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Things I Bought (Quarantine Edition)

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We have all had a ton of time inside during this quarantine. Lots of time doing puzzles, hanging out with family, drinking, working, organizing and shopping. My phone let me know my screen time increased (which is not surprising at all with the amount of time I have spent on FaceTime, Instagram & so on. I wanted to share a few of the things I may or may not have been influenced to buy during this quarantine. Since we don't know how long this is going to last I am going to do it by date and keep updating it as we go!

Friday March 20th (Day 5): I figured at some point I will head back to my apartment from my parents (hopefully sooner rather than later) and since I work from home or late nights on a regular basis I thought it was a good idea to finally invest in a chair and desk. I : want to settle for just anything though. I found this super chic chair in a blush faux velvet color from Wayfair. Not only can I use this at my desk but can use it in the living room when I have guests over. The chair was only $125, the blush color is sold out but there are nine other great colors to choose from!

I also invested in this adjustable desk that was on sale! Dimensionally it is not a full size desk and is only about two feet wide but thats all I need. When I work on my blog or work from home I just need space for my laptop, coffee mug & mouse so this is perfect. The highlight of this to me is the fact that I can sit, stand and fold it away when I am not using it. This plus the chair will greatly increase my "work from home" productivity during and post corona.

Last but not least on Friday I ordered two things from Amazon, one very practical and one for fun. The practical purchase was castor wheels for my chair and desk. Yes, I know they come with their own wheels but putting the wheels from rollerblades on these furniture pieces makes it easier to wheel and less noisy. Second, I got another pair of pajamas. I am a a pajama whore and absolutely love sets of pajamas. This go round I got a cute pair of lips kissing with big lashes closed.

Sunday March 22 (Day 7): I adore natural light, but my living room doesn't get much of it. Today I am on the hunt for a good chic standing lamp to go on both sides of my couch in my living room and another one to go in my room. Im thinking either gold or acrylic legs, regardless it needs to be chic.

Anyway, thats not what I bought today, today I got a cool three in one device!

Monday March 23 (Day 8): Today was one for the books ladies and gentlemen. It was rainy so I couldn't even go out for a nice walk. I realized I didn't bring my Isle of Paradise Water (in shade light) to my parents. I googled it and turns out, QVC through July 1st is having a deal where you get the face tanning drops (normally $30) and a 16oz body butter (I am not sure what this normally costs because I have never seen it but am already in love) for $44.98 as opposed to the apparent $138.57 if you got them separately. I, well, I try and self tan my legs with the mousse and water but don't do a great job, I normally do better with the Jergens lotion so I hope I love this just as much! The link here will take you to the great deal! p.s. if you use code "welcome" they will knock $10 off your first order.

I as you may or may not know, am obsessed with silicone straws. I have these great ones from Softy Straw They are pink and super chic and cute. I have seen people with equally as chic glass straws recently. Since I am all about a straw with a bend in it I went ahead and got these bad boys in a four pack from Amazon for $8.99.

Last but certainly not least, I am always looking for a way to improve my photo/video game. For a while I have been debating getting something that will help me with photos or videos that I need to do myself. The Golden Lifestyle Store is the place to go if you are looking for a tripod, selfie stick or self timer because their product is a three in one!

Friday March 27 (Day 12): You know, I'm a bit disappointed with myself today. I told myself I wasn't going to get anything for the rest of the week but here we are...

I saw that ALO YOGA launched some new prints the other day and since I've decided I'm getting in fab shape during this quarantine I decided I'd use these pieces as "motivation" aka I wanted them and needed an excuse to justify it. I ended up getting the entire snakeskin collection (not that I needed it). I figured the bike shorts and bra will be super cute in the warmer weather with an oversized tee over it, the leggings, well don't we always need new leggings?

Thursday April 2 (day 18): Well guys, here we are again, day 18 and I got some goodies on Amazon. In my defense, these were necessary!

Item one, a new pack of silicone straws! We know I love the Softy Straws that I have, well I only brought one of them to my parents place. Since Amazon is sold out of the bent pink pack I needed to go a different route so now I'll have a pack of twelve!

Item number two, I left all my good hair ties at home... Yeah, I could run back to my apartment but why bother when I could get some neutral Teleties! These are the best to keep my hair up, even though its fine the normal size works fine.

I also left my yoga mat at my apartment. Thankfully Amazon Basics has this yoga set for under $40. Honestly, the only reason I got the green color was because it was the least expensive out of all of them.

Last but not least I wanted this little cozy pajama set. I saw it on instagram and really just couldn't help myself. Unfortunately, its saying it wont deliver until mid-May to early June but I am going to keep my fingers crossed they deliver sooner. I ordered color Blue C, looking at all the new options, I sort of wish I got a leopard print, maybe this summer I'll get another set!

Saturday April 4 (April 20): Well, here we are again, this time I was influenced by the below photo... Not only am I obsessed with those shoes (currently 25% off the entire site) but the jeans give me all the feels.

The shoes are from Catwalk Connection I have never ordered shoes from here before but I am dying for that pair, they are so chic and cute and me but I wonder about how much my feet will sweat in these... Anyway, back to the jeans. I have always wanted a chic pair of jeans like that but all of them are crazy expensive, looking at the Hamburg Stylish's post, it turns out she DIY'd the jeans... SO, I have silver beads like that in an old bead kit at my parents place & ordered a set of multi sized faux pearls (with a hole in the middle). I also ended up quickly finding a pair of Levi's Women's 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans for $30 on Amazon, they are high rise which doesn't look super flattering on me but oh well. Check out my post on the DIY Jean journey for more!

p.s. all of the Amazon finds are in my shop, through the Amazon associate program!

Tuesday April 7 (Day 23): Okay okay okay, I know I promised myself I wasn't going to do anything else this week but here we are. I ended up going back onto QVC... I ended up getting two things. The first was a set of dish towels, the ones at my apartment need to be replaced so I'm glad I found a simple set of 8 dish towels that will all be matching and get the job done. All 8 of them were under $30, which I understand I could have gotten a less expensive set on Amazon or something but these look like great quality and I like that they are in sets of two!

I also ended up snagging another set of the Isle of Paradise drops and body butter, I got the first set in and really like it. I have been putting one or two drops in my moisturizer for my face every night before I go to bed. Ive also been using the lotion on my arms and legs post shower. It's not much but it makes me feel a bit better being less ghostly white. I am not great at getting it on my ankles and feet, good thing we are in a quarantine.

Last but not least, I caved on another Wayfair purchase. On someones Instagram post (I know I know, cue the eye roll). It was an evil eye mirror, and let's be real, I need some more evil eyes in my life to protect me. The link from the post was to a wood looking one on Urban Outfitters. The wood tones don't really go with my decor so I went to Wayfair to do a quick search. I found the perfect gold eye mirror with great lashes. It's called Glit Eye Glam Accent Mirror and is by Everly Quinn. It was $45 and was a bit of an impulse purchase. I am not 100% sure where I'm going to put it yet but I'm really excited about it!

Friday, April 17th (day 33): Well, its one of the two times of year when Sephora has their sale! I actually did an entirely separate post about it that you can find here I think there are a ton of great finds and ways to save some serious money during these sales. It is a great time to stock up on some of the more expensive products or products you know you will use!

Until the next purchase,

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