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Things I Bought February 2021

Another month another round of Things I Bought! This month is a bit light and thats okay because I am trying to limit unnecessary spending. Outside of food and wine my purchases were pretty boring!

Lets start with the good ol' Amazon buys:

I still had a wreath hanging from the holiday season up, I needed to make a little update and I wanted it to be more of a year round wreath so I ended up getting this faux eucalyptus wreath! It was very well priced & fits perfectly on my door. Its about 20", looks very realistic and even has a super cute burlap ribbon that comes with it. The wreath gives a nice finished look to the otherwise rough looking door.

Since I've been trying to add more miscellaneous decorations to my apartment I wanted to get a few more photo frames. This set of five acrylic frames is the perfect addition. They are sleek, you can put photos on both sides so you can flip them around if you want to see a different picture. Forty dollars is a bit expensive for frames but trust me, it is totally worth it. They are so sleek and can be placed almost anywhere! I currently have them along my windowsills to breakup all of my plants.

I was in desperate need of a knife sharpener. My knives were all getting dull and it was super frustrating to cut just about everything. I know there are all different kinds of knife sharpers but I just needed something simple. After all I do live in an apartment so there is not much storage room. This one is great, gets the job done and is reasonably priced.

As you know I recently got a new bed and am obsessed with it! With my new bed I have two of my old favorite pillows and two new ones. I actually ordered a cooling Tempur-Pedic pillow protector, I thought it would fit the new pillow I got however it doesn't, so it is chilling on my old trusty pillows. I love how cooling and luxurious it feels. It really is so nice, now I just need to find one that fits my new pillows too.

Ladies, lets be real, our hair falls out in the shower and its almost impossible to get it to not clog the drain. I know tub shrooms are all the rage but those dont actually work with my tub. Instead I found this drain protector from OXO for under $10! Once a week I try to remember to take off all the gross hair before I turn on the water. The only minor downside to this product is that it slows the draining of the water a touch.

Well, My computer keyboard broke a while ago, by that I mean my work computer lost the T key. Because of the way the Apple butterfly keys type, it was almost impossible to type anything at the rate I typically type. So I needed to break out my mouse and keypad to work efficiently. Unfortunately, my apple mouse did not want to work on my countertops. I needed a mousepad, I found this one on Amazon and absolutely love it. The mouse woks so seamlessly on both sides but I prefer the leather side.

Aside from some Amazon goodies, I replaced my fig leaf plant, got some groceries and thats about it. Thankfully it was a pretty borking month which checks out and ladders into my overall goals of saving some money!

What did you get last month?

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