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The Ultimate Home Bar Cart

What goes into the ultimate (and chic) bar cart? Well, I have spent so much time working on one so let me share some of my goldmine finds! I think there are a lot of ways you can add a nice touch to show some personality in it!

I am going to skip right over the actual booze on the cart. I think everyone has their own taste in what booze they want to have on there. I would recommend always keeping ginger ale, soda water, tonic water and keeping some fresh lemons around for easy cocktail making. On my cart I keep, Tequila, some Jameson Original, Jameson BlackBarrel, Jameson IPA, Kaluah & red wine. I end up keeping white wine, Prosecco & vodka chilled. I also keep some lemonade on the cart as well to mix with the Jameson IPA.

As we know, there are quite a few elements to the bar cart:

Physical Cart. So the physical cart is one of the biggest attributes to the overall bar cart aesthetic. I have a bit of a glam style when it comes to the cart pulled a few options of ones I like, they are shown below from least to most expensive.

I have some more from Wayfair saved in a list for you to scroll through!

Decor. Yes, I know there should be a few more things that go before the actual "decor" that goes on the cart but I also feel like its important to add a bit of your own personality to the cart so have a little fun with it! I have some straws, a sign and cheeky napkins! Take a look at a few decor options! I also love a good vintage poster hanging up on the wall behind the cart. Part of the beauty of a Bar cart, is how evolving it is so you can always mix and match whats going on.

Bar tools, I love hosting, but I often get lazy about not wanting to make cocktails. I got over that once i found a cute set of tools. At minimum, you'll need, bottle opener, corkscrew, shaker, strainer, ice bucket & tongs. Last but not least, don't forget a tray to bring out the drinks, snacks and napkins on!

Glassware. Well, as it turns out glassware is very important to a good bar cart and the delivery of a good drink. I would recommend having red & white wine glasses, champagne flutes, highball & lowball glasses and some shot glasses. In addition to that, I keep some travel chilling glasses because, you never know.

Accessories, anyone who knows me knows I love a good accessory play. That is no different when we get into anything with a bar cart. I have added a few things to mine that make it fun. I have a great lucite serving tray with gold handles, some whiskey stones, cocktail chart, bottle rack to hold mixers and wine.

Lets recap what you will need on your epic bar cart at minimum:

Basics Booze: Vodka. Whiskey. Gin. tequila. rum. Aperol & wine.

Extra booze: vermouth. Campari. Kahlua & anything else!

Tools: Bottle opener. Shaker. Strainer. Corkscrew. Ice Bucket & Tongs.

Mixers: Juices. Sodas. tonic water & Bitters!

Serveware: Highball & Lowball glasses. Wine glasses. Napkins. Straws & a decanter.

I have everything saved on an Amazon List so feel free to check it out! Send me pics of your epic bar carts!

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