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Things I Bought October 2020

Lets start off with some amazon goodies.

I'm pretty sure I have poor circulation in my feet. Especially since they'll be cold then I'll put slippers on and start sweating 20 seconds later. I thought these were a nice little compromise and are super cute. They are X slippers from Amazon, they are $18 and I think they do a great job at warming my feet up but not overheating them! I do have a bit of a warning they shed like crazy! These were under $15!

This four tiered vertical system. I currently am using Container Store large shelves that I painted back in college as a way to store my extra goodies. I have the perfect amount of space next to my bathroom to be able to put this shelf. Inside I have extra skincare products, extra hygiene products (deodorant), OTC meds, and stationary. Now that I'll be able to organize them they will be so much easier to access. This is $60.

Multi-plug outlet extender, this is such a game changer. I actually have two now, one is next to my couch and the other is next to where I work all day. It's great, I can have my chargers plugged in and rest my phone on the top when it's charging. This is $13.99.

Banana Bread Holder, I make a ton of banana bread but I always get annoyed at how quickly it seems to turn. I am so excited to finally have this so it'll last longer! This is $15.99.

Sephora, wasn't thrilled but I had to replace my night and eye creams... off to Sephora I went. I repurchased a few things:

OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème, this is my second jar of this product. I do see a difference right after I use the product so I'm going to keep forward with it. It's about $40.

SEPHORA COLLECTION face mask, I do love these. I typically repurchase them in bulk which is what I did this time. I like putting them on maybe once every week or two. They are $5.50 and worth it! They all smell good & feel hydrating.

OLEHENRIKSEN Pore-Balance™ Facial Sauna Scrub This is one of my holy grail products. I keep it in the shower and use it about twice a week. This is used after the skin has already been cleansed. What it does is it exfoliates as well as you can feel it warming up and opening up the pores. My skin feels amazing when it's done. This is $28 and will last a few months.

I also picked up some newbies from Sephora....

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum, this had a ton of good reviews on Sephoras website. I am really into trying to minimize the aging on my face so hopefully this does something to help with that. It should help with: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Dullness, and Uneven Texture. Heres hoping it works! This is $65 from Sephora.

SUNDAY RILEY Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream, at the time I thought this was a new product for me but I forgot I tried it about two years ago. Its fine, I think overtime it works but its not as great as the Olehenriksen! This is $65 from Sephora.

Cloth and paper order, at this point I have had a three mont subscription to C&P and I have done one other big haul from them. Since I'm all settled in my planner routine, I know what products I love and am still looking to keep in my routine for sure. I also renewed my subscription for another three months ($100), I got some really great items in the subscription and want to continue with that! Overall I only ended up buying four items from her online shop.

The 2021 Vertical weekly Inserts, these are to die for. I get them in the A5 size to fit my planner. I first discovered them in the subscription box and legit can not live without them. I outline my goals for the month, bills and important dates on the front page, page two I outline my posts for the month. Week by week I layout three goals for the week, posts and my social events. These are $34.90 for the A5 inserts.

Monthly Tab inserts, glass with black writing. TBH, I really wanted the gold writing but they have been sold out forever. Time to bite the bullet and get these. I like keeping three months in my planner at a time under "the grind" section for me. I keep the monthly inserts the have one blank page per week to write down the things I need to do that week. The months I'm not using stay in my stationary drawer. These are $28 for the A5 size.

2021 Monthly Inserts, I have these in the "social" section of my planner. Since I feel like it's a bit hard these days to be social, i want to write in when I'm going on dates or seeing friends. These are super easy and great to use. These all stay in my planner for the year so I can see how I am fluctuating and feeling as the months go on. These are $20 for the A5 size.

Girl Gang tab dividers with white print. I'm sorry, how stinking pretty are these? I currently have the pink paper inserts but need something more permanent. I use the grind tab for my planning, socialite for monthly inserts where I track my not so booming social calendar. Inspo AF I have just a collage of pics in there for some inspo. Girl Gang has gift ideas and some fun stuff for the girls, Mulah is obviously my money tracking for the blog.

Target is obviously one of the best stores of all time. I frequently walk over to Target just to walk the aisles, after all, what is there to do these days? Anyway, on one of my aisle browsing trips I realized I actually needed a few things.

A cocktail shaker, the fact that I work for booze companies and don't have a cocktail shaker is a sin. This one is super basic, from Houdini and is $15. It is really easy to use (it's a cocktail shaker after \ all) and its great to muddle things, shake it up to make the drinks nice and chilled and strain to be the perfect drink.

Muddler, these are also magical tools. I tried to get away without buying one but it turns out they are so much easier to use. They make it a gazillion times easier to mash up and get the flavors, juices and all the good stuff out. This is by Houdini and $10.

Garlic Press, this is by OXO and also a super magical piece of kitchen goodies. I cant stand having to chop up garlic into the size pieces that are actually needed for the recipes so why not spend $10 for something that makes your life so much easier!

Stemless wine glasses from Target. I have a set or red and white wine glasses from Amazon, but they have stems on them. Honestly, I really don't mind them but sometimes stems can be annoying to deal with. These are 16 ounces, stackable and come in a pack of 6 for $11. What more could you want to know out of that? Ive thrown them in the dishwasher a few times already, plus they hold a lot of wine.

Set of Pub Glasses, from Target. I had a few beer mugs but now that I'm a big girl I feel like I need matching beer mugs instead of the mess of just stolen ones I have. You can get a set of 6 of them from Target for $11. These are just classic, stackable mugs that match and no one should complain about!

Miracle gro

Until next month.

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