), Ramona leaves the women with the second rate men so she can go and see the house with Joe aka so Joe can go sell his house on Bravo.

Sonja is by far out of control yet a national treasure in her behavior. As soon as she's called her ex husbands "accessory" she really goes off letting us know she 100% wasn't and she doesnt shave her pussy and then eye fucks some 20 year old. It's TV gold. From there, Luann should have just left and gone to her home, not back to Ramonas. Luann already wasnt happy shes sober and hated where she was sleeping, whats the point of pretending? Oh, I know! to send an email thats signed "goodnight from the lower level"...

I already can not wait for next week to see:

- Luann get massaged by the dog groomer.

- Ramona stumble around on the tennis court.

- Ramona cry over the fact her house was trashed the night before, which is what she does to everyone else's home

- Among the rest of the utter trash

Regardless, I hope they pick it up and actually become slightly less trashy...

Until next time,

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