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Things I Bought January

The last few months have been pretty weird for me. I was pretty consumed with work so I didn't do much, I got some necessities as well as some things on sale that I had been debating getting for a while now.

iPhone 11 Pro: Yes, I caved and got the new iPhone... I had the X before but the battery life on it was horrible and I was ready for an upgrade. Through the iPhone upgrade program I ended up getting a $400 discount on the new phone, and I stuck with the space grey color and the 256gb memory. Overall I am in love with the updated camera features, the battery life and the speed of the phone. I spent most of Thanksgiving break trying to learn more about the new features but overall its not too much different than the X. The biggest draws to me were the battery life and the camera. If you don't have the money just lying around you don't need this.

Lunya Pajamas: I have had my eye on these jammies for a few years now I just couldn't justify pulling the trigger on them. So what changed, well, aside from getting a promotion at work recently I just really love pajamas so I bit the bullet. I got the washable silk set in navy for the shorts and t shirt combo. I had a hard time deciding what combo I wanted to get because to be honest, I like sleeping in oversized t-shirts. Here are some of the pro's about the jammies: machine washable, thermoregulated silk fabric to help regulate your temperature and TBD on if it looks chic or frumpy on. Some con's: I think $198 for a set of pajamas is freaking expensive & they have to lay flat to dry. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am obsessed with these and I get another pair in a different style.

Use the link here to head over to the website and get $20 off. I actually ended up returning these, I didn't love the fit or the way they felt.

Under Club: I love new undies, LOVE new undies. Im sure you are like me and get in a bit of a rut sometimes with the undies you have. I'll go such a long time without getting any new ones and they start looking not cute and sexy after a while. By no means do I think you always have to have sexy or cute underwear on but for me, it helps make me feel good. All you have to do is go to their website and take a quiz on what you are looking for, cute, flirty, full coverage, thong, solid colors, prints... you name it and they ask because they are working on tailoring the subscription box to you and only you. I decided to do a mix of things for six a month subscription to start plus three extra undies my first month. Each subscription ships the first week of the month and I am sooo excited to get it the first week of December.

Discount code here for $5 off your first order if you are a new customer.

Ritual: Who out there takes vitamins? I sort of do, by that I mean I take some standard vitamins from Centrum or something but I forget a lot because I get nauseous when I take vitamins and I don't eat first. I finally jumped on Ritual bandwagon. Looking into these particular vitamins they have everything you need in your body. Ontop of that they have three different kinds, Ritual Essential for women, this one is to help fill gaps in your diet. Ritual Essential Prenatal which is essential for women that are and are trying to get pregnant as they have all the essential nutrients for you and the babe. Lastly, they have Essential Ritual 50+ I love that on their website they call out the benefits you'll see in 3, 6 & 12 months.

Stojo: 16oz coffee cup in the color "carbon". So, this has been on my list for quite a while simply because I love how small it can fold up. Working in NYC, I try to keep as little as possible with me while still trying to be sure I have everything I need. I typically take a travel cup of coffee with me to work or will stop along the way and get coffee so I thought this was perfect! The only thing I am not thrilled about, is the walls of the cup are pretty thin so the coffee did not stay HOT through my entire commute which was disappointing.

Sephora Haul... this round was simply restocking some goodies that I am obsessed with.

FIRST AID BEAUTY 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30: This goodie was introduced to me a few months ago. I was in search of a new moisturizer to put on every morning and it needed to have SPF in it but not make my face breakout. So, the Sephora employee recommended the First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 face cream. Not only is it great for a standard moisturizer with SPF in it, but it also has additional benefits. It is supposed to protect from UVA/UVB rays, correct uneven skin-tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines, moisturize & combat free radicals.

OLE HENRIKSEN Pore-Balance™ Facial Sauna Scrub: I recently discovered Ole Henriksen through The Skinny Confidential when she was posting about the Cold Pore Plunge Mask on her summer trip. I talk about how much I'm obsessed with it during my week of self care. I ended up getting a little mini kit of goodies from Ole and this scrub was one of them. I now use it two or three times a week and it really gets the dead skin off of my face and just puts me at peace.

SEPHORA COLLECTION SUPERMASK - The Freezing Mask: SO I have always been a big fan of the Sephora collection sheet masks. Most of the year Sephora runs a special where you buy three and get one free. I was shocked at how much I actually LOVED this one. It is super slimy when you take it out of the packaging, and as always you need to apply it to clean dry skin. The cooling sensation of the mask is next level satisfying. The mask is supposed to help lift and tighten the skin. I am not 100% sure if it actually does that or not but it feels absolutely amazing and refreshing.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm: I go back and forth all the time with what products I should be using to take my makeup off. I have tried almost everything except balms. I received the Clinique balm in a sample set I got from Sephora with one of my orders. After giving it a go with the sample (which lasted a few days) I decided to order the trial mini size of it. Overall I think it does such a great job of removing everything, eye makeup, face makeup, dirt & grime from the day. one of the hardest things for me to remember when taking off the day, is to keep whatever I am using to take off my makeup on my face for 60 seconds. Your skin needs to have contact with whatever you are using for 60 seconds to ensure everything comes off. I’ll keep using it and do a full review of all things I use to take the day off in February.

CLARISONIC SKINCARE Replacement Brush Head Twin-Pack: I use the Mia Smart Clarisonic brush about three times a week. I needed to replace the brush head so I just replaced it with the same brush. It comes in a two pack, does a great job at not being too rough on my face but getting it nice and clean.

Function of Beauty: I have used Function of Beauty shampoo for over a year now and can not get enough of it. I have my subscription profile on auto reorder because I love it so much. Over time I have slightly updated my formula so it includes reduction of brassiness in my "goals". TO read more about my obsession with this in my bathroom subscriptions post. Click here for a coupon off your first order.

Amazon, yes the other love of my life Amazon, oh the things I have ordered from you this month...

Plants: Yes yes yes, I ordered plants from Amazon. I ordered three plants when they were "deal of the day" and you know what, I have no regrets about it. I needed more greenery in my apartment so I got this three foot tall one to go in the breakfast nook. I got two tiny ones to go in my room. One is a ZZ plant and the other is a Bella Parlor Palm thankfully, all three come in cute little decor pots. I am still trying to figure out the placement of where they go but I LOVE them. All three are super easy to take care of, they just require medium to high light & water every few days. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive and thriving.

Sweater: I am a huge fan of Amazon Fashion. I think there are so many options and some really good options but those can be hard to find. So this one is a fantastic find. I ordered the black one in a size medium. As soon as I put it on, I felt like I was being hugged by cashmere (even though thats not what its made of). The entire day, I got tons of compliments at work about it so there are absolutely no complaints. The colors and quality are much better than what it looks like online.

Phone case: I am always uneasy about buying phone cases online because you never know how actually functional they will be or if they are just for show. Thankfully, this one is cute and functional. This one is super easy to put on and even though it says its for an iPhone 11, it actually fits on my iPhone 11 pro. The case is in the photo above.

Lighter: I saw this lighter from one of my friends on instagram. I was pretty skeptical about it at first but after having it for a while now I absolutely LOVE it! It comes in a few chic colors however I decided to go ahead with the champagne color. A few of my favorite aspects of this lighter are... the bendy neck, rechargeable battery with power indicator & the easy on and off. The one downside of this is that it makes a bit of noise when you are trying to light the candle and it takes a while for the wick to catch.

Wine Glasses: My roommates boyfriend broke a few of my wine glasses so I needed to replace them. I wanted some nice glasses still but didn't want them to be too expensive so off to searching Amazon I went! These were under $25 for 6 red and 6 white ones. They are holding up pretty nicely so far and they hold a great amount of wine that makes having "one glass" at night well worth it.

Until next time,

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