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Things I bought, May!

I cant believe its already May! I initially put this segment on hold because of Corona and did a specific Things I bought (Quarantine Edition). Well, Since that started in March its time to get moving on the regular segment again!

TDE Phone cases. I may be a bit obsessed with phone cases, well fully obsessed with phone cases. Over time, I have gotten a few from The Daily Edited in the past and to be honest, I'm obsessed. So far, I have the below set of phone cases, you know just trying to cover my basis and can switch it up based off of the season or my outfit or whatever.

I got trapped by their new NEON collection and decided I had to have more cases for literally no logical reason... I ended up getting my initials JLD on both of them. If nothing else this summer, they will provide a fab pop of color to my life.

TDE to-do list, I have had my eye on this for a while. I figured since I was being psycho and ordering phone cases I might as well order a to-do list and be productive with my life. I just simply got my initials on the top in an embossed gold color. I can keep this by my side when I'm working.

MZ Wallace Micro Sutton, So this is a bit of a lie since I got this in April but why not roll it into one. This is the Micro Sutton bag from MZ Wallace and it is amazing. It has a shoulder strap as well but I was having fun carrying it around as is. It will end up being able to fit my phone, sunglasses, wallet and a snack. The bag is typically $175 but I got it in the punch color for $99.

MZ Wallace City backpack, I have a black version of the metro backpack which is a bit larger. I use it all the time and its the best. I wanted to get the City Backpack which is a bit smaller in this metallic color! The city backpack is typically $225 but I was able to snag it on sale for $141! I am really excited to start wearing this immediately.

ManiMe nails, Okay okay okay, instagram targeted ads got the best of me. I used to get my nails done every other week and miss it so much. Try as I might, I just cant figure out how to nicely do my nails... So I decided to fall in and give the ManiMe nails a try. It looks pretty simple to put on and they have a how to video. I really love that they have you take photos at different angles of your nails so they can get the correct width, curve and other things so the nails fit just right to you. The best part is, they should last for about two weeks and come off pretty easily! I ended up ordering the below three colors/patterns! the link here will give you $5 off your first order!

Since I only got them a bit earlier this month, I haven't had a chance to try them all yet but I will do a full review in the next week or so!

MOO Business Cards, This is probably something I should've done a while ago but better late than never! I finally invested in some business cards, ya know for the ten people that know I exist. I ended up getting them on sale fro MOO and I think they are pretty cute.

Amazon Items... obviously I have a problem where I get too many amazon things but here we are...

Blackhead remover, I have always had a ton of blackheads on my nose and around my nose. I figure these things should be able to slightly help with that and when in quarantine... why not. I have been using this once a week post shower around my nose and chin. I think its working...

Foot File, yes,I am desperately missing my pedicures and my feet aren't looking pretty. This rechargeable foot file has a few different replaceable heads to use to make my feet girly and smooth again. I use it every week or so after the shower to pretty those suckers up.

F^cking mini ring-light, no, I am not proud to admit I ordered this but here we are. I have been using it more on my computer during conference video calls than anything else. I don't hate actually having it and using it, especially since it has different settings and is rechargeable, I just don't like the fact I bought a ring light.

Bravo items... Well we all clearly know by now that I'm a Bravo addict, think I should be on bravo as a host or something and am insane. So why not play into it a bit more. I ended up getting a mug and a sweatshirt. The mug is hysterical and I plan on bringing it to the office if we are ever allowed back and using it there, I'm sure it'll get some reactions and laughs. The sweatshirt, well this will become a relaxing staple of mine, you know I cant turn down an oversized crewneck shirt. I just wish they had one in white... how cute with bikeshorts...

Until next time,

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