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Things I Bought August 2020

Another month (of quarantine) over. This month was a bit different for me... I moved so a lot of these pieces are focused around the home.

First lets start off with some lively things I have for my plant children! A few months ago my coworkers got me really into plants. Since summer is growing season for a ton of different plants, I wanted to really be sure they were best taken care of so I ended up repotting a few of them.

I got my plants some new food. Both of these items are MiracleGro for indoor plants. The first item is Indoor PlantFood Spikes (pack of 16 for $2.89). What I love about this product is you can leave them in the plant soil for 2 months. It depends on the pot size to see how many spikes you should be putting in but its a good way to be sure the plants are getting nutrition without having to think about it! The second thing I got was Watering Can Singles from MiracleGro (pack of 24 for $8.48)! These are great, all you have to do is sprinkle it in your watering can before you go and water plants, I do this about once a month for all my plants.

Thankfully, Home Depot has some amazing pots for my existing plants. I ended up getting two 8" White Ceramic Pots (of course with drainage hole and try) for $16. I replanted two existing plants in them but come on, tell me this isn't so chic. Ontop of it, I love that it is white, has a drainage hole with tray and it comes in a smaller size if you want it.

I was strolling through Home Depot and saw this guy and just could not help myself. No, I do not need another plant but I really liked it! So I bought a corn plant from Home Depot for $34. I got it home and immediately replanted it in a 10" matte grey cement looking planter from Amazon ($60). I am not thrilled with the price of the planter but its great quality, has a drainage hole and tray, they also have other colors and sizes. Tell me you don't love this combo.

So, those were wonderful additions to the living things I take care of. Onto some maybe more boring items but who am I to judge.

From Home Depot (which I now walk to almost every weekend and wander the aisles, yes I have a problem) I ended up getting some moving supplies. The first thing I got was a set of packing tape and dispenser ($8). Sorry but after having to pack boxes at a previous job, I refuse to not have a dispenser. I refuse to pack in amateur hour and not have one. I also ended up getting this Spackling paste to patch up the holes from nails in the wall. For $6 it does a fantastic job and theres no sanding needed!

On the plant theme, I needed a watering can... Yeah, I now have too many plants to be able to just fill up a water bottle and pour them on. It was time to be a big girl and get a watering can. I got this 1.3 liter copper watering can for under $30, it actually matches the color of my bar cart so when I am not using it, it lives on the bar cart!

21 piece kitchen set, since I previously lived with roommates, we all had a mix of products. I personally think over time and moves things have gone "missing" but oh well. I wanted a sturdy set of miscellaneous kitchen tools without a Williams Sonoma price tag. I ended up finding this set of 21 pieces, rated 4.5 stars on Amazon and at $30 it was a winner for me! It has all of the basic tools (spatula, whisk, tongs, measuring spoons, ladle, pasta strainer, and so much more)!

I guess I saved the one I spent the most time researching for last. I have never had to buy a vacuum before, when it came time to it, i half hoped my current roommate woudl leave hers here and get a new one for her house. No such luck so time for me so off to reading about vacuums I went. I am just in my own place so its not like I make a mess or its in a huge space. I settled on this MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1. Overall it was only $109, which makes me very happy compared to the Dyson prices. It takes about 5 hours to charge and will run for 30-45 mins. It is very agile, easy to maneuver, empty, charge, store and it has a few different attachments to make cleaning super easy. I hope the battery charge lasts a few years because I really don't want to research and pay for another one, well at that point I would probably cave and get a Dyson.

Ice Cube Tray, boring but necessary. My new apartment doesn't have an ice maker and I love everything from iced coffee to frozen drinks and so much more. I am going to start out with this set of two stackable cubes. I like that they stack to save room in the freezer! Plus you get a two stackable pack for $12.22!

Wardrobe Boxes, Yeah, I know its boring but I'm moving and wardrobe boxes are so much more convenient to pack my hanging things instead of take them off the hangers. Overall, it just makes sense and I'm happy to be able to use them instead of taking everything off the hangers or something. The set of three from Amazon is only $30.22, which is great considering you can get them from Home Depot for about $15 each...

Silicone Bowl Covers, this is a pack of 7 different sized silicone covers. These will cover everything from a large mixing bowl to a glass of juice (aka wine). These I have had my eye on for a while, I will use my mixing bowls a lot but not want to cover them with saran wrap. The best part is they can work on any shape dish. This pack of 7 is $15.99.

5 Shelf Hanging Organizer, these things are great. I have two little closets (plus three amazing ones) in my new place. These smaller ones are close to the bathroom so I will want to keep things like, extra towels, washcloths & so on in those. The easiest way to store those things is in hanging organizers like this, plus its only $13!

Tanning Mitt, I have no idea where my tanning mitt went but I hate the flimsy ones that are branded. I love the nice and thick ones like this, they just make it sooo much easier to apply self tanner and we know I need all the help I can get! Plus this has over 3,000 five star ratings and is only $7.

Gorilla Cutting boards, this three pack is amazing. I love that its three different sizes and it comes in a ton of colors. The current cutting boards I have are flimsy, they are fine but I like the sturdiness around these. The three pack is under $25.

More cleaning stuff... so boring I know but I do need them for now and I love a clean house plus moving really makes you think about what you need to get down and dirty to scrub.

  • Clorox Dust Wipes, these things are magic, I feel like my place gets so stinking dusty so they are amazing at quickly cleaning things up. The (2) pack of 20 each is under $25 on Amazon.

  • Pledge wood wipes, Another classic to keep around... These clean and shine up wood surfaces. The pack of 24 is under $5.

  • Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System! Yes, the dirty thing no one talks about, I hate standard toilet brushes so have been using this for quite some time now. I liked the starter kit because it comes with the wand, a few cleaners and a holder for it. This is so easy to use, I love that you can toss the refill when its done and its under $25!

  • Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes, These are great and on the natural side of products. The 70 count is expensive for now in Corona times, I was desperate.

Ally & Jill Masks! I know I know, I am a RHONY fan but thats not why I got these. Yes, I want to support my girl Jill but I love how they donate one masks to a front line worker when you buy a mask. I ended up getting three different masks because I feel like they need to be washed so frequently to prevent from them smelling and your skin breaking out! They have a ton of colors, Jill actually tie-dyes them herself and they have pack options too as well as different ear securities (sorry that doesn't make sense), here are a few pics of options. I ended up loving these so much I ordered a few more. heads up, do NOT put these in the washing machine, the color will wash out.

I have been living in workout clothes, especially since I moved this month. I absolutely love my bike shorts from Aerie, ALO & Lulu as you know but I have also been living in these 4" hotty hot sorts from lulu. They are so freaking comfortable, a great length, flowy, and the hot pink color is to die for. I really want to get a few more colors but I also want to wait for them to go on sale.

Last but not least, surprise surprise I got something from Sephora! I did an entire Beauty Buys post earlier this month, go check it out!

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