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Things I Bought September 2022

Back at it again and rounding up all the goodies I bought this month... and my wallet hurts! I tried to categorize my purchases into different categories: home, clothes & cosmetics. The items I kept on the list are only the things I kept and am using!


12 PCS Square Slate Drink Coasters Set - $20.59 for a set of 12.New apartment called for a new coaster set. The old coasters were worn and a few were missing so we wanted to get a full matching set, it is a bonus that this fits our new apartment vibe.

UpSimples 11x14 Picture Frame Set of 5 - $22. I love these frames, they are lightweight, in expensive and look very polished. I have them in white and gold as well. As we were decorating our apartment, we wanted to swap out the white frames for black ones and they look amazing up on the walls.

Over The Door Hooks, Heavy Duty Over Door Hanger - $17.99. A necessary in any apartment and I held out for long enough. We needed an over the door hanger in the primary bathroom to accommodate for two towels, my robe, my hair towel and whenever I want to hang something to steam. This blends in with the door and makes maneuvering in the bathroom much easier.

Round Placemats for Dining Table Set of 4 - $14.99, Now that I have a table and feel like a big girl, I figured we needed placemats. Since we have a round table I wanted round placemats and these come in a TON of colors, are heat resistant and look so cute!

Cedar Chips and Lavender Sachets - $21. This set of 2o sachets is great. This is probably the second time I have purchased these. I place one sachet of lavender and one of the cedar chips in each drawer as well as a few in each closet. I do not have moths and I have no intention of getting them. They also leave a nice super light scent in the areas you have placed them.

Small Dresser with 2 Drawers - $49 I was in need of a little side table to go next to my desk. My desk has no drawers (it is a sitting standing desk) and I wanted a place to put extra stationary, pens & decorate the top of with some books I have. It was important to me that it could fit everything to look tidy as well as look like it blends in with the room. I also was not looking to spend $200 on a filing cabinet. This was super easy to assemble, looks great in the room and fits a surprising amount of things in it. One note, if you are looking at filing cabinets this is definitely a lower table so look at the dimensions before you purchase!

Desk Lamp - $35.99. What is a girl to do with winter coming! It's going to get darker sooner and we need light when we are sitting at our desks. This is a nice quality lamp that has three different light settings, has room for phone chargers and looks very elegant. It will definitely come in handy when the winter comes.

Set of 3 Ceramic pots - $23.19. This is a set of three different sized ceramic pots. I am using the large one for my hot hair tools, the medium one is next to my desk with pens and the little one is going to hold a little plant. They have this in blue and purple, they are so cute, sturdy and so versatile.

Wide Desk Chair - $214.99, this is by far my favorite purchase of the month. I LOVE sitting cross legged, with one foot up and the other on the ground, essentially, I can not sit in a normal desk chair. I wanted a chair that went with my apartment and was super comfortable to sit in. My only complaint is that I wish it had wheels on the bottom of it. Overall, it is so comfortable and I am obsessed with it.


EasySmile Metal Chain Decor Flat Mules - $40, I wore through my old mules and needed a new pair. These are fine for the price that they are but not as comfortable as my old ones were. Im going to keep wearing them because I think they are so cute but will be looking for some additional mules and loafers.

Seychelles FarFetched Boot - $169, I love my black combat boots and wanted to get on the white bootie trend for the year. I like that these are an off white and have some texture to them so when they get dirty from being worn, it wont look horrible.

Women's Cross Band Slippers - $12.99, This is my third time buying these. I love them literally wear them year round around the house. They do not shed like other similar styles.

Hanes Men's T-Shirt 4-Pack - $26, I got a pack of white and a pa ck of black in a size large. I wanted a normal t shirt that I could wear everyday, wear it on walks, dress it up, hang at home with it. I ended up cutting 5 inches off the bottom of the shirts to better fit my torso. I can not recommend these enough.

The Drop Women's Logan Silky Long Sleeve Basic Button Down Shirt - $50, A classic silk blouse, who wouldn't want one? I ended up getting a white one and a hot pink one, they will be cute with sweater vests, by themselves and can be worn year round. I love how comfortable they are and how polished they look. Plus, you really cant beat the price.

Sweater Vest Women Knitted V Neck Oversized - $30, Sweater vests are all the rage again this year. I think they add an extra layer of warmth as well as look so cute. You can layer them or wear just the sweater vest in the warmer weather. This is a great classic style and comes in a ton of colors.

Women's Houndstooth Sweater Vest Vests - $20, A houndstooth oversized vest is very "in" this fall. It'll look cute with black under it, hot pink and so many other combos!

Sleeveless Fabienne Top in Black - $150, A classic top that can be worn year round. I think it will be so cute for work with a blazer over it. This top comes in a few other colors as well.

Faux Fur Coat in Black - $278, A necessary purchase? No, definitely not. I do plan on wearing this to an upcoming wedding, out to dinner or drinks and all fall! this may even make it to Italy with me in November...

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Pants - $98, leather pants are ALL the rage this season, granted the flare leg leather pant is in. BUT since flare leg does not work with my body, I LOVE these. They will be so cute with flats, boots, booties, so many different jackets, possibilities seem endless right now.

Diana Gown in Plum - $215, Simple and elegant gown. Im going to be wearing this to a black-tie optional wedding. This style comes in a ton of colors (you just have to search "Diana Gown" on Revolve). It is a great fall/winter color and will be so cute with the faux fur jacket.

33mm Belt - $109, this black belt with gold hardware is a great classic. For whatever reason, I have no belts and this one will go with a ton of different things.

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - $479, I finally bit the bullet and got these bad boys. I started traveling again a lot for work and these are much more comfortable than regular AirPods. The battery life on these is fantastic and will last for a long flight. I ended up getting them on Amazon because they are less expensive than when you buy them from Apple directly. After using them for a few weeks I remember how much I love over the ear headphones.


NARSThe Multiple Cream Blush, Lip and Eye Stick - $39,I have been all over the place trying different blush types, I tried the Illia version of this, a liquid blush from Nars and the normal powder blush from Nars. I figured now, its time for me to try the cream blush from Nars, I hope it is easier to deal with than the liquid blush...

Charlotte TilburyBeauty Highlighter Wand - $40, Another blush option, I have seen a lot of people rave about this stick. I love that it is a highlighter and a blush.

Grande CosmeticsGrandeLASH - MD Lash Enhancing Serum - $68, This is a staple in my cosmetic bag, I swear it makes my lashes longer and thicker.

HourglassArch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil - $29, I love this, I love how precise it can be, the only downside is that it runs out pretty quickly.

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation - $48, this yes, is expensive for an every day foundation and it does run out in about 3 months. I have to say, it glides on your skin giving you such a glow, protects you from the sun and so much more. This has really transformed my skin.

Peter Thomas RothWater Drench® Hyaluronic Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 45 - $55, This has recently turned into my go -to moisturizer. It has nice coverage, does not make me breakout and has SFP in it.

Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer with Skin-Smoothing Peptides - $62, why do all moisturizers have to be so flipping expensive? This is the refill pack for the moisturizer I have been using at night, it lasts about 6 months.

Tancho High Grade Tique Vegetable Pomade - $13, the perfect stick for a slicked back look, It smells like lavender and does not leave your hair feeling sticky or a residue in it. Use this and a boar bristle brush and your hair will be silky soft.

Boar Bristle Brush - $14, you can find these anywhere and they are fantastic for a slicked back look. They get all the little hairs in place and bumps out!

Until next time,

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