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RHONYC S12 E05 (Not So Model Behavior)

We left off with the women leaving Ramonas weekend long house party to head back to the city and its NY Fashion week. It's time for us to see the next iteration of the Sonja Morgan Lifestyle Brand, I can only dream there will be a crossover with the RHOBH cast...

Heck yes. First fashion week show for Sonja since 2015, her brand target is for 25-45 year olds. We know she's a bit stressed so its not helping hearing that she only has 75 confirmed guests for the 250 capacity space and she's missing some models... But we have some fun filled events before we get to Sonjas show.

We see the other women for a bit, Tinsley finds a designers crown and it’s the highlight of her life. The countess is talking about her naughty new show, marry fuck kill. And Ramona is dancing in her apartment letting us know if you don't go to a fashion show during fashion week you are pretty much a Leaper.

First up is Tinsley's walk in her Garo Sparo fashion show. Dale is thrilled she’s a stage mom again and to see Tinsley getting back to her NYC life. Which leaves me a bit confused because I thought Tinsely was trying to be a new version of her... Regardless, Tinsley is very upset about wearing sneakers on the runway and the other women (except Leah) have no idea who this designer is. Dorinda is hysterical and just wants tinsley to find her yellow brick road to the fairy castle. I did like how Leah mentions in her confessional that she's been reading about Tinsley since she was 18 so it's fun to see her in action and sort of back to her old self.

Off to the second show we see the ladies at, the Pamella Roland show. Somehow luann gets her hair done at the show. That had to be pre planned, just because Lu used to be in shows she cant just waltz up and get her hair done backstage. Backstage is humming right before a show. Ramona in typical fashion pushes someone out of the way to take a photo, she also tells someone they cant be in the photo. I just cant comprehend being that blatantly rude to someone, but she did it for the gram. The highlight of the pre show for me was when Ramona confronts Tinsley. Ramona was very upset Tinsley left empty water bottles and spilled a bit of sauce on the duvet cover. To be totally fair to Ramona, it is rude to leave empty bottles in the room. To be fair to the rest of the world, Ramona just shouldn't host people since she wants them to do all the housework too. Ramona, do we need to remind you how you behave as a guest...

Sonja causes a bit of an issue at lunch. The women aren't happy that she was on her phone for most of the show. To be honest, I don't think she was trying to be rude I think she just got freaked out that her show is coming up and she's wildly unprepared for it. In addition to that, Ramona yet again is rude and wants Sonja to get new glasses... Once Leah shows up the women sort of ganged up on her. I was surprised that Luann was the only one who didn't immediately jump down her throat for not showing up at the last minute. As all of this is happening, Ramona is just slurping down the oysters she ordered for herself and no one else at the table. Thank god for Tinsley expressing the champagne problem she has with her mom. Now, all moms want the best for their kids and they can be super harsh, but I wouldn't compare Tinsley's mom wanting Tinsley to wear her hair straight to Leah's mom wanting her not to drink...

The last thing before Sonja's show is seeing a glimpse of Leah in her working element. She first created this streetwear line for women and it was the only one during that time. She was playing in a mans world and loved it, plus she got fired from her other jobs and had cash from her lawsuit with the NYPD. We finally meet rob, her baby daddy. Seems like he’s concerned with her drinking, that it’s destructive. I wonder if it is, I guess more to come this season. Robs right, parents aren’t there to approve, they are there to judge... just ask my mother.

Time for Sonja by Sonja Morgan lifestyle! she sent all of the ladies options to wear for the show. Dorinda had two options, she ended up taking one of the glitter dresses and making it a jacket. Lu unfortunately will be missing the show since she's got her cabaret in San Diego. We don't find out till later in the episode but Ramona said she didn't fit in the dresses, aka she didn't want to wear them. Tinsley had a cute flirty very Tinsley dress on. Lastly lets get to Leah's outfit. Leah wore a chic Lil Kim mugshot dress, but thats not part of Sonjas line. So Leah apparently texted Sonja photos of the different options that she liked from her website. Apparently that fell on deaf ears and thought that since Leah loves athleisure I guess she thought shed send her the grey cashmere tracksuit, a hat and glasses. I don't know what Sonja was thinking sending her that, but I also don't think she's smart enough to do it as a dig. Later on we see Sonja strip down after the show and throw the set on, I don't blame Leah for not waiting to wear it. I do think its hysterical and savage that Dorinda thinks Leah should've taken scissors to the outfit and made it her own thing. Poor Dorinda didn't know John was going to be there, I do feel the breakup coming, I wonder if we'll see it unfold.

I do think Sonja needs a new team Sonja, she shouldn't have been running around like that last minute updating the flowers, filling seats, seeing the wrong step and repeat. Its not an ideal scenario for her. In addition to that, they star the show and there was no announcement, lights, music... ugh.

Anyway, next time we see Jacque from Lu's past along with Lu having some wine and Vodka... Let's see what that brings.

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