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September 2021 Goals

Well, September is almost over so this is a goals and recap section all in one. I didn't think Id be here in September and still at my same job. I have been working insane hours, so much so my doctor let me know I probably am not hitting my fitness goals because I'm so stressed between work, finding a new job and just life. So this month, what was I trying to focus on and what did I focus on?

Positive attitude and energy. Holy moly you wouldn't think this wouldn't be difficult but let me tell you, it was a struggle. I have been so underwater with work Ive been working 12+ hour days for the last few weeks. It not only takes a mental toll from looking at a screen for that long but it also starts to impact your emotions, relationships and overall attitude. I tried to take literally thirty minutes a day to myself. Each day I wanted to do something for myself not looking at a screen or thinking about work. That ranged from going for a walk, watching a bit of trashy TV or do a quick Obé workout. I was able to accomplish this 75% of the month, progress not perfection.

Save my money!!! Hey, saving money is always on my mind! I want to save money for my savings, to buy a house, for so many other things. Plus you never know what emergency may need funding. I set up my Albert account to set aside $50 a week. It is just money I do not have to think about saving. I also have been trying to use cash for most purchases that are "random" like getting mu nails done, a last minute drink with a friend. It is an easy way to make sure you are setting money aside. I do also have a savings account but it's nice to have this $50 a week dip into another savings account. I also love that Albert will analyze my monthly spending. Each month I get an analysis on how much I spent out at restaurants, any subscriptions, travel expenses like Uber and so on. It is nice to have someone else analyze it for me and let me tell you, it helps be able to pull myself back in! If you click on the link here for Albert (or any of the Albert links in this post) and sign up they will give you $75! It helps make finances so much easier.

Put good things into my body. Because I have been so busy it is hard to make sure I am eating right! As we all know its mostly about what we put into our bodies and not exercising for 4 hours a day. I wanted to be super mindful about the meals and the snacks I was having, there is no point in working hard if you aren't putting good things into your body as well. I did a great grocery shopping haul each week this month to make sure I was getting items like. veggies to snack on, pre prepared salads and so much more! Of course I still got some yummy treats because we all have those cravings!

This month was a rough one, I was coming from a great trip out west to see my best childhood friend in Jackson Hole Wyoming, trying to hustle at work and preform all while working on myself.

What were your goals this month and are you happy with where they netted out at the end of it?

Until next time,

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