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The Taboo of Botox...

Why is Botox something in NYC that everyone does but no one talks about? To be honest, I am not entirely sure, this year on my birthday I decided I was going to give myself Botox for my birthday. Why? Well, I had a few reasons...

I was super self conscious about the little lines in between my eyebrows that I fondly refer to as my eleven. For years I have been self conscious of that little guy, he'd show up as soon as I wake up in the morning and in any photo where I was slightly in the sun. I know it's silly but the lines really bothered me. I will look back at photos, and if the sun was slightly shining I would have those tow horrible lines in the middle of my forehead and thats all I would be able to focus on. Overall, it's not the end of the world, but I am all about being able to help yourself out and fix the little things that will make you happier. Guess what, getting those little lines on my face fixed makes me happier. I didn't do it because Im afraid of aging, am obsessed with my image or what other people think about me. I just wanted to do it because it really bothered me and after all the research I did I felt comfortable wit it. Not only did I feel comfortable with it, but I don't think its anything to be ashamed of. It lets me get rid of some things that make me self conscious and keep the cute little laugh lines that I have.

I ended up going to Laser Away for a consultation since thats where I get my hair removal done. I sat and explained to the ladies that I was just looking for something super minimal, subtle anything I could say to make sure I could still move my face is what I said. Overall, they have two different options of liquids to inject into me... Botox and Xeomin. Xeomin has not been around as long as Botox and it was less expensive. Since this was going into my face, I wanted to be sure it was the best it possibly could be so I decided to go with Botox. I ended up doing a per unit cost the first time I went because I wasn't sure if I was going to like the turnout of it or not. I got it done, and slowly over the next two weeks you start noticing subtle changes daily. One thing to remember when you get Botox, especially for the first time is that you could bruise, I had minor bruises the first time I got it done. Ive only had it done one additional time after then and not only did I not bruise but I noticed the effects of it much faster. You are advised to not lay down for 4 hours after the treatment, you want it to settle in naturally and not sink into weird places of your face. The last two things they tell you is that you aren't supposed to do any face scrub/exfoliants or exercise within 48 hours.

Over the years I have done a ton of research into botox, so what is botox anyway? It's full name is Botulinum toxin and when injected it freezes the muscles right under your skin. So Botox can be used for helping fine lines, excessive sweating, migraines and can even help with TMJ. The overall amount of Botox you get injected is totally dependent on the person. For me, since I only wanted a little pick-me up in my forehead I got what was called baby Botox, a total of 16 units in my entire forehead. I got 8 by my pesky eleven and 8 across four different points on my forehead so it didn't look weird. Overall I can still move my face which is what I was looking for. To be honest, no one notices I have it until I point it out, and I am not shy about the fact I have it, I don't think its anything to be ashamed of. So, lets talk about some other positives around Botox... Yes, what the doctors say is true, it is preventative. Want to know why? Because those muscles are being prevented from moving to an extent so you aren't "flexing" those muscles to create the wrinkles...

Overall, I would guess about 60% of the women in NYC have Botox (or Xeomin) if they \ to admit it or not. Most of the time it's where I get it done or by the eyes to get rid of crows feet. In my opinion, as a 27 year old who does botox, is that we need to squash the taboo around it. It doesn't mean we are all image obsessed, it just means we are trying to take care of ourselves and feel the best we possibly can. Botox typically reacts best with younger people, no I'm not suggesting you run out and get it. However, if you are worried about some lines, there is nothing wrong with exploring getting something done about it. Please be sure to check out the Botox Cosmetic website and talk to your doctor before getting anything done.

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