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RHONY S12 E19 (21st Century Sonja)

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Well, the women had a very up and down trip to Mexico that still isn't over. Last week we had a bunch of tiffs, some makeups and stomach issues.

Ramona, had the balls to send a group text out targeting Dorindas anger issues... How does Dorinda respond, well, she sends a ton of negative articles about Ramona. Ramona could've talked to her nicely but nooooooo she has to be passive aggressive aggressive. My favorite part of this entire conversation (was not Dorinda telling Ramona to educate herself & that people say they are traumatized when they meet Ramona. Or how Ramona literally shat herself) it's Sonja in her interview saying she knew it was wrong but wanted to see what would happen.

Ramona legit doesn't get it, so much so that she just goes on the thank you and apology tour when someone is coming down on her. As the ladies are learning about each-other but Ramona is all angry about her wine, first its not new, then its too chilled like relax Ramona its not like it's a $500 bottle of wine. Ontop of that, Ramona left Leah out of the group text, for f^ck sake, she's on vacation with you why are you leaving her out of all this stuff? Ramona drops a bomb and pretends nothing happens just as quickly.

Dorinda does stand up for most people, and she does have a lot on her plate this season. I sorta don't blame her for some things but at the same time, she cant get wasted like that and bash everyone... its no bueno. I almost feel like she cant help it this season, especially knowing she's not returning to the show... The next morning it's honestly a shit show watching them all pack. I really don't know how their rooms get as messy as they do.

Back in NYC, we have a few things going on...

Leah is talking about her MTTM 15 year collection. She wants it to go over well understandably and quite a few collaborations are in the work.

Ramona has a therapist / matchmaker meeting. You know because she's sooo happy with herself and she wants to be sensual and with someone above the 1% to support her lifestyle. Now Ramona, I understand these may be things you are looking for but maybe you shouldn't be saying these things on national television...

Lu is at her Cabaret rehearsal... she calls Sonja as if she were supposed to be there but I have a sinking feeling that she never really told her about it.

Its time for Sonja's launch event. Ramona looks horrific and try too hard in her Sonja dress. Leah looks amazing in her Sonja dress, as do Sonja & Dorinda. I really dont get Ramona but anyway. The event seems to be going so well! Sonja gets up to do a little chat about her line and the partnership. Until Ramona so rudely is on her phone while everyone else is listening to her. Ramona doesn't even realize how obnoxious she's being. All of the other women are so excited for her so much so they say she's glowing with how happy she is! I hope she's successful!

Next time, its the happy birthday song by Lu that I've been waiting for all season...

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