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Summer Beauty Buys

Thats right guys, we only have a few days left of the summer so I wanted to round up my favorite things from this summer!

Tanning Mitt, This little $6 purchase is absolutely a gem. I'm not the best when it comes to applying self tanner but this mitt has made a huge difference! It is not only easy to apply self tanner, but it keeps your hands from getting all gross with the product. It is thick enough and has a nice liner inside.

I am a girl who loves having my nails done at all times, since COVID sort of really shut down the nail salons, I needed to find a new option. After I let my nails totally grow out, I wanted to go ahead and figure out how to do my nails myself. Not only will having these tools help me do them myself, but it will end up saving me about $1,500 (I get my nails done every other week for $60 plus tip) a year! Im sure I will still go and get the, done every once in a while for the experience, but its amazing to know I can do it myself. I ended up getting three different things. Gel Removal kit, this has cuticle pusher, different files and two bottles of the magic remover that removes gel in 5 mins! The entire gel removal kit was under $15. I also ordered this Gel Starter Kit, it includes a base coat, matte finish, shine finish and twenty different colors! Oh what fun I'll have with this kit for under $30. The last thing I needed for my home spa, was the UV lamp! This lamp has different timers on it so you know how long to leave your hand in for and is $25.

Now my home spa is complete, lets chat some skincare products I am obsessed with! Most of these I will do year round but just wanted to share some goodies!!!

Products I use every morning:

OleHenriksen, The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser, I use this every morning. I love the fresh citrus smell and how calm it is on my skin. It definitely cleanses it without taking away the good oils, I feel like tis a good way to start the day!

OleHenriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme, I am super skeptical about under eye creams... Especially since I have such dark bags under my eyes. I actually think after I apply it in the mornings, my under eye bags look better! This is $39 from Sephora.

Peter Thomas Roth, Potent C Power Serum, this is a new add to my skincare collection for me. Overall I was slightly skeptical about it because of the price however... Kyle Richards on RHOBH uses it and she seems to age backwards so hopefully it does the same for me! It is $98 from Sephora.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen, This is one of my fave summer finds. It is totally invisible on skin, is super silky, clean beauty, SPF 40 and has anti aging properties! This is about $34 from Sephora and I end up using it as a base every day.

Products I use every evening:

Bestee Number 9 Jelly Cleanser, I keep repurchasing this when I run out. I use it literally every single night as my cleanser / makeup remover. Its great and not super harsh on your skin.

The Sephora Collection Freezing Mask, this is a classic for me. Throw it on after a long day (on a clean face) it is supposed to help with skin elasticity, de-puff and the cooling sensation is beyond amazing! I use it about every two weeks and its under $6.

OleHenriksen, Cold Pore Plunge Mask, I've been using this for over a year now. It is absolutely amazing. It smells minty, is detoxifying, clean beauty, cooling feel and helps even out the skin. I use it about once every week or two. It is also only $38.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, I just started using this product this summer. Overall each jar lasts about 2 months, it is super smooth, not thick and is perfect for the summer months. I like to pair it with a retinol sleeping cream. This is only $25.

Now some goodies that maybe are a little more finishing touch focused. For the most part these are all products I use every single day. I actually probably throw some combination of these on before leaving the house everyday!

Grande lash MD by Grande Cosmetics, I have been using this product for YEARS and absolutely swear by it. It makes your lashes so thick and long its amazing. Each tube is $65 and lasts anywhere from 2-3 months depending on how much you use and how frequently you use it. Personally, I put it on almost every night before bed or in the morning after my moisturizer.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, This is a product I literally will put all over my face. It gives a nice overall uniform finish to the face and feels so lightweight.

TooFaced Better than Sex Mascara, I was instantly converted the first time I tried this product maybe two years ago. It gives great volume and length to lashes, ontop of it each tube is only $25!

NARS Orgasm Blush, A classic blush from NARS, the color matches with so many skintones but my favorite part is I think its just enough pink and shimmer to quickly throw on before leaving the house! Its only $30 and will last such a long time!

LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm, I probably have 4 of these floating around at all times. One by my bed, my desk, my bag, who knows where else. I have it in berry, it smells good, is nice and glossy and also does a great job of adding a bit of color to the lips as well. Honestly, with this and a little blush you are good to go for the day. The best part, this is only $17!

Gucci Satin Lipstick, I was first drawn to this because of the packaging, it is epic. However, after investing (the $42) into a neutral shade, it feels amazing and looks amazing. I wanted to go ahead and get a bold color so I invested in the fuchsia, it is worth every penny.

What are your go to summer beauty products?

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