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September Buys

Bonjourno loves. It’s the end of September and time for me to round up what I bought this month. This month it varies from my Sephora haul all the way to something from Pantone...

Vista Print

I have been hustling my ass off the last few weeks trying to get my shit together on Cubicle to CEO Chic. It hasn’t been as easy as I would ideally like it to be but thats part of what makes it so fun. Trying to get my branding locked and content pulled together outside of my day to day working job hasn’t been easy, especially when I work fourteen hour days...

That being said, I was inspired a while ago to just bite the bullet on a few things and one of them was getting some branded pieces for day to day things for Cubicle to CEO Chic. I ended up going to Vista Print and ordering some cute and fun custom pens, notebooks and notepads. I wanted everything to mix together beautifully and still be unique. I was able to customize notebooks To be the nice hot pink color with white accents and my brand name on the cover & then again tiny on the back cover with my name. A white notepad with a hot pink boarder around it and my logo at the top. Last but not least some pens, these I am personally not in love with so I’m glad I didn’t order a lot. The coloring isn’t what I would like it to be and I think the font they used to do the laser engraving could be better. Overall my Vista Print order was pretty solid! I absolutely love using the notebook to be able to jot down some notes on what I want to post about, a todo list on what I have to get done (you k ow how good it feels to physically cross shit off the list) Plus it helps to see it all written out physically because it can be so easy to ignore a todo list on your phone or computer because it isn't right in your face. Plus on notebooks you can doodle and draw, it’s a bit harder to do that with technology. The little notepad has been great to write little quick notes to people (or to myself). As the months go on I'll be sure to be ordering more branding materials from Vista Print.

Moo Business Cards

Moo offers some super cool and different branding options with business cards. I wanted something a bit more unique and different than just the standard white flimsy rectangle business cards. Moo was great and very easy to work with to design my cards. I picked a nice thickness square card with rounded edges. I’m the front I just have Cubicle to CEO Chic in a gold foil printed in it and was able to customize it to have four different fro ya of the cards (see pic below) of the four fronts. The backs were super easy, they just have my contact info on them. I would love for Moo to come out with some more products I can customize to my brand soon. Here is a link to their website so you can go check it out.

How cute are these? Don't tell me you don't want one.


I know I haven’t talked about work much but I am in the marketing world. With that, I have workEd with a bunch of different brands and companies over my career. One thing that has remained consistent is the use of Pantone as the color BIBLE. I am actually not sure how long ago Pantone came out with products outside of their color swatches but on their Instagram I saw they had some. Of course I got distracted from what I was actually doing and went directly to their website to see all the goodies they had and in what colors. I was FLOORED at what was available. I hooked myself up with a Pantone 182 aka light pink coffee mug and water bottle (not that I needed another bottle). The mug is a good size and so is the bottle and they look super chic. I am itching to get some more products but can’t decide what... I dare you not to buy something Pantone branded at this point

Vegan Cook Book(s)

I want to start out by saying I am not a vegan but I do enjoy eating vegan during the week. Yes, this purchase was slightly influenced by one of the boys (I refuse to call them men until they actually stop acting like children with the host of issues they have been coming with) but I also cook pretty clean during the week and wanted more recipes. I ordered these two cookbooks from amazon. Vegan 101 is great if you are looking for some background info on eating an and how to add protein to your diet. the second book I got is called Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck (Thug Kitchen Cookbooks) and I have to admit it is a hysterical read. It will help with a healthier lifestyle on eating some more plants. By no means are either of these books super new, but the Thug Kitchen has a cult like following and a bunch of other books you can go ahead and check out.

Sephora Haul

Now you know I LOVE Sephora, makeup and skincare. A lot of that is driven from my past job where I did marketing for some Estee Lauder brands but I just am very into skincare and making sure I am doing whats best for my skin but I also enjoy trying new things! So when Sephora had their last 20% off sale for VIB Rouge members I stocked up on some of my staples but also tried some new things that I read up on.

Lets start with the replacement items:

- Tom Ford Soleil Glow Bronzer: I'll be the first one to tell you I use bronzer wrong so don't hate on me for it. I use it all over my face. This bronzer from tTom Ford has the perfect amount of added bit of color and shimmer for my skin. I Put it on every day after I put my foundation on. It just makes me look a bit less dead everyday. I have been using this for maybe three years now and have no interest in trying a new brand or type of bronzer, so if its ever discontinued I am royally fu$%ed. This is a product I try to always have a backup of so I don't just run out (fyi it takes forever to wear this bad boy down) and have nothing else to help me look like I actually have some color to my face. Thank god Sephora was having this sale because it is a bit expensive, its worth it and lasts forever but its still expensive. Ontop of that, I accidentally dropped the current one I was using the week of the sale. It didn't have much left to it, but I hate wasting product. When I do get this, I buy the mini size (otherwise it will literally be the size of your entire hand and is too hard to pack) in the shade 01 gold dust in the shimmer finish.

- Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer: This is my standard foundation. Just like the bronzer this is something I always like having an extra of around so I don't have to run out the next day and buy a new one. I tried a few different foundations over the years and I'm sure I'll find a new one in a year or so that I like better. But for now, I use this in the shade Alaska (for light skin with golden undertones). Part of what I like about it is the fact it has SPF in it, it goes on very easily (I use my fingers like a savage), its not thick and has a light coverage in it so my skin can still breathe while its on.

- GrandeLASH - MD Lash Enhancing serum: This without a doubt is probably my FAVORITE beauty products. One of my old coworkers told me about this product about three years ago before it was available at Sephora. Since I was stalking Grande Lash forever and trying to figure out what the legit sellers on Amazon were i was beyond thrilled when it came to Sephora. This handy little product is supposed to be put on once a day and will help your lashes become thicker and longer. I get asked a lot if i have fake lashes but the reality is, they are all mine and I put this serum on my lid every night before I go to bed.

- 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30: This bad boy is a new-ish addition to my skincare over the last few months. I needed a new face cream that was a SPF to put on everyday, tried this and liked it. I hope it actually does the five things it claims to do.I am running at the very end of this so I needed to replace it before I ran out and didn't have a SPF to put on my face every am.

Some of the new babies I got I didn't 100% need but who really needs anything from Sephora anyway...

- Clear Brow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills: To be honest, I ran out of the NARS clear brow gel and Sephora doesn't sell it solI had to do a bit of searching on this one to see what was recommended through the Sephora community. No surprise the queen herself fo eyebrows had a clear gel product that was insanely recommended so thats what I went with. Ive used it and really like it so far.

- Nars Ignited Eyeshadow Pallet: This bad boy I 100% did not need just for the record. I have about three eyeshadow pallets that I already love but this one had a lot of pinks & nudes in it which is pretty much all I wear anyway. Honestly, since I've gotten this pallet it's been all I've used.

- Peace Out Favorites: This isn't an entirely new product range for me to be buying. I have been using the Peace Out Acne Dots for quite a while now & wanted to go and explore what else they had. This little trial pack seems like it was the perfect opportunity to do that. To be honest, i've still only used the acne dots, I need to go and make a point to go and use the other products as well.

- Cold Plunge Pore Mask: If you haven't already bought this, I am not sure what you are waiting for. I saw this on The Skinny Confidential when she was on vacation earlier this summer and she raved bout it. I put it on for the first time and could not get over the yummy smell as well as the great tingling sensation it put off. Once the mask dried a bit and it was time to wash it off, I was surprised at how easily it pulled off and how it actually pulled out some of the pimples in my [ores to make them closer to the surface.

So far I am loving most of the products I bought this September. My biggest pleasure so far has been the Cold Plunge Pore Mask (although I am OBSESSED with my business cards) I use the mask more than I had out my cards (for now that is). My most disappointing thing I purchased this month was probably the pen from Vista Print. I think its a mix of being super used to my favorite pen and the way the copy turned out on the pen itself.

Anyway, thats all for September. hopefully October is a kick a$$ month.

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