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Under Club!

yeah yeah yeah, another post about how much I love UnderClub. Well guess what, I do and what are you going to do about it?

I know Ive talked about them in a few posts before but I really cant get enough! So much so that I'm actually partnering with them for the next few month! What does that mean for you? Well, if you sign up through my link then you get $10 off an order!

There are a few different options when you go to the UC website. You can sign up and just buy undies piece by piece. You can sign up for a subscription. I personally do the luxe subscription but there are two different options and let me break them down for you:

  1. Luxe Plan | Is about $19.95 a month but each pair is between a $28 - $55+ value a pair.

  2. Signature Plan | Is about $12.95 a month and each pair is between a $18 - $25 value a pair.

Regardless of which plan you pick, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Size | pick a size any size and you can change the size at any time. Its nice that they don't just show you a letter size but also go through "inches" aka jean size and standard bottom size.

  2. Style | this you can also change at any time and there are four styles to choose from: Sleek & Sexy. Feminine & Flirty. Bold & Fun. Clean & Classic. Honestly, I have a hard time figuring out what I want so I go and switch it up each time my subscription renews. I normally flip between Sleek & sexy as wall as feminine & Flirty.

  3. Coverage | how much of your booty do you want shown? A thong to let it all out? No thongs and always full coverage? OR do you like to mix it up like me!?

  4. Details | Details are annoying but trust me you want to fill these out. They range from pant size, Things you want excluded (I don't want high waisted, floral or striped prints). Your birthday so you can get some extra goodies that month as well as any other details you'd want to show.

  5. Add On's | Well, you wont escape this section clean. Pick any add ons you may like, I have some pajamas from UC, multi undie bundles and so much more!

  6. Terms | The most boring part but come on! Pick how long you want your subscription to be, remember it will automatically renew and will ship the first week of every month!

Now, you may be asking why would I do this when I can pick what I want at individual stores?

The benefits | where do I even start?

  • You get amazing curated undies just for you at the fraction of the price.

  • You can either get a bulk grouping or you can get them month by month so you don't even have to think about replacements!

  • Review each order so you can let the stylists know what you are or aren't into.

  • use #UCWISHLIST on instagram when you follow them to be sure they can track what you do like to add to future orders.

  • Need I explain more?

I had to start tossing some of my older panteies when these came in. Granted, I still do have some um, unattractive period panties, but I now have such a cute versatile drawer (nicely organized of course) of options... you know to spice up to make me feel good as well as showing off to guys who deserve it. Here are a few of the goodies Ive gotten over the past few months!

Those are just some of my faves but there are so many more that wouldn't fit in these two photos BUT they also have amazing pajamas and other products!

Let me know what you guys think!

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