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Things I Bought - October


oh Sephora, you take so much of my money I don't even know what to do anymore. I went into my local Sephora just looking to replace my brow pencil. I ended up walking out replacing a few things, getting a few newbies and a gift with my points. First off the newbies:

- Fake Awake by Tarte: I have no idea where I first saw this product but when I did I was in love and wanted to try it. It has great reviews & is supposed to help you look more awake by brightening certain points around your face. I just dab some around the inside corner of my eyes as well as right under my eyebrow. I am in love with this so far, I throw it on with some blush and mascara and head out the door on my lazy days.

- Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil by Hourglass: For a few years now I have been using the IT Cosmetics brow pencil in Taupe. For whatever reason I wanted to switch it up a bit. Off to research some brow pencils I went. I was debating pretty hard between this Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil by Hourglass and one of the Brow Definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Even though Anastasia is the queen of all queens when it comes to eyebrows. Once I got the the store and did some color swatches on my hand the Hourglass one was much closer to the color I was looking for . Ontop of that, I love that the Hourglass one won the Allure Best of Beauty seal and the Sephora employee recommended it over the Anastasia Product. I started using this and the biggest thing for me to get used to is the actual shape of the pencil. I don't have huge brows so its taking some getting used to how to maneuver it properly. Apparently the only thing better than this one is the Tom Ford brow defining pencil...

- The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser by Olehenriksen: Last month I got the Cold Plunge pore mask and that opened my eyes to all things Olehenriksen. I am always looking for a new face cleanser and anything that will make my skin look younger or prevent aging. I saw the overall set in their store and couldn't stop exploring. I settled on the Truth Foaming Cleanser because you can never have enough cleansers and the description was super appealing to me. Its described as a brightening, antioxidant-rich cleansing foam with African red tea extract and vitamin C to purify, hydrate, and revive skin. All you need is one pump and this will help take away all fo the makeup, dirt and nasties while keeping all the good stuff on your skin. I do wash my face in the morning and at night, and usually use different products for both. Smelling this makes me want to use it in the morning but I know it would be more useful at night... whats a girl to do? For now I am playing around with a few different options on when in the day I want to use it.

Now onto the replacement items, now none of these are super exciting but just things I like having in my arsenal.

- Under Eye Mask by Sephora: I like having a few of these around. This time I got the cucumber for soothing and de-puffing as well as the pomegranate that should help with anti-fatigue and anti-dark circles.

- Wonderglow Face Primer by Charlotte Tilbury: I use this every singe day regardless of how much makeup I wear that day. I typically put it on after the concealer under my eyes. If you leave it as is then it leaves a nice even dewy look to your face.


- Oversized Sweater

VICI Dolls

I have had a gift certificate for returning items for a few months, with the changing seasons I thought I would see whats new and trendy. Vici is great for some cool trendy items, they have some nice low prices and seem to always have a sale going on.

- Poncho: Who doesn't want a good poncho for fall? It was something I wanted to try out but didn't want to put a lot of money trying something that may not last for a few seasons. I wore this to work one day and ended up getting a ton of compliments. The only thing I cant get over is feeling like I have a cape blowing in the wind when I walk.

- Boy Blazer: I love love love blazers and boy blazers. I didn't have any checked blazers so wanted to give this one a try. It has shoulder pads, some deep pockets and is a comfortable material.


- Barrys sports bra: I am in constant need of a good sports bra. I have 32 G's and let me tell you, bras (especially sports bras) do not look cute at that size. Once I saw how great this berry color was and how amazing the back was I had to try it on. I tried on a size 8 and 10 in the store. To be honest, I was put off at the fact this was a Barry's collaboration bra so the price was even higher than a normal Lulu bra. I didn't get them in store that day (I did get the below leggings) I did end up getting the bra when it went on-sale. Ive used it for a boxing class, spin class, and a trampoline class. The bra is worth it and definitely tames the girls.

- Scallop Leggings: A few years ago I got almost the same leggings but they were more cotton based. I loved how cute the scallop detail was at the bottom. I saw these were back and had to get more. I just got the black pair in a size 4 but I'm debating getting other colors (or maybe more of the black ones) soon... Granted maybe I should get rid of some existing leggings first?

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