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Seeing Friends (COVID STYLE)

I don't know about you but I really miss what was "normal". I miss eating out, I miss crowded bars, I miss workout classes & so many more things. Things in the NYC area have slowly started opening back up so we can meet socially distant in the a park or go sit outside at a restaurant for food or a drink.

I was sort of hesitant at first just because even though I am back at my apartment, I am still seeing my parents on a regular basis and I would hate to get them sick and I don't want to get sick myself. Anyway, I am not really a huge fan of meeting up with people yet, even in a socially distant way but one of my buddies made a reservation at one of my favorite pizza and beer joints so why not. Plus, it was a nice little excuse to look cute! We went to Porta Pizza in Jersey City. Going back into a restaurant was super weird, this is actually the last place I was before the shutdown happened in March.

We were lucky to have a reservation on the roof! It was such a beautiful night and felt so good to feel almost normal. Now, we had to wear masks when we weren't sitting at the table & the staff wore masks the entire time. It was nice to sit and laugh so hard, I havent laughed that hard in a long time. When we left the rooftop, we were going to try and go to another outdoor setting, it was way too crowded and no one was wearing masks so we just called it a night. It's almost funny, how on the rooftop we were almost able to normal and how fast that snapped away when we were back outside. There were so many people wandering around on this beautiful night. We put our masks back on and wanted to wander around since it was so nice out.

Well, we actually wanted to get a cocktail somewhere and either wander down by the water or find another easy casual place to sit outside. Unfortunately, there were so many people walking around without masks on and so close we just weren't comfortable with it. We ended up just going home.

Having lets call "a night out" like that has made me really realize how this type of behavior could be the "new normal". It makes me question what things like dating even look like. Are we going to be able to "date" anymore or is it just going to have to be one guy we can go out with every two weeks for fear of corona. Are we going to be asking our friends to help us "pick a mask" that looks best with our outfit or makeup. It sent me down an entire rabbit hole of what dating looks like which we can talk about another time.

As nice as it was to be able to just relax and laugh. It also brought up some decently interesting questions to keep in mind as things start opening back up and a "new normal" is solidified.

What's going out for drinks look like in your area?

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