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Tramp Stamp at Jane Do

I'm on ClassPass and love the flexibility of the classes, different times and different locations. I wanted to try one of those trampoline classes so last night I had a lazy Saturday night so I could be all ready to go for an 8am class Sunday morning called Tramp Stamp with Mazz Mazzeo...

Sweat level: 8/10 I got super sweaty during this class to the point where I had sweat literally dripping off of my face onto the floor.

Sports bra level: 10/10 I 100% needed the full support sports bra Lululemon / Barrys Bootcamp combo. I actually could have had a more supportive one on. It is a class on a trampoline so it's no surprise theres intense jumping and jiggling.

Cardio: 7/10 Bouncing on a trampoline is no joke. You will definitely break a sweat and be out of breath. Overall its not like you are gasping for breath like you would be during a spin class but its also not as chill as any yoga or pilates (including hot yoga and SLT). Overall you'll be bouncing around and having fun so you sort of forget about the cardio portion.

Strength: 8/10 This particular class we only used a resistance band but it still did the job. Other classes they'll also use weights.

Instructor: 10/10 Mazz was amazing! Her energy was fantastic and upbeat. It was my first time and i told her I was a spazz before class but she made me feel so comfortable. I wasn't able to do everything because well I'm a spazz but I had so much fun in class!

Other: The studio is on class pass which is huge. If you aren't a class pass member they offer a great deal for the first class and they have package deals ontop of that. They have two bathrooms, a water fountain, water for sale for $1, two showers and towels to dry off with post shower. If you do want to shower at Jane Do they don't offer locks on the lockers and the locker room at the Hoboken location was a bit tiny. Overall I loved it and cant wait to go back. I am not the most coordinated so I probably wont try a dance class but I cant wait to go back again!

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