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Things I Bought September

Well, I moved earlier this month so a lot of these things are focused around my new place, I promise after this it'll shift back to my normal habits! Lets start with some fun items, plants!

Thats right I adopted some new plants in my new space. I got a snake plant and another guy, how cute are they! I got them from my local plant store which is amazing. I much prefer going to the local shop to ordering online or Home Depot. The local shops will have a ton of information about the plants and how to best take care of them.

A wonderful friend of mine was kind enough to send my the beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig tree I have sitting in my gold planter. Its actually a hysterical story and you should DM me to hear it.

Amazon, as always has a ton of goodies! By goodies they range from fun things like nail polish all the way to things like Draino...

  • Beetels Gel Kit, this time around I got the darker fall/winter colors. I love the spring summer kit I got from them so I am really excited for the darker colors.

  • Glass Straws, as you know I love my Softy straws. I also love how chic these glass ones look so I wanted to give it a whirl. I am super obsessed with them and will probably get another pack. Plus they are dishwasher safe so how much easier could it get. I got the set of 4 bent ones, they have a great diameter with them.

  • Softy Straws, unfortunately the one box that went missing in my move had all my softy straws in it so I needed (wanted) to replace them.

  • Chip Clips, I am a brand loyalist to OXO chip chips, the colors are great and the magnet is perfect for hanging things on the fridge. These are okay, they are def not as good as the OXO clips but they get the job done. I do have the say the color does not match what it is online.

  • Directors Chair, I wanted a chair to sit outside and relax with. Well, a directors chair was the perfect option. It is light & can fold up super easily so why not. I'll consider getting a second one when the weather gets nice again (if I am having people over on a regular basis. But for now the one is fine, its also easy to use outside or inside if I have a few people over.

  • Full Length Mirror, legit the perfect full length mirror. It comes in a few different boarder colors, you can hang it or angle it. Its seriously beyond amazing and such good quality for the price. You see it every day with my OOTD pics!

  • Tension Shelf, I wanted another shelf to go in my closet above my dresser. I wanted to keep my sweatshirts, sunglasses cases, clutches and pajamas on it.

  • Acrylic Shelf Dividers, I got a set of four. They are put on my tension shelf to separate the different categories of items. They are amazing, slim, functional and chic.

  • Drano Max Gel, apparently the GEL is better than the liquid. My kitchen sink and bathtub were a bit slow to drain. I am not sure how helpful it was but I'm going to give it another go in a few weeks.

  • Amazon Fresh, yeah I know this has been around for quite some time now... I just started using it and am absolutely obsessed with it. It is even more helpful now that there isn't a grocery store super close to me and groceries are heavy to cary back... Yeah I know its lazy.

Havenly, I did end up ordering quite a few things on Havenly, everything I ordered was linked in my Apartment Update post!

Until next month,

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