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Things I can’t live without (right now)

As this quarantine goes on (yes I am aware we are in week 5 as this is being published) I have quickly realized there are certain things that are keeping my head held high during this time of uncertainty. For me, the word uncertainty is the biggest factor in all of this, we don't know how long this is going to last, how many people this is going to hit, how many of our loved ones it is going to hit. So all I can do is stick to a routine (click here to see my routine post in these times). I have been trying my best to ensure I'm doing things that make me happy and the people I can directly impact happy. So, some of these things may seem a bit superficial, but at the end of the day it is keeping spirits up during these bizarre times right now.

First and foremost, thank fu$&ing goodness for technology...

- FaceTime:

I have more zoom conference calls than I can count on a daily basis now. As fantastic as it is to connect with people face to face, those are still work conversations. Between FaceTime, video chatting on WhatsApp & Google Hangouts, I have been connecting with my friends! I have been making it a point to talk to one of my friends or family members every day for fun on FaceTime. No, it doesn't replace the feeling or good vibes of seeing them in person and giving them a hug, but, its as good as we are going to get for now. Most of the time, the conversations are silly and stupid. The photo here, i have no idea what we are laughing about, it could be anything from something my mom was making fun of me for, the dog ignoring me or some inside joke. It's important to keep FaceTime with coworkers, friends & family you aren't quarantining with. Even for a few minutes day, see someone you would in non-quarantine life. Laugh, have a little fun and hey, if you do this over a glass of wine and catch up on gossip or a tv show or the stupid guys on bumble... why not. Just make it a point to do it once every day or so! Trust me, it will help brighten the day.

- Apple Watch: Yes, I know, we all have some type of tech watch these days. I am not necessarily talking about the Apple Watch in particular, I'm more of talking about a few of its features. My favorite one, the stand feature! Yeah, I spend most of the time on my ass all day, between sitting at my "desk", the couch, or dining room table doing a puzzle all day. I love, that it will buzz to remind me to stand up and go take a few steps. This is something I also count on when I'm in the office. Unfortunately, I am know n for getting sucked into my work and forgetting to get up and take a mini break. This has also been helpful to buzz and remind me to get all my steps in! So, it doesn't have to be an Apple Watch, FitBit, Samsung, ti doesn't matter, as long as you have a way to remind yourself to get up and take a little break to get your steps in.


- Peleton App: For anyone who doesn't know, Peleton is offering 90 free days on their streaming app. The Peleton app has been what has been driving my daily workouts aka my sanity. Even though they launched as a cycling company, they so have yoga, bootcamp, running, strength, & meditation classes. I have been getting up every morning and doing some type of workout. Recently I have been rotating through a three day cycle, spin -> bootcamp -> yoga & repeat. It has been a good way to ground myself every morning. I think once the 90 days are up, the monthly subscription is $39. In NYC, thats about one boutique fitness class. As of now, I think I am going to keep going, even when things go back to "normal"! It will be a good balance to keep going with the strength and yoga along with some other classes on Class Pass. Below is a time-lapse of the first ⅔ of a strength class.

- Timer Cube:

this sucker. Well, no its not high tech at all now is it? I have had this for a bit over a year now. It's about $10 on amazon and can be set fo r5, 15, 30 or 60 mins. It is a simple little device powered by some batteries, to make it work, flip the switch and turn the cube so the desired amount of time is facing the top. When the times up, it beeps, how flipping simple. I have been using this to time block what I am working on. Personally, I can get stuck in a conversation with a coworker for way longer catching up then needed. The actual beeping of this is loud enough for everyone to move along. It is also great to use it when I am working on briefs or pulling something together for Cubicle to CEO Chic. I'll set it to 15 min to write an outline for a post, 30 finding photos and links & so on. It is super simple but super effective to help time block & stay on track.

- Kindle: Last but certainly not least my Kindle! I have always loved reading and have had my kindle for over a year now. I have the waterproof version with a simple black case on it. The Kindle, is the perfect accessory. I love that you can quick throw it in almost any bag, read it in the sun at the beach, in your bathtub, commuting and now in quarantine. I find it helpful to escape into another world before bed at night with Kindle. Instead of constantly buying books on it, I have started "renting" them from the local library & its saved a ton of money.


Personal Care Products. These are helping me stick in my routine but also feel like I am taking care of myself in the process.

- Quip: The subscription toothbrush, yes. We are all staying home so it is super easy to start getting lazy about self care. Quip has been a really easy way for me to continue to stick to making sure my dentist will be happy with my shiny teeth post quarantine. I do love my teeth (not in a Scheana Shay way, Pump Rules season 2, if you know you know) & take good care of them. The toothbrush will vibrate for 2 minutes and will "pulse" every 30 seconds so you know when to change quadrants. I have the copper handle and pre-paid for the refills so I don't have to think about it & the metal handle is super chic. If you click here you will get a $5 discount off of your first order.

- Ritual Vitamins - I have been using Ritual Vitamins since December and have to say I really like them. I folded after constantly seeing them advertised on Instagram and hearing about it on Podcasts. I truly think it is helping with my immune system to fill the gaps & get me all of my essential vitamins / minerals that I need. I think I feel my body improving and it also feels really good to be able to continue to put vitamins in my body without having to go to the store to get them.

- Billie - Another great subscription! Billie has been a bathroom staple of mine for over a year now. I love that the starter shave kit is only $9 and they deliver replacement blades to your door! It is so easy to just not shave now but I feel so much better having done so! I havent tried out any of their new products yet but likely will soon.

- Function of Beauty - Another staple in my bathoroom. Ive been using FOB shampoo & conditioner for over two years now. I am obsessed with the fact I can

Function of Beauty & Billie Razor

- Ole Hendrickson Cold Plunge Pore Mask - I saw this on The Skinny Confidential's instagram over the summer. Since then, this is my second tube for myself. I also have gifted this to a few friends and family members and everyone loves it. It smells so good, feels great on your skin and when its washed off it leaves a great refreshing feeling on your face. It does a great job at getting all the nasties out of your skin without drying it out!

- Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow - I love that this can be quickly put as light coverage to look like your skin is smoothed out a bit. I have just been throwing this on with under eye concealer and blush for my daily quarantine makeup.

- Nars Radiant concealer - My naturally dark circles beg for some under eye coverage. I need to put this on to look like a human on video calls.

- Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil - brushing up your brows and filling them in can go a long way to make you look more awake and pulled together.

- Isle of Paradise - who doesn't love to be tan? I certainly look like a ghost most of the time. I have been living for the tanning drops & the self tanning butter. Most of the Isle of paradise products are available on Sephora. The drops, I have been mixing every evening with the rest of the serums I put on my face and I have been putting the butter on every other day or so post shower. The slight increase in my skin tone has 100% made me look less like a ghost and make me feel better!

- Clarisonic Mia Smart - No one is going to get facials these days. The closest I'm getting is using the Clarisonic on different settings with different heads to make sure my skin is as fresh as possible.

- Grande Lash MD - This product is also a lifesaver. I put the serum on the top of my lash-line every morning and right before I go to bed. It helps increase the lash volume and length. Since I'm not wearing mascara on a daily basis anymore, I really want them to really get as long and full as possible during this time.


Cozy clothes, if you aren't living in cozy clothes, I don't know what you are doing...

- Slippers - For some reason my feet go from being hot to cold way too quickly. I like that these aren't fully closed in slippers so you can let your toes breathe a bit and the feet don't get too sweaty!

- Sweaty Betty Bra - I have not been wearing a real bra every day... Why would I? I have a larger chest and this has been super comfortable to wear on a day to day basis. A few of my friends wear this to workout but for me, it's perfect for just hanging out or yoga. They normally have a promotion going on where you can get two of them for $75!

- Tiem Spin shoes - My local spin studio Prime Cycle introduced me to them and my rides have never been the same. So these, they ride so much smoother than a standard spin shoe and the best part is you can walk around with them since the clip is inserted in the sole of the sneaker.

- Sweater - who doesn't want a nice cozy sweater!? I have been living in two from amazon this one has a super cute cross back that is fun and this one is just super soft.

- Oversized sweatshirt - my two favorite sweatshirts are very worn in crew neck size mens medium or large! One is from my college swimming days and the other is from Jackson Hole Wyoming where one of my best friends lives! I love pairing them with either biker shorts or a good pair of leggings!

- Pajama sets - Ive always been a huge fan of pajama sets. I have a few pairs of the cartoon ones like the flamingo below as well as a shorts and long-sleeve set that I can not wait to arrive!


until next time,

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