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Starting Running... Again...

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Well, earlier this year I found myself in a predicament. I wasn't ready to go to a public gym, workout classes were not back yet & I was craving being outside during the cold months. What's a girl to do? In the NYC area it is way too cold to walk outside everyday in the dead of winter, with working from home it's not like I was getting the walk in everyday that I normally would to and from work. I needed a solution, as much as it pained my soul, I knew that solution was to start running.

I have gone through waves of running in my life, when I was younger my parents told me to do it in the off season of sports. I tried again in high school, college, after college, nothing worked. I found it boring and just too hard. This time I was determined for a few reasons:

  1. I needed to get in shape

  2. To feel good again (I thrive on working out)

  3. Give me something to do

  4. Give me a goal to work towards

  5. It was time to make running my bit$h.

Let me tell you, some of my friends (and my mom) are hard core runners and their solutions to me were "just start running". That, was a very overwhelming statement... Instead I decided I was going to do some googling and come up with my own plan, was it perfect, no but it worked for me.

So what exactly did I do? I started super slowly, and by slowly I mean set a little loop I was going to run/walk and went about running a song and walking a song. Slowly but surely, I started getting a bit more endurance and I ended up running two songs and walking one or even just running the same loop and being able to run longer than the time before. Honestly, It was super frustrating trying to do this and took a lot longer than I wanted it to. I also noticed that once I started that first walk, running was so much harder after that! Which made me try and push longer each time to see how far I could get!

The first milestone I wanted to hit was running 2 miles in under 20 mins. It took me about six weeks to get to that point. Once I hit that two miles in under 20 minutes, I knew I needed to push forward and set another goal before I got bored again. My next goal, was to hit three miles in under 30 mins. This was difficult because I wanted to keep my pace but increase distance. This took me about another five weeks to accomplish. I ran every other day and each time as I was running I would decide based on how I felt if I was pushing my distance or speed. Every weekend, I would make sure I was trying to push myself on both to try and hit those three miles in under 30 minutes. It was such a good feeling when I finally hit it! Unfortunately, since then I havent been running as much but I need to get back into it, there is no excuse.

Now, you may be wondering how I track my distance and pace. I typically use my Apple Watch. I did go through a phase where my watch was um, broken so I couldn't use that. During the broken phase I tried to use a Whoop strap, that just made me feel bad about my life decisions, I also didn't like having to go and use the app on my phone as opposed to hitting a button on my watch. I also tried just mapping it out and checking the times on my phone, I wasn't very good at that either. I am a simple lady in many ways where I would prefer to not have to take my phone out, go onto an app and hit go on my workout (especially in the winter months) I would much rather just use a watch.

Is my approach to running perfect, absolutely not, but it worked for me. I hope you find some motivation to start running or find a way to get moving. I loved starting by running a song and walking a song, its what worked for me. Picture above has my go to easy running gear linked.

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