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Things I Bought November 2020

Woohoo another month of 2020 done! Well, here is another month of things I bought...

NORDSTROM, oh heck yes I ended up placing a Nordstrom order this month. They really do have an amazing return policy and such great customer service.

Cle de peau highlighter - I have been using this highlighter for well over two years (in the shade lavender) at this point. Sadly, it fell to a sad sad death well before its time and was not able to be salvaged. Unfortunately I had to shell out a whopping $95 from it. The powder is so beautiful I really don't regret it, especially since it will easily last over two years!

Veja Campo Sneaker - This is what could be considered a repurchase. I have this same shoe in all white with navy accents, those are really starting to almost fall apart... Why would I try another type or style when I love this style so much? Well, I wouldn't, this brand is carried by a ton of different retailers but why not get them from Nordstrom. They only come in full sizes so I suggest you order up if you are a half size like I am (I order a size 8 and am normally a 7.5). The $140 price tag is perfect for these sneakers, based on the quality they probably could charge more.

4-Pack of Adult Masks, I am sorry, I wish I found these much sooner in quarantine! After ordering them they quickly became my absolute favorite masks! They come in the assortment i go for about $25 but they have all solid packs as well as other solid/pattern packs. They not only are amazingly comfortable, but, they come with a neck tie!!! I kid you not, it is the most amazing thing ever is the necklace portion. All you have to do, is tie the back of the mask, slip it over your head then once you loop it around your ears you can adjust accordingly! Plus, when its time to take the mask off, it just hangs around your neck so you wont lose it!

3-ct CZ Earrings, yes, I am that girl who doesn't have diamond earrings but loves some sparkle in my ear. I do love my classic pearl earrings, but these are a great way to spice up any outfit (or Zoom call). I think they are a great size (and I have tiny ears). They aren't too big but they aren't too small if you catch my drift. You can get these from Nordstrom for $48 and they are great quality!

X Fuzzy Slippers, I know everyone and their mom has these at this point but they are great. I really love them. they are super comfortable and I ended up using my $20 Nordies-Note to get them (since nordies notes expire). They are now $19.99, I got the black in a size ⅞. My only word of warning is that they are a bit tight and they shed a lot at the beginning. Keep in mind, white starts out super cute but gets dirty easily.

Amazon, obviously I placed an order (or a few) from Amazon, who do you think I am...

tissue boxes, paper towels & toilet paper. Yep the necessities. I know we are getting closer to a probably lockdown (I really hope not but still) I wanted to stock up on a few essentials. Apparently to me essentials are: A 10 pack of Puffs tissue cubes (Puffs plus lotion, I'm not a savage), Bounty Paper towels in a pack of 8 with quarter sheets, Pack of 12 ultra soft Cottonelle toilet paper and a set of 120 Bounce Dryer sheets in the scent outdoor fresh.

Then some not so essential things were also added to cart over the past month...

Reusable Paper towels. I got really irritated with using so many paper towels wiping down my counter tops. I really wanted to be sure I was being smart with how they were being used so I got this pack of 10 reusable paper towels. They are anti-bacterial, they can absorb so much and you can toss them on the top rack of the dishwasher! They come in quite a few colors, come in a pack of ten and will save so many paper towels!

Cuticle Cutter & Pusher, For some reason I didn't have a cuticle cutter. I hate having hangnails and want my cuticles to be nice and a clean line. So, off to get a cuticle cutter from Amazon I went, they were honestly great for their price. They are nice and sharp so keep the cover on when you aren't using them.

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, yep, I needed these suckers thats for sure. It is super easy to use and nice in my rental. I noticed some scuffs by where my feet dangle on the bar so I used it for that. As well as cleaning up some scuffed up white sneakers. They come in a pack of 10 for $13, worth every penny and they last for quite a while so you should be good.

Sewing Kit, I firmly believe everyone should have a mini sewing kit. Its great to keep around to do a few touch-ups on clothes, pillows, whatever you may need it for. Ive patched up pillows and so much more with this little kit, plus its super small so easy to store.

Gardening Shears, was this a necessity, absolutely not but they make things so much easier. I am someone who loves having eucalyptus around, fresh flowers so these make it easy to clip the stems. The worst thing you can do is use kitchen scissors to try and do that, not only is it not good for the blade but it also could cause you to get hurt. These suckers thankfully, come with a little protective cover and you can lock them closed.

Set of 3 Pyrex Measuring Cups, Everyone needs these in their kitchen and no I'm not kidding when I say that. These are dishwasher and microwave safe! This set of three comes with a one cup, two cup and four cup measuring cup. They make baking and cooking so much easier! Plus, they are Pyrex, they will last forever!

Cord Savers, I probably should've gotten something like this a while ago but oh well. I have quite a few cables that I cant bring myself to toss (because of the length) and Apple charges an arm and a leg for these. Overall, they are doing a great job at making sure my cords don't totally break. You can get a great 24 pack (6 of each color) and secure up those cords!

Last but not least, things for my gallery wall, you will have to head over to that post to see how everything got pulled together from Amazon! Honestly, its amazing...

Well, thats it for this month, what have some of yours been?

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