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Things I Bought January 2021

Well, I closed out the year ordering things from Amazon, why not start the year the same way!

Black 10" Planter. I have this exact one in grey but needed a pot with a drainage hole for my fiddle leaf! It is sort of heavy but trust me, it is so chic, classic and goes great with almost any decor. The planter comes in a few different sizes (this is the largest) and in a few different colors. It would be really easy to have all of your plants in matching planters. These also all come with an anti scratch pad to place at the bottom so it doesn't scratch the floor. It also has some filler pieces to help raise the nursery pot and or to not have as much dirt in there!

Entryway Table, I have been thinking for months that I needed to get an entryway table. It was driving me crazy not having an easy place to drop my keys, put my masks in a drawer and all those other things. I was so excited for this to come in. It really clears up my entryway and just is a breath of fresh air. I had to be careful to make sure it fits in the narrow short space (I have my Prada Marfa sign above it). This comes in quite a few color options!

Silicone Face and body Brush, this was another friend recommendation to get these. It comes in a pack of one body and one face brush. They will help exfoliate and the silicone is easy to clean, quick drying, no residue is left over which is all better for your skin! I normally just wash my body and face with my hands so lets see how this goes, plus they are supposed to relax muscles, relieve stress, promote blood circulation as well as increase the elasticity of your skin.

Set of 10 unscented pink tapered candles, I have needed to get some tapered candles to put in the holders for a while now. I kept finding all of these either really expensive or giant packs of candles so I am very excited about these. They are going to go in the brass candle holders I have from my parents. They come in a ton of colors but I thought the pink would be the best for where I am putting them in my apartment!

Set of 50 disposable masks, as you know I am a huge fan of the Nordstrom sets as well as Jill & Aly masks. Since I have been going out and running a lot more recently I just wanted to have a few disposable options. I keep them right in my entryway table so they are a quick grab and go. Plus, they are great when you are getting your hair colored so you don't have to worry about ruining a good mask!

Set of 3 gold beaded bracelets, these are very on trend, a good price point and come in multiple options. They are cute and easy to throw on to dress up your wrist or add a little extra to it one day. They come in all different sizes, round and square beads. They are stretchy so they can break but they are super cute and can go with anything!

Gel Nail Polish, a few months ago I ordered a gel nail polish kit from Amazon. It was the Beetles UV lamp, summer polish colors & winter polish colors. I adore the set and colors but I also wanted to get some classic staple colors that were not in the Beetles kit (plus those polishes are small sizes). I wanted to get a few different Essie colors, Mademoiselle, licorice & forever yummy. It is totally worth having the normal size polish of some classic colors!

Steam mop by Bissell, this sucker is such a game changer! I ended up loving this. My friend told me about it since we were talking about what a pain mopping is. Turns out, this with no chemicals ends up snapping away so much dirt its unreal. I was horrified at how dirty my floors were. It is so easy to use as well, all you have to do is add water to it, plug it in and let it heat up. Thankfully, it has three different levels of steam so it really depends on how deep you need to go on this. I've been using it on the high setting then going really slowly across my floors. I also love that the pads are reusable, just toss them in the wash after each use and you are good to go! I have been steam mopping once a week since I got it. It really is insane how dirty floors are even though I vacuum during the week and don't let shoes in my place! If you want to add a bit of scent to the mop, all you have to do is get any of their waters to add to the water you are putting in. A word of warning, if you have an all natural household you wont want the waters. They also offer fragrance disks that go in the pad of the steam mop. I personally don't use any of those, just the mop is fine by me!

I also added some non Amazon decor items to my life, I wanted a touch of fun in my kitchen and bathroom so I ordered two pieces from Vintage Ken and Barbie. Honestly they are amazing and I'm obsessed with them, they are such fun playful prints. I ended up getting frames from Frame it Easy (link gives you 10% off). You can pick the frame size, color, material and the matting style you are looking for. They come very quickly and are pretty easy to assemble. I'll share photos when they are finally hung up!

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