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Updating Resumes...

Lets not beat around the bush on this on, I don't know anyone that looks forward to updating their resume... It's even more confusing now a days with needing to cater to the type of work you want to be in. The one thing you never want to do is need a resume and not have it up to date.

My biggest piece of advice with resumes, is always have it updated. You should just go back every month or two and make any tweaks to it that happened over that time period. It will make it a million times easier when you need to share it. It's so much easier to update piece by piece instead of having to go in all at once and try to remember everything you have accomplished.

First let's start with a nice Framework for the resume: All resumes should have a couple of key things: Name, contact info, professional statement, work history, education & skills. I would recommend keeping it to one page so it should be your top hits of everything!

Let's get into the look and feel: This will end up differing pending what world you work in. If you are in more of a strict corporate finance/coding world, you will need to stick to a pretty generic simple template. If you are in a bit of a more creative role like marketing, I would recommend adding a bit of color to the resume, a photo and a link or PDF as an attachment to projects you have worked on. If you are a legit creative (designer and so on) you of course should have your education skills but you should 100% be including a link to your website to show off your portfolio! Overall, just make sure you are comfortable with the way it looks and all of the information on it.

Let's chat skills and education: First up, employees don't care that you can do the basic things like type, use excel. Put things in the skills section that are directly applicable to the job and be specific! Look at some specifications they have listed on the job description to try and fill out that section. Education, as important as education is, you don't need to recap every single detail of it. If it isn't your first or second job, you don't need to list the courses you took, they don't care. Most of the time they just care you graduated but of course it depends on the job you are actually applying to.

Templates: Here are five resume templates from Etsy that I woudl recommend starting with. I clearly have a very simple look and feel that I like for resumes, I jus think it keeps them nice and easy to read. All of the resume options below are linked so you can click on the link to go get one of the template suites offered.

If you need any help send me a message or drop a comment below!

Until next time,

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