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Things I Bought July

Well, here we are I was back at my apartment full time in July but also packing to get ready to move to a new apartment! So, some of these things are a bit focused on "moving" or things I want for my new apartment.

Apartment focused things

Soap Dispenser - Currently I just use a plastic soap dispenser in my apartment. I love pineapples as something yummy to eat but also how they represent "welcome". This is just a cute soap dispenser from Amazon. I like that you can just refill it with bulk soap instead of buying single use soap dispensers.

Softy Straws - yeah yeah yeah, I have a set of four light pink softy straws and love them. I do have metal straws but I somehow like the Softy Straws better than the other reusable straws I have. These ones are hot pink and amazing.

Everything else:

TourneSol Face Tanning Pads - As you know I did an entire post about Self Tanning products and this was included. These not only have self tanning properties in them but they also have nourishing ingredients like aloe and hydrating features. I really like them, you can apply them 2-3 times a week and I use both sides of the pad in ciruclar motions to really be sure there are no streaks.

Floss - Yep, super exciting life I lead. I ordered floss on Amazon. I usually am not specific about the floss I use, the last one I emptied was CVS brand. These are super easy to use and taste great. I ordered a 3 pack of 75 count flossers.

Stuff from my planner, I decided to get organized in a pretty way. Head to my Planner Post to see all the goodies I got including a chic acrylic planner, dividers & stickers.

American Eagle haul. As you saw on my AE Try On post earlier this month I am definitely going to be getting more tees from them as well as keeping my eyes open for some other goodies.

Until next time,

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